This week's POTW goes to Alicia Starkey, captain of Air Bud Strikes Back not only because she's a terrific teammate, but because she has managed to bring Air Bud to a new level of play. When they first joined USL, Air Bud struggled to win games let alone make it to the semifinals of the playoffs. Well, that was then and this is now because Air Bud, behind Alicia's amazing leadership, has made themselves into a bona fide contender. Winning in the first round of the Softcore playoffs at Tubman last week, Air Bud found themselves in a match last night vs. Volley Lamas for a chance to play in the finals. Air Bud did all they could to up end the Volleys charge and they battled to a win in the first set, dropped the second, and ultimately were defeated in the match in the third set. But the games were close and Alicia was encouraging and directing her team to play at the best of their ability. So here's to a great season Air Bud Strikes Back and our hats are off to Alicia for her fabulous coaching!