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Winter Midcore Volleyball at St Charles Tuesdays


CC7D  photo First Place Trophy

Winter Midcore Volleyball at St Charles Tuesdays


Winner, Winner - CC7D
Championship Comes Down to the Final Set

CC7D and Shaggin Balls put on their game faces for the championship game. Both teams hustled, worked hard and fought relentlessly to 3 sets. There were many impressive digs, kills and blocks which made for long nail-biting rallies. In the end, CC7D came out on top.

In set 1, CC7D began the game with a hot 5 point serving streak. Shaggin Balls responded with amazing blocks and great defense to close the deficit and take the lead by 5 points. Consistency and better efforts by CC7D resulted in making an awesome comeback to win 25-23.

In set 2, it was Shaggin Balls' turn to start the game with a hot 6 point run. They picked up the momentum and ran with it. They managed to maintain a 10 point cushion majority of the set. Their quick side outs paired with scrappy defense paid off with a win 25-16.

In the tie-breaking 3rd set, Shaggin Balls started with a kill, followed by blocks and more kills! CC7D served up some powerful aces and stepped up their offense to go on a 6 point run, which allowed them to catch up and steal the lead. Strategic tips, pushes to the corner and scrappy defensive plays earned CC7D the game winning set 25-17.

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shaggin balls photo
Second Place Trophy

Winter Midcore Volleyball at St Charles Tuesdays
Second Place

shaggin balls

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
8 0 0 16 3
  shaggin balls
6 3 0 12 9
  E! True Volleyball Story
5 3 0 10 8
  All About That Ace
5 3 0 10 12
  Hump, Pet, Like
2 5 0 4 12
  New Team, Who Dis? - Indy #V6
1 6 0 2 17
0 7 0 0 20
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