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Volleyball Standings

Late Fall Softcore Co-Ed Volleyball at Fernwood/Beverly Cleary Wednesdays


Set Issues photo First Place Trophy

LATE FALL[12] Softcore Co-Ed Volleyball at Fernwood/Beverly Cleary Wednedays

  Set Issues

From Indy to Champions....
In 2 Seasons!

In the fall league these 6 players didn't know eachother. 1 season later, they came out to win the whole thing and that they did.

The first round of the night brought a close game between Who Gives a Hit and Spike Club. Neither team went up by more than 3 points. Who Gives a Hit took the match in two games. In the 2nd gym we had Set Issues and the Ungovernables. Set Issues went down early but come back for a commanding 2 game win.

Who Gives a Hit and Set Issues went in to the Championship game without a game loss on the night. It was Set Issues who prevailed in 2 games. Juan from Who Gives a Hit brought the team back from a 5 point deficit to tie it and the 2nd game went to extra points but joy from Set Issues served up two good ones and took them homes.

In a close season it was Set Issues who took home the Beverly Cleary Late Fall Wednesday Night Softcore Division 1 Championship.

Great season to all 12 teams and congrats to Set Issues!

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Set Issues 8 1 0 16 7
2   Spike Club 6 2 0 12 6
3   Who Gives A Hit 6 3 0 12 9
4   The Ungovernaballs 6 2 0 12 10
5   Space Jam 4 3 0 8 8
6   Sets on the beach 4 3 0 8 11
7   On Your Knees 4 4 0 8 12
8   Gravy Diggers 3 4 0 6 10
9   Not the Face 2 5 0 4 11
10   Unvolleybaballs 2 6 0 4 15
11   Torn Ligaments 1 6 0 2 15
12   Hit or Miss (Indy #1) 0 7 0 0 19
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