Sunday, June 17th:
Softball at Montavilla Park for 6:00pm and 7:30pm games have been rained out due to heavy thunderstorms.

Underdog Corporate Event Packages

Choose Underdog for your next Corporate Event!

Let Underdog Sports Leagues take your corporate event or Holiday party to new heights! As the largest provider of adult recreational sports leagues in the Pacific Northwest, Underdog is Portland's best source to make your next corporate event one to remember!


With professional equipment, knowledgeable staff, and access to the city’s top playfields and venues, Underdog has the experience to successfully organize your next corporate gathering.  We can set up an event at your company’s HQ or at a field/court close to your office.  With a variety of crowd-pleasing, family-friendly events, Underdog can accommodate your company's needs so everyone in your office has a blast!
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To make sure you have a major league experience each Event Package includes:


  • Team Uniforms
  • Champion shirts and wristbands
  • Team pictures
  • Field rental
  • Referees/Umpires as well as support staff
  • Game schedules
  • Waivers


There are plenty of ways to customize your event with some great add-ons, such as: 



  • Music or DJ
  • Catering
  • Custom commemorative prizes 
  • and MORE!!  
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Availability:  Spring, Summer, Early Fall; Outdoor Fields
Description:  Reintroduce yourself to your inner grade school student with an afternoon of Underdog Kickball for your team. Kickball is always a blast and requires little to no athletic prowess to enjoy. In our experience, there are few better ways to build lasting team memories than with a big red rubber ball!









Availability:  Year Round; Outdoor Fields (Rain or Shine)
Description:  Lace up those cleats and experience the full glory of football without all pain of full contact tackles. An exciting athletic endeavor for rookies and veterans alike, Underdog's Flag Football framework ensures lasting memories for all participants. Strike a Heisman pose and stiff-arm, spin-move, and high-step your way to total victory and become the stuff of office legend.








Availability: Year Round; Indoor Gyms
Description:  If your idea of group bonding is providing an outlet for your team members to deliberately hurl flying objects at each other, then an Underdog Mini Dodgeball Tournament should be right up your alley! Full of fast-paced action, Underdog Dodgeball is ideal for settling long-standing office vendettas and forging new friendships in the crucible of the court. 








Availability:  Year Round; Indoor or Outdoor
Description:  You remember field days back in grade school when the teachers set up activities at the playground and simply let you go at it? We do! This package has the most freedom: we prepare the venue, set up the lawn games, and turn over the keys to you to make your own memories. This a la carte option can be added to most Tournament structures or enjoyed on its own, either outside or as a great addition to an indoor holiday party.
Choose one or all of these great field day games, tons of fun for everyone:
  • Cornhole
  • Ladder Golf
  • Bocce




To get a quote on any of these packages, or to tell us your unique idea for a wicked awesome custom event, head to the Underdog Corporate Event Quote Form and fill it out. An Underdog representative will get back with you within 2-3 business days, and we'll do everything in our power to make your event a resounding success!