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Underdog organizes its leagues around the four calendar seasons each year: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  With staggered start dates during each, seasons overlap by a number of weeks across leagues. 


Sign-Ups (Registration) for leagues open several weeks in advance of each season, as noted below. While Underdog registration is strictly first come, first served (we do not hold spots for returning teams), teams that have played in a previous league can sign-up one week "early"  after logging into their Player's Page


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LEAGUES OPEN at 10AM on 11/04/14 to returning captains/indies and 10AM on 11/11/14 to everyone.


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Kickball (approximate team price: $695):


Portland State on Turf Sundays - (January 11th)


Flag Football (approximate team price: $625-695):


Rain Bowl 7 Tournament - (January 24th & 25th)

Coed Sundays at Lewis and Clark College - (early February)

Gentlemen's Sundays at Lewis and Clark College - (early February)

Coed Sundays at Grant High School - (early February)


Volleyball (approximate team price: $425):


Fernwood Middle School - Tuesdays - 

Beaverton Courts Tuesdays -(early January)

Beaveron Courts Thursdays - (early January)

Harriet Tubman Monday - (mid January)

Harriet Tubman Tuesdays - (mid January)

Harriet Tubman Wednesdays - (mid January)

Harriet Tubman Thursdays - (mid January)

SE PDX Tuesdays - (early February)

SE PDX Thursdays - (mid February)



Dodgeball (approximate team price $575):


Friendly House Monday - (late January)

Friendly House Wednesday - (late January)


Bowling (approximate team price $425):


Interstate Lanes Tuesday - 

Powell Pro AMF 300 Wednesday - 

Interstate Lanes Wednesday -

Interstate Lanes Thursday -

Powell Pro AMF 300 Thursday - 




Brewcycle Portland in the pearl - (all year!)




LEAGUES OPEN at 10AM on 2/10 to returning captains/indies and 10AM on 2/17 to everyone.



Jump to the sport you are looking for: Futsal | Softball I Kickball I Football I Volleyball I  Sand Volleyball I Dodgeball I Bowling | Cornhole


Kickball (approximate team price $675)


King School Park Sundays (Late March)

Unthank Park Sundays (Late March)

Sewallcrest Park Sundays (Late March)

Gabriel Park Sundays (Late March)

Peninsua Park Sundays (Late March)


Softball (approximate team price $825)


Irving Park Sundays (March 23)

Rose City Park Sundays (March 23)

Montavilla Park Sundays (March 23)





Flag Football (approximate team price $675)


Gentlemen's Sundays at Lewis & Clark College - (April)

Co-ed Sundays at Lewis & Clark College - (April)

Gentlemen's Sundays at Grant High School - (April 13th)

Co-ed Sunday's at Grant High School - (April)


 Sand Volleyball: 


Woks Up - Thursdays  (early May) 


Volleyball (approximate team price $425)


SE PDX (Eastmoreland Courts) Tuesdays (April)

SE PDX (Eastmoreland Courts) Thursdays (April)

Beaverton Courts Tuesdays  (March)

Fernwood Mondays (April)

Fernwood Tuesdays (April)

Fernwood Wednesdays (April)


Dodgeball (approximate team price $495)


Friendly House - Mondays (April)

Friendly House - Wednesdays (April)


Bowling (approximate team price $425)


Interstate Lanes  - Thursdays (April)
Powell Pro 300 - Wednesdays (April)
Cornhole (approximate team price $200)
BrewCycle Portland (April)



LEAGUES OPEN 4/8 to returning captains/indies and 4/15 to everyone

Softball (approximate team price $850)
Summer Westide Co-Ed Softball at Gabriel Park Sundays
Summer Co-Ed Softball at Montavilla Park Tues/Thurs
Summer Co-Ed Softball at Montavilla Park Mon/Wed
Summer Co-Ed Softball at Montavilla Park Sundays
Summer Co-Ed Softball at Irving Park Sundays
Summer Co-Ed Softball at Rose CIty Park Sundays
Kickball (approximate team price $675)
Sewallcrest Park Sundays 
Gabriel Park Sundays 
King School Park Sundays 
Peninsula Park Sundays 
Alberta Park Sundays 
Peninsula Park  M/W (mid June)
Peninsula Park  Tu/Th (mid June)
Colonel Summers Mon/Wed (mid June)
Irving Park Tu/Th 
Gabriel Park Softcore Mon/Wed
Kickball Tournament - Red Rubber Showdown!  8/8/2015 
Flag Football
Summer Co-Ed Flag Football Sundays on Turf at Lewis & Clark
Summer Mens Flag Football Sundays on Turf at Lewis and Clark

Grass Volleyball (4 on 4)

Oregon Park Mondays (mid June)

Oregon Park Wednesdays


Sand Volleyball (4 on 4)

Gabriel Park Tuesdays (early June)

Gabriel Park Wednesdays (mid June)

Woks Up Wednesdays  (mid June)

Woks Up Thursdays (mid July)
SE PDX Tuesdays (early June)
SE PDX Thursdays Starting (mid June)
Bocce Ball 
Oregon Park Tuesdays
Dodgeball (outdoor)
Jefferson High School Wednesdays (early July)
Brewcycle Portland Thursdays



LEAGUES OPEN at 10AM on 7/1 to returning captains/indies and 10AM on 7/8 to everyone.
Kickball  (approximate team price $675)
Col. Summers Park Softcore Sunday (September) 
Peninsula Park Midcore & Softcore (September)
Sewallcrest Park Softcore (September)
Gabriel Park Sundays (September) 
Dodgeball (approximate team price $475)
Friendly House Wednesdays (September)
Friendly House Wednesdays (November) 
Bowling (approximate team price $425) 
Powell AMF Pro 300 Wednesdays (September) 
Interstate Lanes Thursdays (September) 
Interstate LanesTuesdays (November) 
Interstate Lanes Wednesday (November)
Powell AMF Pro 300 Wednesdays (November)
Interstate Lanes Thursdays (November)
Volleyball (approximate team price $425)
Harriet Tubman Mondays (September)
Harriet Tubman Tuesdays (September) 
Harriet Tubman Wednesdays (September) 
Harriet TubmanThursdays (September)
SEPDX (Eastmoreland Courts) Tuesdays (September)  
SEPDX (Eastmoreland Courts) Thursdays (September)
Beaverton Courts  Thursdays (September) 
Harriet Tubman Mondays (November)
Harriet Tubman Tuesdays (November)
Harriet Tubman Wednesdays (November)
Harriet TubmanThursdays  (November)
SEPDX (Eastmoreland Courts)  Tuesdays (November)  
SEPDX (Eastmoreland Courts) Thursdays (November) 
Beaverton Courts  Thursdays (September) 
Softball (approximate team price $850)
Montavilla Park Sundays (September) 
Montavilla Park Mon/Wed (September) 
Albina Lillis Park Sundays (September) 
Irving Park Sundays (September) 
Flag Football (approximate team price $650)
Lewis and Clark Sunday Men's (September) 
Lewis and Clark Sunday Co-Ed (September)
Grant High School Sunday Co-Ed (September)                                             
Lewis and Clark Sunday Men's (November) 
Lewis and Clark Sunday Co-Ed (November)
Grant High School Sunday Co-Ed (September)