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About Underdog Softball







Underdog Sports Leagues offers co-ed Softball leagues during the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. Most games are played on softball fields across the city, and occasionally turf fields when space is available.  USL softball is a slowpitch league with a modified ASA rulebook with specific rules for gender ratios and batting orders.  Underdog provides a 12 inch .52/300 core gameball for each game along with a catchers masks, and 1 home plate umpire. Additional umpires may be added in certain situations.  Teams should bring their own bats, gloves, and cleats, however any bat on the current ASA banned bat list will not be allowed.
Softball seasons are 6 games played over 6 weeks with additional weeks for playoffs for the top teams. Depending on your regular season record and tie-breakers, the bottom few seeds might not qualify for the playoffs.


  • 4 women/ 6 man gender ratio in the field (ideally...however, you can play with as few as 8 players if needed)
  • 2 women needed in the infield and outfield.  If short players you must have at least 3 females, 2 in the infield and 1 in the outfield. (pitcher & catcher count as one)


  • No More than 2 of each gender in a row in the line-up 
  • Automatic walk only applies with 4 straight balls to a male with a female on deck and 2 outs
  • No switching of 11 and 12 inch balls 
  • No “left-hand/off hand” requirements for males when batting 
  • No gender encroachment rule
  • All counts start at 0-0 – no accelerated count
  • 9 run max per inning except last inning (carry-over runs do count)
  • 6 to 12 foot strike zone:  shoulders to knees
  • All games 7 innings or 1 hour 25 minutes  whichever comes 1st. 
  • For leagues with a fence there is a 3 HR max per game. 
Underdog has no plans to offer a fast-pitch league or an all Men’s league in the future. 

A full rule book will be provided to Captains upon confirmation in a league.


How long is the season?

The season comes with 6 guaranteed games including playoffs for qualifying teams.  We do our very best to include every team in the playoffs when possible.  If a league is structured differently it will be noted on the league details.  All leagues are subject to the rain out policy here.


I sleep with my bat and polish it every day...can I use it in your league?
Sure. We do require that bats are ASA certified softball bats. Additionally, they cannot be on the ASA banned bat list (some bats have had their certification revoked). So, if your bat has a USSSA certification, but not an ASA certification, it is not allowed. 
How do co-ed/gender rules play into a USL softball game?
USL has specific rules with regards to batting line-ups and field positioning for gender players. 
Other general rules like courtesy runners, catch-and-carry, and one courtesy foul ball before striking out apply. All USL batters start at a 0-0 count. Specific rules are provided upon registering a team. 
Do you guys have a gender encroachment Rule?
Do I have to wear any kind of gear?
Underdog provides batting helmets and catchers masks. While you don’t have to wear them we always stongly recommend that you do. 
Do I have to wear cleats?
No – but you have to wear closed toe shoes – No sandals and no bare feet. Also (duh) never any metal spikes .
Who keeps score?
The umpire keeps the official score of all games. You are welcome to score along in your own book, but the home plate umpire has the final say on all scoring issues.  No score books needed here.  
Ok, I'm signing up. What if I need to change my roster?
Roster changes are allowed up until the 3rd week of any USL season. Softball rosters should never be larger than 15 people. After the third week you can only modify your roster by applying for a special exemption due to injury or other weird/unfortunate occurrence. During registration, you will set up a log-in to the Player Page - a team admin panel that let's you update your roster, as well as do other cool stuff like emailing your teammates, tracking who owes you money, and signing up for future seasons.
Cool, I'm signed up. What about practices?
Some teams practice several times a week. Some don't practice at all. Unfortunately, USL does not provide practice time during the regular season on our fields. You are welcome to show up early and practice/warm-up on the side, or practice on your own.