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Players of the Game

Oct 9 - Dec 11

Corey S

The Swingers

Shot put throw

Ryan H

Ballz of Fury

Great diving catches!

Cole P

21 Outs

Stretching the double

Erich S

Lot Lizards

Home run!

David B

Big City Slams

Big plays at home

Andrew G

Indy #K15

Great home runs!

Ivan A

Virgins on 3rd Base

All the catches

Anthony C

The Marlon Randos

Home run!

Daniel E

Virgins on 3rd Base

Great pitching

Elliot- inspiration!

Players of the Week

Oct 9 - Dec 11

Player of the Week: Summer Huber

Team: Empire Spikes Back

The Empire Spikes Back team finished the night with a W and a huge part of that was the incredible defense and teamwork on the court. Summer Huber stood out because she owned the back row and made sure passes went straight to the setter. Great job Empire Spikes Back and congrats on the win! Keep up the great work.

Lisa Thompson

Balls in your Face - Indy #V55

Great game tonight Lisa. She’s got a lot of strength behind her serves. Lisa was able to get a run if serves, assisting her team to gain the lead. Lisa shines in any position. When she’s not serving she’s ready on the court to bump, set or spike the ball. She is a well rounded player which great to have on the court. Keep it up Lisa!

Player of the Week: Alex Doster

Team: Volley Llamas - Indy #V51

The Volley Llamas played against 14 legs last night and their standout player was Alex Doster who defended the net like his life depended on it. He was blocking attacks from the other team and sent tips that kept 14 legs on their toes. Awesome work, Alex and great job Volley Llamas!

Chris Thompson

Free Ballin'

Great opening night Chris! He is quick on the court and ready to dig the ball back up. Tonight he truly shined during set 2. He got a 13 point lead on their opponents due to his hard to return serves. That lead helped Chris’ team win the second set. Keep up the strong serves!

Player of the Week: Justin Low


The SUBLIME team is back this season and it would be hard to not notice Justin all over the court yesterday! The team came back with a bang and despite not taking the W, they learned from their performance last year and improved on their teamwork and communication on the court. Welcome back SUBLIME and great job leading your team last night, Justin!

Patrick McLaughlin


Great playing tonight Patrick. He comes ready to play. On the court Patrick he’s got skills to fill each spot beautifully. When he on court or waiting on the sidelines he’s encouraging his team the whole time. Even when he’s playing a double hitter he’s got the same cheerful energy. Keep it up!

Ben Kong

Smokin' Buns

Great game tonight Ben! He’s got a sharp serve that flys over the net and hard to return. Even when a set gets stressful, Ben doesn’t let it get to him. He is as cool as a cucumber! Opponents better watch out tho. Ben has killer skills across the court and is ready to give his all every moment!

Scott Warner

Who Spiked the Punch

Nice job tonight Scott. He was ready to play and have fun tonight. Scott is a strong back row player. He is constantly digging the hard served balls and successfully getting it up. When Scott’s up for service he can deliver a strong serve. With that he’s able to rack up the points for his team. Keep up the hard work!

Stevanie Fama

Hawt Sets

Great game tonight Stevanie! She is a great team captain by always encouraging and supporting them. Stevanie can be heard every set calling and predicting what the opponents are doing. She is also a well rounded player, several time she got a run of serves. Get Stevanie in any position and she’s going to shine at it.

Salvatore Ventura

2 Legit 2 Hit

Sal had a great game this week with three big blocks at the net and several well placed kills.