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Players of the Game

Mar 1 - Mar 30

Robert H

Daj Mabals

5 vs 1 come back to secure the win for the team!

Samantha L


Great dodges and impressive outs!

Lauren M


Great catches all game!

Ellie O

All Dodge No Balls

Big come back for her team with impressive catches and outs!

Jewels B

Dodgy Style!

Final out to close it out!

Harmony l


Great hits!

Anna H


8 good serves in a row!

Dave S

Spike Proteins


Maverick A

Calm Your Tips

Way to be here!

Emily T


Crushing it!

Players of the Week

Mar 1 - Mar 30

Jonathan Ferguson


Jonathan was spectacular for his team this past Wednesday at Friendly House. Time and time again, Dodgeball turned to Jonathan for a big play as he often found himself as one of the last few standing in most games. Particularly, Jonathan ran into a situation where he found himself in a 1 vs 4 situation. After an impressive sliding dodge, and great no look deflection to avoid being out, he made two quick outs and a catch to completely flip the script for his team. In the end, Dodgeball was able to get the win due to Jonathan's pure athleticism and savvy moves. For his incredible performance, Jonathan is our Player of the Week!

Fernando Chavez

Big digs little hands

Fernando the fire starter! By the end of the night he a blaze, skills on point. Fernando has a wicked arm which reflects in his hard to return serves and strong spikes. As shown tonight when he collided with a teammate and bulldozed them over. You can trust Fernando to do anything to get the ball up and gain a point.

Hannah Herndon

The Ocho

No matter how intense the competition, there should always be room for sportsmanship in any game. Hannah repeatedly showed her enthusiasm for her team even when they found themselves down early in some games. Hannah truly embodied the Underdog spirit with her attitude. For increasing the fun had by all, Hannah is our Player of the Week. Congratulations!

Bernard Falk

Diggin Pigz

Sweet sweet spikes by Bernard tonight. He has a wicked hit that can be hard to return. Bernard is also able to angle his hit making his spikes unpredictable. He is also just a rock star with his teammates. Constantly communicating with the team and encouraging them.

Paige Nef

Big Tippers

Wonderful opening night by Paige and her team! They bought the heat and was impossible to beat. Paige was delivering beautiful serves that her opponent struggled to return. Even on the front row she was killing it. If you need a setter, Paige is your player. Keep up the hard work!

Stacy Stilwater

Squatch Squad

Great game Stacy, you killed it on the front row. Stacy was delivering beautiful sets left and right to his teammates. When the opportunity arises he’s ready to tip or block the ball successfully. Stacy might be a tall individual but that doesn’t slow him down at all. He is quite swift and was able to get the ball up regularly. Keep it up!

Malia Oswalt

Indy #D1

There was no quit in Malia and the rest of the Indy #D1 team this past Wednesday at Friendly House. From the moment their night began, they continued to make strategic plays and secure big wins. In particular, Malia found herself as a last person standing for her team in a few situations. With the support from her team, Malia was able to overcome a 5 vs 1 situation and 3 vs 1 situation to secure two huge wins and a full night victory for her team. For her impressive play all night long, Malia is our Player of the Week!

Allen Jiang


If you need a well rounded player, Allen’s your man. Put him anywhere on the court and he’ll crush it. Tonight Allen was a back row star, consistently digging some difficult serves. Allen’s got great control and was able to bump it the setter every time. When it’s his turn as the server, Allen is returning the kindness of all the serves he had to dig. His serves are angled and has power behind it. Keep up all the great work!

Brian Bell


Any spectator of set 2 would have seen Brian’s shining game. He wiped out the opposing team with his serves. Brian served and gained the team well over 15 points in a row. That isn’t the end of Brian’s skill sets, he is a beast on the net. Spikes that are hard to return. Brian was an all start tonight, nice job!

Cade Liberty

Indy #D1

Dodgeball is a game that allows players to exhibit multiple different strengths to help their team compete. Such was the case with Case of Indy #D1's team this week at Friendly House. Throughout the course of the night, Cade rattled off some impressive outs and made some athletic dodges in the process. However, the real show stopper that got the gym roaring was his catching ability. At one point in the night, Cade went on to catch 4 straight balls to record outs and completely flip the game for his teams advantage. Though that stretch was impressive, Cade continued to make some spectacular catches on some really hard thrown balls all night. For his first team "All Hands Team" performance, Cade is our Player of the Week!