Operation Pitch Invasion

Operation Pitch Invasion
Operation Pitch Invasion

Underdog Scarf with The Timbers Army

3 of the first 8 Underdog teams were Timbers Army teams.  Yep, before MLS, Nagbe, Captain Jack and John Spencer there were still a dedicated bunch who came out and supported the then United Soccer League team.  The Timbers Army are very much the early roots of Underdog Portland and for that we are thankful. 


Nowdays the TA is huge.  There's waiting lists for tickets, hour long lines for seats and everyone in Portland clamoring for glimpse at the best show in town, The Portland Timbers.  But the TA is more than just a rowdy bunch of soccer hooligans.  They are civic minded Portlandians who know how to mobilize and do good things in the community.


That's where Operation Pitch Invasion comes in.  This offshoot group from the Timbers Army aims to pump money and man power into neglected soccer fields (or pitches) in and around Portland.  So far they've raised 10's of thousands of dollars but their aim is much higher. 


With every Underdog/TA scarf purchased 100% of the profit will go directly to Operation Pitch Invasion.  You will be wearing a symbol that you support local youth sports in the city of Portland as well as two great adult sports entities: The Portland Timbers and Underdog Sports Leagues.







To date we've generated nearly $2200 to help build soccer fields around PDX.