Flag Football

         Lewis & Clark Co-Ed and

         Gentlemen's Sunday

         Starts September 14th



         Friendly House Monday

         Starts October 20th



         Interstate Lanes Tuesday

         Starts October 28th


New Underdog Player Perks!


New Sport Uniforms:

Softball and Volleyball leagues are getting Uniforms! Players, this means you have to Accept your invite so we have your shirt size. More information here!


Player of the Week Raffle:

Underdog is giving the Player of the Weeks chances to win sport tickets, limited edition Underdog swag, and passes to our Halloween party! To be included in the raffles you must be listed on the team roster. Just another reason to Accept your Captains invitation to your roster!


Halloween Bash 2014!Halloween Bash 2014!

The one place Zombies, Witches and Hall of Fame heroes all play on the same team. Underdog invites you to party through the witching hour on Friday, October 31st at the Basanova Ballroom!  To RSVP, you will need to sign up here!

Rain Bowl Football Tournament!

Make it rain!  The 7th Annual Rain Bowl is back and it will be bigger than ever.  Pick between the co-ed softcore, co-ed midcore, and gentlemens divisions.  
Play on Saturday and Sunday January 24th & 25th... the weekend before the Superbowl.  Everyone is invited to the after-party on Saturday night at Tryon Creek Bar & Grill, which includes a consolation cornhole tournament for teams who won't be playing on Sunday.  SIGN UP HERE

New Individual

New Individual

No need for a team, we'll create one for you.

Underdog is a great way to meet new people if you've just moved to town or are looking for something new to do. When you register as an Indivdual or "Indy" your name is put on a list and when enough people register we make an "Individual Team" and introduce you to a whole group of new people.


Have another friend or two who want to play with you as well?  No problem.  In your signup there will be a spot to enter their name(s) so that we can place you all on the same Individual Team. Also, be on the lookout for our Indy Parties - another great way to meet and socialize with people!


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