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Players of the Game

Jan 27 - Jan 18


Balls and Dolls

Long touchdown run to take the lead

Allyn T

Swear to drunk I'm not god

Couple key snags

Joey J

Legends of the Fall

Three big time picks!

Bobi B

Safely Blitzed

She gets open!

Ahmid for great defense.

Ramone A

The Male Enhancers

and Derek both coming up big in the clutch.

Justin taking it to the house for the win.

Austin M


Made so many people miss tackles and a long TD

anthony d


For the 'prudiest' spiral this side of the Willamette.

All the girls for overall carrying the team to a win.

Players of the Week

Jan 27 - Jan 18

Jerimiah Medina


The 3:00pm game on field #2 at Lewis & Clark on Sunday featured Roustabouts and Once You caught it, You got it, two veteran teams who have experience some serious success over the years and who are sure to be at the top of the standings this season. Each team knows how to put points on the board...this was a game many believed would be decided by the last drive of the game. With the game within 7 points and Once you caught it, You got it marching down the field on offense, quarterback Josh flinged a pass down the left sideline to a wide open receiver. Wide open is a relative term, as Jerimiah came out of nowhere to pick off the pass and return it for a huge momentum changing touchdown. Roustabouts never looked back, cruising to an impressive 48-38 convincing win early in the season. Solid work Jerimiah...your cat quick closing speed on defense was admired by everyone at the field, including a USC scout in the stands looking for some defensive help this season. With your college eligibility still in tack, we would all understand if you finished up the fall football season fightin' for the Trojans.

Melissa and the Mean Girls

Player of the Week

It was a great day for opening day take two of Underdog Flag Football (Melissa, this is the last time I will use that line!) In an otherwise high scoring affair against the savvy squad of Cuddle Closet, Melissa led the Mean Girls to victory by playing lock down defense at corner. The opposing quarterback avoided her side of the field like the entire North Shore student body shied away from Regina George. On offense, Melissa came up with a couple very timely catches as well. She moved swiftly up the sideline causing defenders to stop in their tracks as if they were about to be hit by a bus. Watch out the rest of the league, Mean girls went all home school jungle freak in the first week. Expect more as the limit does not exist for this squad. Oh and Chris, stop trying to make fetch happen.

Dan "Pull 'um" Yokum

Bridge City Ballers

It was quite a day for Dan and the Bridge City Ballers. This up and coming team came into Sunday's double header undefeated and looking to stay that way. Dan really set the tone in the first game by playing incredible defense. He did not miss a single flag pull, whether it was meeting a runner at the line or chasing down a streaking receiver to prevent the first down. His team rallied around him going on to win by a narrow margin of just two points against The B Squad. In their second game of the day, they than ran into an even tougher match up in their bid to stay undefeated. But amazingly they pulled off an even narrower victory by just one point against 99 Problems. Congrats Dan and keep up the stellar play Bridge City Ballers!

Nathan Barry

Alcoholics Anonymous

Nate is this week's player of the week. Nate had 3 TD catches to go along with 2 extra point conversions and several nifty runs where he was able to elude defenders and slither his way up the field for some large gains. Nate's play helped lead the way for his teams dominating performance in the second half. What was most impressive was Nate didn't argue one call the entire game. A fact that left several of his teammates speechless.

Nick Weber

Safely Blitzed

The 2:00pm on field #3 at Lewis & Clark on Sunday between Safety Blitzed and Beast Mode featured the complete game of Nick Weber, a player known around the league as a big target with sure hands and a knack for the ball on defense. Little did we know that Nick has a 5th gear when it comes to speed, a secret that was kept to himself until an impressive interception return for touchdown in the first half. The end zone couldn't come quick enough as his teammates helped him celebrate the turning point in this very entertaining game, a 35-14 impressive victory against the ever improving Beast Mode.

5 plays 5 touchdowns in the first half

Alcoholics Anonymous

This week's player of the week for Men's was Tommy from AA. Tommy led his team on 5 scoring drives in the first have using only 5 plays. (4 passes, 1 run). It was the most efficient use of time and plays ever seen. His QB rating was off the charts and by halftime they had the game well in hand. Great individual effort and amazing QB play!

Jenna Q. player of the week!

Danger Zone

Thunderstorms? We don't need no stinkin' thunderstorms! It was a surprisingly great day to play some flag football this afternoon. In a close game that saw many great catches and quite a few touchdowns Jenna on Danger Zone came down with more than her fair share. She was one of the few that were able to hold on to Chris' hard thrown, bruise making passes. When in need of a sure fire first down or if it was a gender play, Chris could always find Jenna in the open space left by the defense. Jenna is always a top performer in this league and deserves the recognition for her consistent and outstanding play! Congrats!


Danger Zone

Not even a rumored cracked rib was going to keep Nick off of the field against Defend Deez Nuts at Lewis & Clark on Sunday. A brave face and sure hands were a must for Nick on this day, as quarterback Chris of Danger Zone was slinging bullets up and down the field all game long. Nick was on the receiving end of many of these darts, picking up key first downs and scoring on a memorable long touchdown run. Sore ribs, legs not quite what they use to be, no problem...Nick's willingness to play through the pain was an inspiration to his team and set the tone for an impressive 72-6 against a quality opponent. You definitely earned player of the week Nick...let's hope the ribs heal this week and Chris takes it a bit easier on you this coming Sunday.

Jillian F. faking everyone out!

Player of the week

It is only the first week of the new season and I'm pretty sure Jillian has already caused half the league to have twisted ankles. While as a team Maybe Next Time lived up to their name (I can say this as a dedicated Cubs fan,) Jillian made sure to leave her mark against Alcoholics Anonymous. She not only had a big time pick while covering a tough receiver, on offense she made A.A.'s top pass rusher miss consistently while picking up good yardage. She blew past multiple defenders for first downs seemingly untouchable. While the sun actually did shine yesterday, shocking, Jillian definitely shined the brightest on opening day! Congratulations on a great game and being named player of the week, Jillian!

Coral H. Player of the Week


It was a misty playoff night for our winter Wednesday league. Thanks to Coral holding onto a slick football the 7&7's were able to hold onto a great victory for this talented indy team! They got off to a very hot start putting up three touchdowns in the first half. Show Us Your TDs came out gunning in the second half though. They brought the score to within a touchdown late in the game. But with their backs against the wall facing a third and long, Coral broke loose past the secondary catching a long pass. Her big time catch put them at first and goal making it an easy score which secured the playoff win. Congrats Coral and everyone on 7&7's for a great first season and playoff victory!


Winter Co-ed Flag Football at Lewis and Clark Sundays

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  • Sport: Flag Football
  • Format: Co-ed 8's (5 men and 3 women) - Rosters Up to 14 Players
  • Locations: Lewis and Clark College
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Starts on : Starts on Sunday, February 26

Winter Gentlemen's Flag Football at Lewis and Clark Sundays

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  • Format: 7 on 7 Non-Contact - Rosters Up to 12 Players
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