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Players of the Game

Dec 17 - Apr 20

Chris E

Swear to drunk I'm not god

Now that's how you rush a quarterback!

Nathan B

Pillsbury ThrowBoys

On point pure shitgun snapping all game long

Austin R

Indy #FF4

Great QB in relief

Lindsay R

But a Blitz Ain't One

Pick 6 for a TD in honor of her fallen hero Dez Bryant. Everybody do an X with ur arms in silence


Illegal Shorts and Friends

Game saving rejection

Chris B

Lava Sharks

Early candidate for catch of the year!!

Justin M

Dabbers 3

Game winning INT

Scott W


Go ahead TD pass with 8 seconds remaining

The Whole Squad Balled Øut!!!

Players of the Week

Dec 17 - Apr 20

Chris Blumthal

Lava Sharks

There always seems to be one of those "did that really just happen!" plays in an Underdog football season that leaves the players, refs and fans in awe of the flag football awesomeness that particular player displayed on the field. Chris Blumthal of Lava Sharks, a gentle giant whom most would assume by his stature made his home as an offensive lineman in high school, showcased his inner Odell Beckam Jr. stick 'em like hands and nifty footwork in their game against Cuddle Closet Redux. A pass that most thought would sail out of the endzone was snatched by Chris one-handed out of mid-air, secured to his body and held tight for a touchdown and he tumbled to the ground. Even though his team came up short on the scoreboard at the end of the game, both teams agreed this was one of those catches not seen too often on the hallowed ground of Griswold Stadium. Amazing catch Chris and congrats on being Player of the Week!

Allyn Thomas: Great QB, Great Sportsman

Swear to drunk I'm not god

Allyn Thomas had his typical great game on Sunday at Lewis & Clark. A lot of passing yards, a lot of rushing yards, a lot of all-purpose TDs, great leadership. He also is one of the best sportsmen out there as well. Whether it is purposefully not snapping the ball after a change of possession to allow the defense to get set, correcting the down distance gender (when it's not in his team's interest to do so), or just being genuinely nice to the other team, Allyn just loves to play and play fairly and with respect. He is a pleasure to have on the fields and for this he is this week's Player of the Week.

Lindsay Randall is the Best Ro-Sham-Bo'er in the West

But a Blitz Ain't One

It's a tense moment in the game. Who will get the ball first? Who will wait until the second half? The 2 combatants walk to the center of the field as a crowd gathers. They look into each other's eyes with a cold stare. There's a deafening silence. A bead of sweat drips down one of the combatants brow. You can cut the tension with a knife. This is Lindsay Randall's office. Quick on the draw & accurate on the call Lindsay sleighs the other team's representative each and every Sunday in this faithful moment. Her team always gains the advantage of taking the ball in the second half. Dare I say, she is the Queen of Ro-Sham-Bo. All hail her majesty, Lindsay Randall! You're this Week's Player of the Week!

Sarah Chizum: Had to be the Shades

Ducks Fly Together

Sarah Chizum is a star. You can tell because she wears sunglasses all the time... even on the football field. Was it the shades that allowed her to haul in several receptions including a long pass play looking directly into the sun with a defender right in her face on Sunday at Lewis & Clark during Ducks Fly Together's 26-20 win over Puff, Pass, & Kick? According to Puff, Pass, & Kick it was. The legality of the sunglasses was brought into question, but ultimately the referees decided that it was Sarah's superior skill and not some performance enhancing glasses that made the difference. Congratulations Sarah! You are this week's Player of the Week!

Jackie Liddell

Jackie Fully Deserves Player of the Week

Jackie definitely deserved Player of the Week on Sunday at Lewis & Clark. I even wrote her name in my book. I can't, however, remember why for the life of me. Instead of making something up with the possibility of being wrong, I'll just say she did great and fully deserves the award. Way to go Jackie... you're this Week's Player of the Week! : )

Gregger Highberg Played Out of his Shoe

Dat Utter Team

Greggor Highberg played so hard, he played right out of his shoe. During Week 2's game on Sunday at Lewis & Clark, Dat Utter Team looked to be in trouble. Down 12-0 and with a heavy snow falling, things looked bleak for the Battling Bovines. That's when Gregger Highberg put his foot down... literally. He broke his shoe and his foot was coming out of it. With no tape to repair it the only choice was to play it out... with a foot hanging out of his shoe... in the snow. He had a crucial INT in the first half that started to turn things around for Dat Utter Team and his inspiration to his team for battling through the hardship spurred Dat Utter Team to 32 unanswered points and a 32-12 win. Triumph over adversity is what the Underdog spirit is all about and, for this reason, Gregger Highberg is our Week 2 Player of the Week.

Dante Ortiz was Unstoppable... Wherever He Lined Up

Cuddle Closet Redux

Dante Ortiz couldn't be stopped Sunday night at Lewis & Clark. He orchestrated 7 TD drives in 8 possessions with 6 TD passes with near pinpoint accuracy in Cuddle Closet's 50-38 upset victory over AA. But he didn't just do it at QB. He also had an acrobatic catch and subsequent TD run after a tipped ball drill thrown by Carol Kim wound up in his hands on 4th and long gender. The TD put Cuddle Closet up 3 scores late in the game and really sealed the outcome. Cuddle Closet will look to continue its improbable run next week vs Roustabouts. Congratulations Dante! You're this week's Player of the Week.

Carol Kim

Carol Does It All

Carol Kim was a maniac on Sunday at Griswold Stadium. In addition to playing on her own team, Cuddle Closet Redux, Carol also subbed in for No Fly Zone during their game vs Alcoholics Anonymous. AA probably wished she hadn't subbed for No Fly Zone. Carol made a ton of key receptions on third and fourth down including a TD to help No Fly Zone to a close 44-36 victory. Carol is always the consummate good sport on the field playing her best but always showing respect for the other team. She always seems to be having a great time out there. All of these qualities is what the Underdog Spirit is all about. Congratulations, Carol. You're this week's Player of the Week.

Melissa Savage Always a Gamer


Melissa Savage comes to play and play hard each and every Sunday. Always a key female contributor to her team's production Melissa is equally known for her production and her competitive spirit. This never say die attitude is what Underdog is all about and is why Melissa Savage is this week's Player of the Week.

Aaron Penn

Alcoholics Anonymous

The final game of the day featured Cuddle Closet and AA, two teams often near the top of the standings and who know each others tendencies very well from previous epic match-ups. Aaron Penn, a quiet by nature receiver who usually can be found running stealth like routes hugging the sideline, had the lights shining bright on him throughout this highly competitive game. Quarterback Tommy Moore made it a point to get Aaron involved early, finding him on a few crucial third down conversions and long TD pass. With his fine play today Aaron set the tone for AA's impressive 54-24 win and perfect 3-0 record to start this winter season at Lewis & Clark.


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