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Players of the Game

Sep 24 - Oct 8

Alex B

Indy #S14

Great play in CF. Doubled off runner at 2nd.

Ryan and the lone fan who encouraged him to crush the ball out of the park.

Tiny Tim... Really great stand in

Victoria H

Milwaukie Lumber Co

Great catches in RC...& snazzy batting gloves.

Michael P

Five Spice "Big Cups"

Diving catch out in the outfield!

George S

Purple Reign

Solid offense and defense all game long!

Brittany B

Banana Hammocks - Indy #S16

Awesome snag out in right field!

The 12th man our fans makes who we are... I love you mom.

Ashley A

Pitches Be Crazy

Aka smashley! Smashing the ball!

AJ for filling in and making a great throw from left to nail the runner at home!

Players of the Week

Sep 24 - Oct 8

Maria Mitchell

Maria Lends a Helping Hand

During Milwaukie Lumber Company's victory over the Point West Players on Tuesday night at Westmoreland Park, I saw A LOT of great sportsmanship from a lot of people (not taking extra bases, allowing players of the opposing team to reach base, Harvey running for himself)... but none greater than Maria Mitchell's. Maria took the time, both during the game and afterwards, to help another Maria from Point West Players with tips on how to become a better hitter. It's sportsmanship like this that exemplifies the Underdog Sports spirit and is what our league is all about. Congratulations, Maria. You are Week 5's Player of the Week!

Kevin Raos

Purple Reign

Kevin pitched not one but two solid games of softball which helped lead his team to victory and to advance in the playoffs. He was solid on the mound both games and made some great defenses plays in the field even saving a run from being scored. Not only did he play great in the field and pitch a great game, he also had a solid night at the plate helping his team add runs to their score. Kevin had a solid night of softball which helped lead his team to a victory and to upset the number 1 seed in the playoffs.

Jessica Carrow

Jessica was a defensive stalwart in left field, helping lead her team to victory over Underhanded Compliments. In a tightly contested affair, she locked down the outfield, making crafty plays and SportsCenter worthy catches! Every time UC tried to mount a rally, they hit the ball to wrong part of the field. Word to the wise, you might want to go opposite field when you see Jessica patrolling left!

Cory Hedges

Pitches Be Crazy

The game between Pitches Be Crazy and Firebalz was a hard fought battle from both sides. Both teams were battling it out back and forth the whole game. This game went down to the wire and Cory came up to bat in the bottom of the 7th down by one run with 2 people on and he smashed a walk off bomb to lead his team to victory. Not only did he hit this walk off homerun he had a solid day at the plate all game long.

Dwight Nelson

Silver Fox Sighting at Westmoreland Park

Dwight "silver fox" Nelson didn't come to mess around Thursday night. Fresh off a stint with AA club Deluth Wildcats, Dwight clearly still has what it takes to get back to the bigs. On the defensive side, Dwight was all over the infield, completing two 6-3 double plays in two consecutive innings! And on the offensive side, Dwight was a perfect 1.000, scattering balls all over the outfield for doubles, and keeping the Chupacabras honest with some excellent heads up base running.

Dae Ho Kim

Day Donkeys

WHAT A NIGHT! Dae Ho was amazing form the pitching rubber throwing a great game and keeping the Old Dirty Ballers in check for the ,most part of the game. Dae Ho truly knows what Underdog Softball is all about, a true sportsman, even giving up his pitching spot at the end of the game to another player. In the middle of the game he had one of the most acrobatic catching at the pitching mound that total prevented a ball from going deep in the outfield and had a great night batting as well. Keep up the good work and good luck the rest of the season!

jeff larsen

Yur's bar

Jeff's Yur's Bar was set to match up against the Bunt for Red October Sunday afternoon, although the game was momentarily held up by some late arriving players. Although BRO was able to field a team, they were about to start out playing only two outfielders. Seeing this, Jeff voluntarily played catcher, allowing his opponents to field a full outfield until their other player showed up. This is the type of sportsmanship and friendly competitiveness we love at Underdog! Jeff went on to lead his team to victory in a tightly-contested game that featured 7 lead changes and many great defensive plays on both sides!

Paul Thurston

Base Camp Brewing Co.

What can we say about Paul? He's a work horse always with an encouraging word and I do mean always. There are bigger hitters on his team but that's not what is most important, none encourage like him. Few talk as much, this guy is the voice of the team always talking and he does it well. I am betting he is the boss if he is not is soon to be. Fearless when taking on the officials in the fun league. Always leading by example hydration, hydration, hydration I love it. There are few like this guy, when they made him they broke the mold. Thanks for setting the bar so super high sir. Keep up the great work. Hands down my pick of the week.

Ed Kroll

Banana Hammocks - Indy #S16

The Banana Hammocks had a double header this weekend and Ed made a big presence in both of the games. First he started off by playing stellar defense at short stop all game long in the first game and not letting much get by him at all. Not only was he making these amazing plays in the field, he also did well on the offensive side and got some solid hits throughout the game. All these things helped lead his team to a victory in the first game of their double header. Following this first game the Banana Hammocks had another tough game against Fireballz1. Not only did he once again play some stellar defense at short stop making some great plays throughout the game, he also had a walk of single to seal the deal for the team and lead the team to another victory for the day.

Billy Wood

Old Dirty Ballers

This guy is the definition of Underdog Softball! Billy is a stand up guy and truly plays the game for fun and plays a fair game. He did very well in his pitching debut for the season pitching a complete game and also smacking some huge hits for an all around awesome game! Keep up the great work Billy and good luck to your team throughout the season!

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