Wanted: Volleyball Court Time

We're always looking for new locations to play some volleyball in Portland and as long as there is space in a gym for at least one volleyball court, we'd love to hear if you know of a place! 




For a facility to work with Underdog for Volleyball court time


  1. Bulk time reservations - over 200 hours a year across consistent dates
  2. We use time late in the Day - 7-10PM works for us
  3. We can use afternoon time on Sundays and even Saturdays
  4. In some situations we can help with gear and court Improvements
  5. Underdog has been around for 20 years in Portland - We aren’t going anywhere




No Equipment - No Problem!

We have a solid track record of outfitting gyms with quality equipment and can even work with a facility on installing most anything they need including the poles, nets, padding and even pole sleeves in the floor!


If there's space, we may be able to build it!  

If you know of a location that can fit a court but they don't have a gym floor, we might be able to help with that too!  We have partners that can help with competition-level portable courts that can be installed and taken down in just hours if needed.  Basic requirements would be a mostly level solid floor (like concrete) and the below dimensions for a court.


Minimum Court Dimensions

At least 40' wide and 80' long for a single court and a minimum of 22' clearance from floor to ceiling.





Know of a location with potential open court time?

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