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Players of the Game

May 20 - Nov 19

Felix is a body. He puts points on the board.

Jerimiah M


Travis M

Cromartie's Kids

Playin through the groin injury like a pro...or some pros

Angad S

Palouse Moose

Played awesome

Tabitha W

The Replacements - Indy #FF9

Big time Interception

Players of the Week

May 20 - Nov 19

Courtney Severson

Roustabouts PoTW

Courtney caught absolutely everything coming her way this week. If someone had a cold, she might have picked that up too. We checked the gloves...there was no stickum. Nice going Courtney and keep it up!

Dre Hughes

Parched and the Thirst Quenchers

A veteran of the Underdog flag football circuit, Dre brought his "A" game in a highly contested game against AA to cap off the day. With neither team able to hold a lead of more than a touchdown throughout the game, this had all the makings of a photo finish. Dre held his own and then some throughout the game, commanding his route tree and displaying his sure hands that have been a trademark for many seasons on the turf at Lewis & Clark. Awesome game today may be an adventure & not look pretty all of the time, but you came through bigtime when your team needed it the most today.

Scott Wilson

The Replacements PoTW

Call him as Scott call him Jim. It doesn’t matter just call him a winner. Scott spread the ball around this week like it was the plague. Targeting every possible receiver he dinked and dunked, chucked and hurled. Alright Scott!


Flower Power...for Dragons

Mr. Grimmett was slinging the ball all over the field this week. Standing tall in the pocket as pass rushers sprinted quickly in his direction. He was decisive, he was accurate, he might be getting a call from the Buffalo Bills.

Amber Pope

Suplex City

Suplex City came ready to play at Lewis & Clark on Sunday. Full of energy and eager to start the season with a win on opening the day, Suplex City played with passion from the opening kick-off. Support and encouraging each other was on full display throughout the game, with Amber Pope showing off early season Heisman hopeful form making solid catches and extending plays all game long. NIce work will be a force to be reckoned with this Fall football season.

Brock Baumgartner

Hump Day Cuddles Cuddle Party

Is it Brock or is it Brian? Brock shows up with a smile on his face each week. Thank you for your stellar attitude Brock.

Jessica Woods Gunslingin’

The encyclopedia of flag football

Jessica does it all! Puttin Boobie Miles to shame she plays both sides of the ball... and she can pass! All we are yet to see now is a punt but we’ve got no doubt it would reach incredible heights with whatever rotation she decides.

Colton Surcamp Esquire, The Third of His Name With a Head's Up Play.

Vicious and Delicious

Vicious and Delicious eked out a 1 point over Offense Only on Wednesday night. It was due, in no small part, to Colton Surcamp Esquire, The Third of His Name's head's up play near the end of the game. Down 7 points with a little over a minute to go, Colton caught a long pass that Offense Only was trying to allow him to score him on. Offense Only, living up to their name, wanted V&D to score so they could get the ball back with enough time on the clock to go down and score again. Colton wasn't having any of it. He took a knee allowing more time to come off the clock. V&D scored 2 plays later, and then got the 2-point conversion to put them up by a point with just 18 seconds to go. Chris Gonzalez, tried to get Offense Only into the end zone, but his final pass fell incomplete as V&D celebrated the win. Colton Surcamp Esquire, Third of his Name's head's up play was, no doubt, a big determinant in their win and, for this, he is this week's Player of the Week.

Devan Barkley


Thrust into the position with their starting quarterback/manager out of town on business, Devan Barkley of team Top Golf seized the opportunity with open arms in both of their games at Lewis & Clark today. Devan's ability to extend plays with his scrambling skils, vision downfield and willingness to share the rock with all his teammates was just what they needed today against Safety Blitzed and Roustabouts, two venerable teams well known throughout the Underdog universe. Superman came through big time today, leading his team to two victories and great position in the standings as the playoffs fastly approach. Congrats Devan on being Player of the Week!

Charles Cutler Throws His Body All Over the Field

Random Strangers III

The phrase "take it easy" is not in Charles Cutler's vocabulary. Being down big in the game was not a reason for Charles to phone in the 2nd half on Sunday at Griswold Stadium. On the contrary, Charles went all out leaping for a ball thrown over his head. He caught the ball for the touchdown with outstretched fingers landing flat on his back. He came up a little woozy but kept telling everyone he was fine. This all out effort, even as the game was out of reach, embodies the Underdog spirit. Congratulations Charles. You're this week's Player of the Week.


Winter Co-ed Flag Football at Lewis and Clark Sundays

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  • Sport: Flag Football
  • Format: Co-ed 8's (5 men and 3 women) - Rosters Up to 14 Players
  • Locations: Lewis and Clark College
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Starts on : Starts on Sunday, January 20

Winter Gentlemen's Flag Football at Lewis and Clark Sundays

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  • Sport: Flag Football
  • Format: 7 on 7 Non-Contact - Rosters Up to 12 Players
  • Locations: Lewis and Clark College
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Starts on : Starts on Sunday, January 20
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