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   Sundays - January 20th


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Players of the Game

Sep 16 - Jan 18

Jeannette R

Florist Dragons

2 INTs, 1 TDs

Jacob C


Pick 6!

Mikael K

Swear to drunk I'm not god

2 picks! Clutch!!

Thomas M

Alcoholics Anonymous

Hot potato keeping the squad in the game

Natalie T

AKS Engineering & Football

Great catches and snaps

Eric N

Indy #FF11

2 TDs with broken fingers

Trayvon C

99 Problems

Goin out with bang

Players of the Week

Sep 16 - Jan 18

Neal Tilbury - PoTW

Palouse Moose

We're not going to congratulate the ball for being tipped or bounced one way or the other, we're going to recognize Neal for his ability to be in the right place at the right time. Making yourself available to receive the football is key to this game and if you need lessons, you should talk to this guy. Great job Neal and congrats on a good season

Jason Severson

Roustabouts PoTG

Those Roustabouts are setting up shop at the top of the bracket with another offensively efficient offensive output this past week. Jason uses his high flag football IQ to slice and dice defenses. Rain or shine, the Roustabouts are ready to go and they were firing on all cylinders this Sunday. Great job Roustabouts and congrats to Jason for Player of the week! Thanks for the great attitude and a competitive nature that stays positive!

Preston Miller

Cromartie's Kids PoTG

Despite being denied a stat padding touchdown or two due to penalty, Preston showed flashes of brilliance on the field with both speed and decisiveness. Preston also has displayed great sportsmanship this season helping out other teams and keeping the mood positive. Thanks Preston, you are a true Underdog athlete

Jerimiah Medina


A standout high school wide receiver with a rumored Pete Carroll offered full ride to USC back in the day on his resume, Jerimiah has been an offensive star for team Roustabouts over the past several years at Lewis & Clark on Sundays. Today was Jerimiah's turn to switch gears and show his true passion lies on the other side of the ball...defense is what makes him truly tick. A knack for the ball and deceptively quick closing speed put him in the right spot at the right time, allowing him to pick off multiple passes and stop potential scoring drives by team Udder Nonsense. His all around game led his team to a 54-20 victory and tie for first place in this highly competitive Co-ed season at Lewis & Clark.

James Cook

Pick Six

In a highly competitive game against Random Strangers on a chilly afternoon at Lewis & Clark, James made his presence felt and then some with a Zach Ertz like performance helping his team move the chains all game long. A big target to say the least, James showed off his soft hands and route tree precision against a stout defense determined to shut down the many speed burners Pick Six has on its roster. His ability to convert third downs when needed the most was noted by everyone in attendance, helping his team secure a 52-40 victory & keeping them within striking distance of the top spot in the Men's division this season.

Ashleigh Hurd

Swear to drunk I'm not god POTW

Swear to drunk, Ashleigh may be a deity. Making contested catches, throwing the ball for miles, tough defense and a great attitude to top it all off! Ashleigh truly embodies what Underdog is all about. You might not know where she'll line up on the field, but you've absolutely got to keep an eye on her whenever she's on the field. Great job Ashleigh, you are a top Underdog!

Courtney Severson

Roustabouts PoTW

Courtney caught absolutely everything coming her way this week. If someone had a cold, she might have picked that up too. We checked the gloves...there was no stickum. Nice going Courtney and keep it up!

Dre Hughes

Parched and the Thirst Quenchers

A veteran of the Underdog flag football circuit, Dre brought his "A" game in a highly contested game against AA to cap off the day. With neither team able to hold a lead of more than a touchdown throughout the game, this had all the makings of a photo finish. Dre held his own and then some throughout the game, commanding his route tree and displaying his sure hands that have been a trademark for many seasons on the turf at Lewis & Clark. Awesome game today may be an adventure & not look pretty all of the time, but you came through bigtime when your team needed it the most today.

Scott Wilson

The Replacements PoTW

Call him as Scott call him Jim. It doesn’t matter just call him a winner. Scott spread the ball around this week like it was the plague. Targeting every possible receiver he dinked and dunked, chucked and hurled. Alright Scott!


Flower Power...for Dragons

Mr. Grimmett was slinging the ball all over the field this week. Standing tall in the pocket as pass rushers sprinted quickly in his direction. He was decisive, he was accurate, he might be getting a call from the Buffalo Bills.


Winter Co-ed Flag Football at Lewis and Clark Sundays

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  • Sport: Flag Football
  • Format: Co-ed 8's (5 men and 3 women) - Rosters Up to 14 Players
  • Locations: Lewis and Clark College
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Starts on : Starts on Sunday, January 20

Winter Gentlemen's Flag Football at Lewis and Clark Sundays

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  • Sport: Flag Football
  • Format: 7 on 7 Non-Contact - Rosters Up to 12 Players
  • Locations: Lewis and Clark College
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Starts on : Starts on Sunday, January 20
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