Social Ref Certified

We take Pride in the Quality of Our Refs and Umps

Believe it or not, we spend a LOT of time recruiting, filtering, and educating great Umpires, Referees, and Supervisors to run our leagues. 


You might not feel it when a call doesn't go your way, but we take pride in our Field Staff, and how hard they try to create a Safe, Fair, and Fun experience. We aren't perfect and we make mistakes, but we know your league is only fun if your Umpire and Referee is trying to help you and hear you. 


The Underdog education program is certfied as an offical Social Ref Program - developed by the founder of Underdog Shawn D. Madden. 


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To see the communication system taught in the Social Ref program, check out the Social Ref Book here:


the Social Ref 


If you would like help you with communication workshops or training for your intramural program or league, learn more here