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The Oregonian: From kickball to pingpong, sport and social clubs gain popularity in Portland and beyond



Canvas chairs snap into place, beer cans hiss open... 







Portland Mercury: A Newcomers' Guide to Making Friends



Or, How to Sweat with a Bunch of People...







Actively Northwest: How to Stay Active this Fall



Soon it will be back to the rainy season in the Northwest. The chills will set in, the leaves will change and the indoors will beckon as summer turns to fall.That’s no reason to hang up your cleats or pack away your dodgeball...






Seattle Times: Kickball teams from Seattle and Portland meet for fun, competition



When was the last time you played a game of kickball? Or asked yourself that million-dollar question...








FunCorp in the News




HR Magazine: How to Prevent Employee Burnout



HR professionals share their advice for minimizing worker stress and boosting retention...