Work in Sports, Get Paid, and Help Fund Your Education

Softball Umpire, Volleyball Supervisor, and Flag Football referee Jobs Available


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Underdog Sports Leagues has jobs for sports passionate individuals with good customer service skills to join our high quality staff of sports officials, supervisors, and fun ambassadors.


Underdog Sports Leagues is looking for referees for our adult (21 and over) leagues. We love hiring people who are interested in learning, so we offer college scholarships, student loan reimbursement and contributions to 529 college savings plans for our staff.



We certify our own staff, so if you don’t have experience, that’s not a hinderance for us. We have made many people who have never officiated a game over the years into great staff.

We run our leagues year round on nights and weekends, so this is not just a seasonal job, but one that will have hours most of the year. 


Here’s what we offer:

  • Underdog’s Educational Program: After working 100 hours in a calendar year, we offer $500 to go towards your choice of:
    • College Tuition
    • Student Loan Debt*
    • Your child’s 529 educational savings plan*

(*a number of vested hours are required before debt or 529 becomes a choice)

  • Flexible Scheduling: You will have the opportunity to block out times and dates where you are not available, and we won’t schedule you for those block outs.

    The number of hours you work is also flexible. Some staff want 4 hours a week, some want 15-20. As long as you’re able to communicate that with us, we’re able to work with your schedule.

  • Games are scheduled on the hour and you will generally get 3-4 games for a weeknight shift and between 3 and 8 games for a weekend shift.
  • Bonuses for continuing referee education
  • The ability to become certified in multiple sports (after your initial sport certification)

What Underdog is Looking for:

  • The ability to communicate and diffuse conflicts
  • The ability to relate to and empathize with our players.
  • We believe that dependability is an ability. If you are not dependable, you will not make it with us.
  • Pride in doing a good job
  • Being able to enjoy facilitating other people’s fun.
  • A solid knowledge of your sports rules
  • You must be over 18 years old

Staff Application

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