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Players of the Game

Sep 11 - Nov 18

Anisa B

Going Hard With A Rubber

Walk off bunt in the bottom of the 7th

Zach S

Where My Pitches At?

Walk off kick

Kytoosh S

Going Hard With A Rubber

Several RBI kicks

Jamie N

Ball So Hard

Jamie had a great night and was clearly the vocal leader of the team! She was a tad more locked in t

Jessie R

Gym Class Heroes

Jessie had a catch of the year candidate with a run saving catch in foul territory where she ran int

Christine B


Game ending catch

Kendall H

Ballz Deep - Indy #K14

Walk off

Andrea A

Older Kicks

Good leadership

Peter T

Ballz Deep - Indy #K14

Big double play

Players of the Week

Sep 11 - Nov 18

Bri Hollada

Ball So Hard

Bri came up clutch and really balled so Hard! She had a great kick down the right field line that scored two in the bottom of the seventh to walk it off for her team and send them to the next round of the playoffs! Keep up the great kicking!

Kytoosh Szumowski

Going Hard With A Rubber

In an early tightly contested back and forth game, Kytoosh hammered a ball into the outfield that cleared the bases to give his team the lead. He also added some more solid kicking and a consistent defensive presence throughout the game. I felt Kytoosh was well deserving of POTG and POTW, well done!

Darci Hall

Wednesday Night Lights

Darci was loud and proud as always! She was the vocal leader for the team and backed it up with some solid bunting and stellar defense, helping her team secure the tough victory! Way to go Darci.

Lauren McGinley

Going Hard With A Rubber

Lauren made an incredible diving play to stop what seemed like a for sure base hit. She had the presence of mind to tag the 2nd base for an out and hold the runner at first. Lauren also provided solid kicking and consistent defensive plays throughout the game. Well done Lauren!

Erin Bayley

The Love'm Hug'm Kick'm's

Erin was outstanding on the mound. It took her an inning to settle in, but after the first inning she pounded the zone and only allowed 2 runs for the rest of the game! Keep up the great pitching Erin!

Vern Walczak

Recreational Hazard - Indy #K13

Acting as a teacher, player, captain and everything else that happens during a kickball game, Vern came through with a walk off kick to propel his team to victory. He also helped his team out with solid pitching and a solid defensive performance. Vern definitely stood out to me and I felt he was deserving of POTW!

Kelly Doane

Older Kicks

Kelly loves kickball. It's really as simple as that. First to stick around and sub when needed, Kelly left it all on the field Sunday, with an aggressive slide into 2nd (on Field 2) that had the players over on Field 1 giving applause. Way to get dirty Kelly!

Elena Sias

2 Legit 2 Kick

Elena has a monster day for 2 Legit in their double header evening! She was on base almost every time scoring many runs for the squad. She backed that up with some stellar defense and helped lead the team to two victories!

RaNon Chaussee

Pitch please

It wasn't RaNon's first rodeo out there, and old habits die hard, as shown when Pitch Please got up early, and the "no bunting" call was made. RaNon, after being told directly not to bunt, laid down a beautiful, yet illegal, bunt down the 3rd baseline. With her head hung in shame, she remembered the next time up, kicking a single to shortstop. Sorry for the hard time RaNon, but you deserved it this time!

Evan Amano

The Littlefoots

Despite the L, Evan was all over the place for the littlefoots! Embodying the littlefoot spirit he was happy to lucky for the entire game, both cheering on his own teammates good play but that of his opponent as well! Not to mention he also made a huge difference and was a big part of why his team was in the game with his stellar defense on the mound!


Late Fall Kickball at Buckman Field (Artificial Turf) Sundays

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  • Sport: Kickball
  • Format: Co-ed 10's (6M/4W)
  • Locations: Buckman Field Park
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Starts on : Starts on Sunday, December 1

Winter Co-ed Kickball at Portland State (Artificial Turf) Sundays

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  • Sport: Kickball
  • Format: Co-ed 10's (6M/4W)
  • Locations: Portland State Turf Field
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Starts on : Starts on Sunday, January 26
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