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Welcome to the Captain's Corner, your first stop for all things related to being an Underdog Captain. This page is designed to be a resource for answering your questions, clarifying any rules, and providing you the tools you need to empower yourself as a captain.


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First Time Captain? Here's what you need to know:


What sports can I pick from?

We offer 8 different sports throughout the year. Check out the calendar here!


Fall: Flag Football, Indoor Volleyball, Kickball, Dodgeball, Softball, Bowling, and Cornhole

Winter: Flag Football, Indoor Volleyball, Kickball, Dodgeball, Bowling, and Cornhole

Spring: Flag Football, Indoor & Sand Volleyball, Kickball, Dodgeball, Softball, Bowling, and Cornhole

Summer: Flag Football, Grass & Sand Volleyball, Kickball, Dodgeball, Softball, Bocce, and Cornhole


How much does each league cost?

League costs vary from sport to sport and estimated prices can be found here!


Do I need to pay for the team fee when I register?
Nope! Captains only pay a $50-$100 deposit at the time of registration. The remaining balance is due the day after your first game. Once you have a confirmed spot Captains invite teammates via TeamPayer to pay their portion of the fee online before the payment deadline.


What is TeamPayer?

TeamPayer is an easy way for your teammates to pay their portion of the team fee, so you don’t have to! Send emails to your teammates from your player page with the amount due, the player accepts and pays the team fee directly to Underdog, no need for players to dig out their checkbooks to bring to the games. Check out more TeamPayer details here.


How many players do I need for a Team?

Roster sizes can vary from sport to sport but all size and required gender ratios can be found here.


We always suggest that teams have at least one sub of each gender if not more as there will most likely be a time where someone is not able to make it to the game. For example a 6 person team should have 1-2 subs while a 10 person team should have 2 or 3 subs.


Where and when do we play?

When you sign up for a League you pick the location and day of the week you will be playing. Teams will play 6 regular season games plus 1-2 weeks of playoffs at the end of the season.


When will I receive my team's schedule? When will I receive the FULL season schedule? 
The first week schedule is emailed out to captains 5-7 days before the league start date. We only do the first week schedule so that we can take into account team skill level and schedule requests before making the full season schedule, which will be posted 1-2 days after your second game.


What are some easy ways to recruit teammates?
Post to social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter saying that you are looking to sign up and Underdog team. Ask everyone you recruite to do the same, and you'll be surprised by how many people decide to join! You can also send an email out to co-workers asking if any of them or their friends would be interested in joining.  If you are really in a bind feel free to email to see if we have anyone interested in joining your team!


How do I build my roster?

You will want to build your online roster to have all your teammates be eligible for playoffs. Building your roster is done through your player page via TeamPayer. Each player will receive an invite to officially join your team, select a shirt size, and pay their portion of the team fee.


When do I need to sign up by?

Leagues fill on a first come first serve basis so the sooner you sign up the better chances of getting a spot!


What do I need to bring to the league?

It varies by sport. Most equipment is provided but click here to check for your specific sport.


Please do wear athletic shoes and clothing!


Is it possible to make schedule requests?

Yes!  For each game that we are able to accommodate for your schedule request, $5 will added on to your team fee.  If we are unable to accommodate the request, there will be no charge. A schedule request consists of the time, date, or location of your games. Any requests sent in after the full season schedule has been posted will be considered a game change and will be $30 for each change that we are able to accommodate. You can send schedule requests to


Can I create a Company Team?

Several companies in Portland offer to pay for all or part of their employee's league fees. 

Click Here to see which company programs we've worked with.

Or Email us and we'll see about setting up something with your company! 




Opening Day Primer: Read this before opening day


Whether your team is Confirmed or Not Offered, as Captain, here are the most important steps leading up to Opening Day:


1. Roster

You need to build your Roster by sending out invites to your teammates. You need a roster to have a legit team with Underdog, 1-person rosters are not allowed. Make sure you have plenty of extra players on your roster because the first time there is a wedding or someone gets sick or busy, YOU will be the one scrambling! If you exceed the roster cap for your sport, an additional $15 fee will be applied for each player above your roster cap. Your roster locks the day after the Week 2 games, so invite your teammates now!

2. Uniforms

Underdog gives out free team uniforms to everyone on your roster who has ACCEPTED their roster invites in the Underdog system for certain sports. Just inviting people isn’t enough… they need to ACCEPT the invite and confirm their size to receive their uniform on Week 1 of the season.  Here’s more  information regarding uniforms:
3. Payment

As Captain, you are solely responsible for your Team Balance after your first game. One of the best ways to see if someone is truly committed to playing on your team is by asking them to pay their fair share. Use TeamPayer to assign dues, and reduce the Team Balance, to your teammates and collect their money electronically before the season even starts. Feel free to “Over-Assign,” meaning you can assign up to double the Team Balance, however the system will only accept the amount of the league.

For more information regarding TeamPayer, visit:

4. Schedules

We always do a separate Week 1 schedule and then a Full Season Schedule (Week 2 and beyond). Get us your schedule requests before the Full Season Schedule comes out, otherwise its way too late to accommodate them.  Send all requests to

5. Attendance

You need to make sure your team shows up!! Forfeits are rotten. Use the RSVP Tool that’s built into your Captain’s Panel and request from your players which dates they already know they cannot attend so you can plan on subs to have a full squad all the time. Make sure your players know how to find the league schedule online and know how to use the RSVP Tool!

6. Fun
We try and bring most of the fun, but we can always use your help! If you feel like your team is in the wrong division, if you have an age old beef with another team from back in the Wild West days, or if you just see something that needs our attention, we need your help in letting us know so that we can try to keep the leagues Safe, Fair, and Fun for everyone involved
7. Not Confirmed... Yet
If there is space, we can often add teams after a season has already started, and sometime we can even make up the games you missed with double-headers! If your team really wants to play, don’t assume they can’t just because you missed Week 1 or the season is already underway. If we have space, we will try and get you out there!
As Captain, you are responsible for the creation of your team.  First and foremost, get those invitations out to your teammates so that the Team Balance will reduce AND everyone can edit their uniform size!  Only players who have ACCEPTED your invitation will receive a uniform in the first two weeks of the league!



Team Organization


Confused about Team Uniform policy? Looking to sign up for another league or another sport? Worried about inclement weather scenarios? Follow the links below for information reagarding your organizational concerns.


Team Organization Links


All About Team Uniforms

Signup Calendar

Rainout Policy






Underdog Rules and Regulations


Never heard of Bocce before? Need a refresher on what a flag guard is in Flag Football? Wondering exactly how kickball is played outside of grade school? You've come to the right place. Click on any of the following links for the official Underdog rules and regulations on a sport-by-sport basis.


Rule Outlines and Player Requirements


 Flag Football










Captain's Toolbox


A good captain should always be familiar with his or her tools. The following is a collection of the resources available for an Underdog Captain to use:


TeamPayerThe best way to pay for your Underdog team. To read more about our Team Payment Policy, click here.

Company Kick-In: A list of employers that participate in the Company Kick-In, a program that allows certain employers to pay some or all of your team fees!

Portland Craigslist Activity Partners PageStill looking for teammates? Interested in playing another Underdog sport? Check out the Portland area Craigslist Activity Partners page to identify willing and able participants!

Underdog Portland Facebook PageBrowse Underdog Portland's Facebook page and connect with fellow Underdog players and teams.

Underdog Portland Twitter PageFollow Underdog Portland on Twitter to say up to date on all Underdog news and happenings, and to keep track of Underdog prizes or giveaways.




Underdog FAQ


Do you or your team have a question you didn't find the answer to above? Feel free to consult the Underdog FAQ for helpful informtion concerning Underdog and our policies!