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Players of the Game

Sep 30 - Nov 28

Jessica K

Whoop Dat Kick

Making plays and holding on.....

Jennifer C

Whoop Dat Kick

Running hard

Patrick M

Pitches Be Crazy

Not even here....

Ja' macain' it fun

Rob H

Pitches be Rolling Bunts

slipping and sliding in CF

Amanda B

Ace of Base

Foot catch

Jessica R

Ace of Base

Winning run

Mckenzie E

Drinkers with a kicking problem

Great catches in right field.

Lauren J

Hard Shockers

Super girl making catches in right!

Matt M

Home Team

Amazing game saving catch

Players of the Week

Sep 30 - Nov 28

Derrick Mayberry

Derrick's Leadership and Enthusiasm Leads Hard Shockers to Title

Derrick Mayberry is a great guy. He really embodies the Underdog spirit in the way he comes to the park every week with a smile on his face. Derrick wants to win but it's all about having fun first. He is a great leader for his team and makes the experience fun for everybody... teammates and opponents alike. Keep on smiling Derrick... you're the Week 8 Player of the Week.

Kyle Cooke


In what's turning out to be a renaissance season for w00ks, Kyle Cooke has been a rock on the mound. He not only is adamant about the "low, slow, & straight" mentality of pitching, but he's arguably as good at fielding his position as anyone at Sewallcrest. Multiple times this week, 2 Legit 2 Kick laid down some well placed bunts, only to have Kyle get off the rubber, track the ball down, and fire a strike to 1st to get the runner. Awesome job w00ks!

Travis H

Whoop Dat player/s

Last week of the regular season and it was a soggy one. That didn't stop anyone from having fun or making plays, but maybe it did prevent a few players from showing up. Whoop Dat Kick had 7 make it out, but that was fine with them. Travis was doing what he could for the team. Making some nice catches in the outfield, covering bunts in the infield and staying aggressive on the base paths. Baiting the catcher to throw him out at 3rd, he pulled a fast one, outsmarting and hustling to score. Nice work team, even though it ended in a loss. Way to play Whoop Dat!

Adam Eury

Doing it all

First game of the night and thou they didn't score any runs, a pitches were playing a heck of a game. Defense was the name of this game as Adam was all over, making p,aye at short stop. Getting everything that came his way, he was throwing out kickers. Making the play of the night, turning a double play, by stepping on 2nd and getting the runner out at first! Adding a few catches, he was making plays. Nice game.

Bryce Fowler

All hustle

Starting off the day right, behind the mound, Bryce was making plays. Shutting down the bunts, he was getting the kickers out throwing to first and peg outs. Filling in for a second game, he continued with his ways. Making he double play of he year, touching home and throwing to first when bases were loaded, he got'em out of a jam. Nice playing and way to work!

Logan Cardinal

Best Little Scorehouse in Pdx

DJ Logan on 1st! It's rare for Scorehouse to bring a stereo, since they love hearing themselves scream and yell all game long. But, Logan did everyone a solid, and brought out the stereo with mobile control. So when a slow jam came on, Logan was able to bring the funk all the way from 1st. Plus, he gives lots of high fives. SLAP HANDS!

Jesse Austin

Run Forest, Run!

You would believe the amount of running this man did! Jesse kicked a homer almost every time he was up and the only reason for that was because he never stopped at a base, he just kept running! Even when he was close to the ball he would just dodge the throw at him and keep on going. Loves being out there with Underdog Kickball and definitely loves to run. Keep it up and Run Forest, Run!

Paige Teichmann

La Kickaracha

La Kickaracha has had an ace in the hole this season with the pitching of Paige. Fundamentally, she works kickers on both sides of the plate, but more importantly, she plays 7 innings with a smile on her face. Win or lose, Paige is going to roll with the punches, crack jokes and make sure both teams are having a good time.

Brian Joy

Check Out What Pure Joy Looks Like

During Pitch Please's 14-2 victory over the Jamaican Kickball Team on Sunday at Custer Park, Brian crushed a kick to deep left center field. It was, in all honesty, a pretty easy home run... but Brian Joy is a man of action that takes nothing for granted. Mr. Joy hustled around the bases with 110% effort... so much effort that he actually fell down 2/3 of the way down the 3rd base line (there was no play)... and had to crawl to the plate. This level of never settle hustle embodies the true spirit of Underdog Sports Leagues. You can take it easy now Brian... you are the Week 4 Player of the Week! Congratulations!

Naomi Alandt

Kick, Set, Out

It was an amazing play. Drinkers With a Kicking Problem crushed a ball down the third base line. Kevin Grover could just get the tip of his fingers on the ball. With amazing presence of mind, Grover did the only thing he could do to keep the play alive and tipped it up in the air where Naomi Alandt dove as quick as a cat to place her arms between the ball and the ground where the ball landed gently for the out. It was one of the best defensive plays I've seen out there and helped Natural Born Kickers defeat Drinkers With a Kicking Problem on Wednesday night at Westmoreland Park. It's teamwork plays like these that Underdog kickball is all about! Nice job guys!


Winter Co-ed Kickball at Portland State Sunday

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  • Sport: Kickball
  • Format: Co-ed 10's (6M/4W)
  • Locations: Portland State Turf Field
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Starts on : Starts on Sunday, January 10
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