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Players of the Game

Sep 13 - Oct 8

Brian G

Winners, Losers + Boozers

Mr strikeout

Vibol B


Old man pitching

Ty F

Hard Shockers

One good hammy

Justin N


Red headed cyborg?

Audrey G

Best Little Scorehouse in Pdx

Great catching

Tiff H


Patroling CF



Cannon arm

Carlie H

Back up off my Pitches!

So much asthma

Chelsea D

Wyld Stallions

Big boots

Sheldon J

smashing pumpkins

Big kicks

Players of the Week

Sep 13 - Oct 8

Paige Teichmann

La Kickaracha

La Kickaracha has had an ace in the hole this season with the pitching of Paige. Fundamentally, she works kickers on both sides of the plate, but more importantly, she plays 7 innings with a smile on her face. Win or lose, Paige is going to roll with the punches, crack jokes and make sure both teams are having a good time.

Brian Joy

Check Out What Pure Joy Looks Like

During Pitch Please's 14-2 victory over the Jamaican Kickball Team on Sunday at Custer Park, Brian crushed a kick to deep left center field. It was, in all honesty, a pretty easy home run... but Brian Joy is a man of action that takes nothing for granted. Mr. Joy hustled around the bases with 110% effort... so much effort that he actually fell down 2/3 of the way down the 3rd base line (there was no play)... and had to crawl to the plate. This level of never settle hustle embodies the true spirit of Underdog Sports Leagues. You can take it easy now Brian... you are the Week 4 Player of the Week! Congratulations!

Naomi Alandt

Kick, Set, Out

It was an amazing play. Drinkers With a Kicking Problem crushed a ball down the third base line. Kevin Grover could just get the tip of his fingers on the ball. With amazing presence of mind, Grover did the only thing he could do to keep the play alive and tipped it up in the air where Naomi Alandt dove as quick as a cat to place her arms between the ball and the ground where the ball landed gently for the out. It was one of the best defensive plays I've seen out there and helped Natural Born Kickers defeat Drinkers With a Kicking Problem on Wednesday night at Westmoreland Park. It's teamwork plays like these that Underdog kickball is all about! Nice job guys!

Alexander Jones

On his horse...

What a day for kickball and it couldn't have started out much better ever. Kickasaurus and Kick James had a heck of a game. Both sides making plays and scoring runs, but it took an extra inning to finish. Alex was making plays in the OF and making sure the runners didn't advance. Catching balls and pegging runners, he had shutdown D. Adding hustle on he bases he scored and kick a couple runs in. Nice game!

Brad Howes

Stranger Danger - Indy #K14

Brad was an outstanding player and a great pitcher for Stranger Danger! Very nice guy and has incredible sportsmanship, he's also got a great leg. With that great leg he was able to get on base and eventually get booted into home to score the winning run. Fun guy to watch and fun team to watch as well, they all just really enjoy having fun and playing kickball!

Sean Bucknam

Kicking Sunday Mass

The triumphant "Kicking Sunday Mass returns to Sewallcrest" season is in full swing, and Sean Bucknam did some double duty this week during a doubleheader. In game 1, Sean was battling the sun out in CF, catching no fewer than 10 fly balls in a win over Pitches Be Rolling Bunts. In Game 2, Sean returned to where most Sewallcrest players are used to seeing him, on the mound, mixing speeds, and pitching an awesome game. Two up, two down for Kicking Sunday Mass, and they help bring some of the fun back to Sewallcrest!

Matt Cash

Ballin for kicks

In one of the most heads up plays all season, Matt made a spectacular play from center field. With a kicked single the base runner took a turn at first base. The base runner thinking the play was over, Matt came sprinting from Center field with the ball in hand. With a slow walk back to 1st, Matt made a rocket throw to hit the runner out at the last moment from a good 15 yards away! Sweet play!

Mel Horton

Not crawling but falling

Starting out against Indy and down four runs, All these pitches crawl wasn't worried. Mel was helping lead the way, getting on base, scoring runs and kicking some in as well. Defense was her biggest contribution though. Catching pop flies at first and turning a double play, Mel was doing it. She was hustling and making plays, even if her feet got taken out from under her... Nice game!

Taylor Dahlgren

The Alcoballics

Talk about an impressive come-back! After trailing the majority of the game, The Alcoballics mounted a massive come-back in the bottom of the 7th inning. This was capped off by none other than Taylor D's 2-run kick to secure the victory. For a moment, we thought her team was going to carry her on their shoulders into the sunset...but maybe another day!

Zach Crofton

kicksaurus: The A is silent

Zach is a great kickball player but also a lot of fun to ref. He is always in a great mood and is constantly making both teams and myself laugh and have a good time. Its always nice to have a player that can crack jokes and make the games even more fun.

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