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Why Underdog Kickball?

Why Underdog Kickball?

Underdog offers 21+ Co-ed Recreational Kickball Leagues for 6-7 weeks plus playoffs for qualifying teams!  


Registration includes:

  • Team Uniforms
  • Practice ball
  • Trained Umpires
  • Team webpage with team photo, game by game record, and standings
  • Unique game schedule based on team's skill level
  • Season is 6-7 weeks of 60 minute/7 inning games (whichever comes first)
  • Premier fields throughout the greater Portland
  • Sponsor Bars for post game celebrations


Play with 10 in the field (minimum 7 players) with at least 3 of each gender for a legal team. Don't stress about the Team Balance by assigning TeamPayer dues to your teammates.


Sign up solo or with a small group by registering as Individuals!


Players of the Game

Aug 9 - Sep 22

Collin M

Skip and Go Naked

Catcher extraordinaire

Jackie M

Gym Class Heroes

Great catches and scrunchy

Jackie M

Gym Class Heroes

Great plays at home

Asa P

Winners, Losers + Boozers

Game ending throw

sophia s

Natural Born Kickers

Playing sick

sophia s


Playing sick

Sujana S

Bad News Bankers 3.0

Great body shot on a player standing on 3rd base

Anna D


Great kicks

Daniel K

The Portland Llamas

Game ending play

Players of the Week

Aug 9 - Sep 22

Kieran McDonagh

La Kickaracha

After a few seasons away overseas, Kieran made his return to Sewallcrest, and didn't disappoint. Rotating all over the field, Kieran showed off his cannon arm, his monster leg, and his blazing speed. if only there were a fence he could kick it over...

Randall Chang

Where My Pitches At?!

First game of the season and most of the Pitches where there. Randall made it and he was ready to play. Playing different positions, he was making plays from the mound and field. Adding some big kicks and hustle, all on a sore foot. That didn't stop him or the rest of the Pitches. Keeping it going thru the second game of the double header, he had a nice day. Keep it up.

Charles Nolan

2 Legit 2 Kick

This week's award goes to Charles for his outstanding play and sportsmanship. Despite playing back-to-back games, Charles displayed a tremendous amount of energy and effort. After making outs at each base, he would high five his teammates on the other end of the play, and encourage his team in other ways as well. His pitching wind up was also something that everyone enjoyed watching, which is just another reason Charles is this week's Player of the Week.

Jacob Portra

Booze on First - Indy #K7

This week's award goes to Jacob for his outstanding play and effort. Jacob did everything in his power to help his team advance in the playoffs. His kicking ability and fielding skill helped keep his team in the close game all the way to the end. Jacob recorded an immense amount of outs with humbleness, a well deserved POTW.

Jane Wiley

4th Base

First night of playoffs and 4th base came ready to score. Not only scoring but they were having fun while doing it. Ladies were dancing and shaking in the field, dugout and box. Jane was on it with the moves, plays and smiles. Getting on base, waiving to the team and continuing to hustle. They made it all the way in my book. Nice season team.

Ricky Granquist


Despite back to back games, Ricky played extremely well while maintaining a robust level of intensity. Between the two games that were played, Ricky must have recorded over a dozen outs, both on the fly and on the force. Many of his plays in the field were crucial toward his team's pursuit of victory, which ultimately earned him the POTW award.

Kevin Thomas

Full Throttle: Charlie's Angels 2

Player of the week goes to Kevin Thomas for extraordinary play and effort. Kevin made a number of great catches that kept his team in the game. In combination with his kicking record and 100% effort, Kevin was unmatched in terms of determination to win the championship game. A well deserved player of the week.

Jarvis Schuckman


This week's award goes to Jarvis for his great play and teamwork! Jarvis came out with great intensity and enthusiasm, which spread throughout the defense. Making various plays on the field in spite of rotating to different positions, Jarvis proved to be an important piece to his team.

Megan Aguon

Kickball Team

Last game of the regular season and Kickball Team were ready and motivated, even if they had 7 players. Covering the field as much as 7 can, nice plays were made. Megan had the play of the night, fielding a hard line kick at second, regrouping and making a close peg out to get the runner at 1st. Even better was the reaction. Nice work!

Maylannee Laird

To Kick a Mockingbird

Maylannee was a huge asset to her team this week. Her ability to get on base in addition to a number of great catches, proved to be a crucial factor in helping her team to victory. Maylannee displayed a lot of passion and encouragement for her team, often standing behind the fence at home plate rooting on her team's kicker. Maylannee's player ability and enthusiasm ultimately earned her this week's POTW award.

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