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   Wednesdays - August 28th



   Sundays - September 8th


Buckman (Turf Field)

   Sundays - December 1st

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Why Underdog Kickball?

Why Underdog Kickball?

Underdog offers 21+ Co-ed Recreational Kickball Leagues for 6-7 weeks plus playoffs for qualifying teams!  


Registration includes:

  • Team Uniforms
  • Practice ball
  • Trained Umpires
  • Team webpage with team photo, game by game record, and standings
  • Unique game schedule based on team's skill level
  • Season is 6-7 weeks of 60 minute/7 inning games (whichever comes first)
  • Premier fields throughout the greater Portland
  • Sponsor Bars for post game celebrations


Play with 10 in the field (minimum 7 players) with at least 3 of each gender for a legal team. Don't stress about the Team Balance by assigning TeamPayer dues to your teammates.


Sign up solo or with a small group by registering as Individuals!


Players of the Game

Aug 13 - Aug 25

Gaby S

Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle

For a crucial out in the 7th to secure their win

Anthony R

C&C Kickball Factory


Garrett C

Both Teams Played Hard

With the bobble catches

Cory E

We Got the Runs

For catch

Josh L

float kids

With the cross diamond sniper

Hau P

float kids

Homer Hau (the real MVP)

Haleigh W

Help Wanted

Big HR

Carl F

Biyeee Week

Big plays

Kevin G

We've Caught Worse

Walk off

Players of the Week

Aug 13 - Aug 25

Lila Schreiber

Girthy Plays PoTW

Lila had an awesome day out on the field playing multiple positions with good hands and heads up play. Lila was also on point up to bat with a plethora of strategies to attack the ball. Well done!

Haleigh Wojciechowski

Help Wanted

Haleigh continued her monster season this week, by locking down 1st base (as usual), laying down some nasty bunts (again as usual), but when Help Wanted got up big and the ladies had to kick away, she showed off a massive boot, launching a deep home run to left field. All around amazing game Haleigh!

Lisa Johnston-Smith

Grand Jams

Lisa displayed exemplary sportsmanship and was a pleasure to play amongst. Great job Lisa!

Hygie Ordono

United Nations

Fielding a strong shortstop, and booting some of the hardest kicks I've seen in awhile, Hygie propelled his team to a first place finish. Trailing early in the game, Hygie booted a ball towards right center that got in between the defenders. This cleared the bases and propelled United Nations to a scoring frenzy. I felt as though Hygies play was well deserving of POTW, great job!

Nick Colton

Honey Badgers

Nick is a great all around player. He only gave up three runs in the championship game, making numerous plays off the mound. He also loves to get on base. Congrats on the win Nick!

Ellie Cox PoTW

C&C Kickball Factory

Ellie steps up to bat and is cool as the other side of the pillow. Ice running through her veins as she can kick, bunt, chip, dink, dunk and do just about anything she wants with a kickball. She also showed some great team spirit and a willingness to help others. Thanks Ellie, you and the kickball factory contribute to making Underdog Funderdog.

Jesse Lamm

The Toe Jammers - Indy #K6

Jesse is the definition of a leader. He is one of the best players on the team, always pitching great and kicking balls to the outfield. On top of that, he always makes sure that his team is prepared situationally. Without his leadership, this run could have been a lot tougher for the toe jammers. Hats off to Jesse!

Matthew Haglund

Where My Pitches At?

Matt was described by players as a courageous leader, who plays hard through personal pains! Matt played despite having some ankle pain, to help his team score their runs. He made some great plays in the field, keeping their defense strong. Matt kept a positive attitude and supported his teammates through a tough game! Great job Matt!

Christopher PEARCEY


Chris displayed awesome sportsmanship, hustle, and positive attitude. He also made some sick plays on defense! Great job!

Gabrielle Mueller

Can We Kick It? PoTW

Leading the charge in an exciting game that none are soon to forget, Gabrielle might not have had the best performance in Rock Paper Scissors, but the rest of her game was solid as a rock, as multi use as paper, and dangerous like scissors. Nice job, the whole team can absolutely kick it!


Fall Rookie/Softcore Kickball at Peninsula Park Sundays

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  • Sport: Kickball
  • Format: Co-ed 10's (6M/4W)
  • Locations: Peninsula Park
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Starts on : Starts on Sunday, September 8

Fall Softcore Kickball at Westmoreland Wednesdays

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Late Fall Kickball at Buckman Field (Artificial Turf) Sundays

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  • Sport: Kickball
  • Format: Co-ed 10's (6M/4W)
  • Locations: Buckman Field Park
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Starts on : Starts on Sunday, December 1
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