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Players of the Game

Feb 5 - Feb 18

Melissa S

99 Problems

savage receiving skills all game long

Ryan W

Alcoholics Anonymous

now that's how you pressure a quarterback

Michael S

Safely Blitzed

Something to tell his grandchildren



kept the chains moving on offense

James C

Alcoholics Anonymous

bum ankle not slowing him down today!

Jackie M

Gym Class Heroes

Excellent pitching

Kyle S

Kool Runnings

Actually ran today

Gabe B

New Kicks on the Block

Nice hit with his leg

Andrew G

Kick @$$ - Indy #K1

3 RKI Home Run

Players of the Week

Feb 5 - Feb 18

Liz Froment is Unhittable Wednesday Night

Snoop Dodgy Dodge - Indy #D1

Liz Froment did everything humanly possible in Snoop Dodgy Dodge's big win. It was as though she was allergic to the ball. She always seemed to be one of the last players standing and helping her team earn the 6-2 victory. Liz was dodging, dipping, ducking, and diving the entire night. What an incredible effort!

Marce Shook

The Volley Lama

What better way to celebrate your birthday than to be playing volleyball with your awesome team?! Not to mention the fact that a birthday balloon and headbands that all talk about how cool you are were involved. Oh and you can't forget the birthday crown and headband that says QUEEN across the top! All of that followed by an awesome hour of some long rallies and scrappy plays to fight for each point! The scores may have been close but the birthday girl and her team walked off the court that night with a 3-0 game! Happy birthday Marce! Hope your day was as magical as those awesome plays you served up! And congrats on being the player of the week!

Stephany Eikanas

Ball Busters

Volleyball is a "no contact" sport but that doesn't make it any less difficult or dangerous! Just ask Stephany! As the competition was heating up the plays became more and more intense. Teams fighting to take points. Stephany in her position, down and ready to get scrappy, got hit with the unexpected.. a ball straight to the face... once? twice? lost count? talk about taking one for the team! The shock of being hit smack in the face by a spike(s) from the other team wasn't enough to knock her off her game! She continued to get down and scrappy the whole night and it paid off because her team took home a 2-1 win! Congrats on being player of the week Stephany!

Stephanie Alleman


The big moment happened before Dinkheads could hit the floor. St. Charles was under water after a ball was served with extreme permission at an open water bottle. Stephanie jumped into action and rushed to grab paper towels to help clean it up. The game must go on! As the games progressed Stephanie's serves got harder, her sets got more accurate and she was reading the court with ease. Good job Stephanie on an great game all around.

Brett Babir

Notorious DIG

Brett the Beast! This guy was killin it on the court tonight and got major props from both his teammates and the competing team. His placement was impressive, aiming for the holes on the court and deep in the corners. not only were Brett's spikes were on fire, but his hustle really carried the team. Great job tonight Brett!

Krystle Coombes

Off Constantly

The rare Week 2 opening day happened this week for Off Constantly, a veteran team with a shining new star: Krystle Coombes. Krystle stepped to the plate like she had played 100 games before, laying down some textbook bunts, and giving the heavy kickers runners to work with. Great first day Krystle!

Brad McCoy

I’d Tip That - Indy #V4

… He came in like a wrecking ball They never hit the floor so hard All they wanted was to dig your spikes All you ever did was break free Yeah, you kill digs … You jump so high up in the sky And now, you’re not coming down You slowly turned, above the net to let them burn And now, they lay on the ground … He came in like a wrecking ball They never hit the floor so hard All they wanted was to dig your spikes All you ever did was break free Yeah, you kill digs

Alex Bretthauer

Alex Helps Secure Win for Dodgey Style

Alex helps Dodgey Style seal the victory with an incredible diving catch. In a game where most would have thought Dodgey Style would win, Not In The Face put up an incredible fight. With the match tied up 2 games a-piece, Alex came in clutch with a diving catch. We all know that a catch is the ultimate momentum swing in dodgeball. Dodgey Style held on for the victory and keep pace in the league standings. Nice job, Alex!

Laura Rotterdam

Indy #V11

Teams at even sets 1-1. Fighting in the third game, Laura was not about to let anything get past her. The ball got passed across the court almost into the other court so Laura, full speed ahead, gets there with a last ditch effort to steal that point for her team. Reaching out she just popped it all the way back into the game, just barely clearing the net. It caught their opponents by such surprise that the ball just hits the floor before anyone really processes the play that they had just witnessed! It was followed by cheers from both sides because how could you not cheer on such an incredible play?! Awesome first night of the season and congrats on being player of the week Laura!

Gabrielle Gulczynski

Nice Tips

Gabrielle Gulczynski from Nice Tips is Player of the Week! She went for every ball and had amazing sets to her outside and opposite hitters. Her hands were like butter. Congratulations to Gabrielle!