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Players of the Game

Apr 10 - Apr 20

Andrew A

Honey Nut Ichiros

Superb pitching kept the master batters at bay!

Joe d

Bats Hit Crazy!!

Home run!

Hieu K

Baby Got Bats

Captain of the ship made the adjustments needed to win!!!

Jessica S

Big Pink

Grand slam!!?!

Susan H

Cross Fit Dingers

The manager managed to bring out the grit to win this game in the bottom of the 7th!!!

Skyler W

Sets on Sets on Sets

Great ups!

Elsa M

How I set your mother

Nice sliding save under net

Erin W

Block Party

Defense supreme!

Rude Jude with those sets though!

Everyone was so kind and chose each other as players of the game. It was a beautiful moment.

Players of the Week

Apr 10 - Apr 20

Susan Henderson

Cross Fit Dingers

Captain o’ captain keeping this ship heading in the right direction. Fun group, competitive and good sportsmanship !!!

Michaela McNairy Leads the Way to Perfection

Random sets

Random Sets left nothing on the floor during Thursday Midcore semis and championship games. And Michaela McNairy made sure of that. Random Sets were ready for victory with Michaela getting the job done on all sides of the court. From fabulous leaping service to rock solid blocks on defense, she was exceptional in every way. Her leadership is empowering and her squad delivered with precision setting and pounding kills first against Sets on Sets on Sets in the semis and again versus Block Party in the finals. And Michaela was the force that brought it all together. Congrats to her and Random Sets on taking the USL Thursday Midcore crown at St. Charles!

Katie Murphy


Hard angles and great throws, made the most impact on the games!!

Catching Anything & Everything

Kaitlyn & Pump Squad Ball Out

Pump Squad may have been playing in their first game, but they were anything but subdued. Led by Kaitlyn's two spectacular catches in right field, Pump Squad was animated all night. A great atmosphere and two great plays capped off an awesome first game!

Bob Goman

I'd Hit That! PoTW

No love lost between Bob and the ball this week. Bob cranked out two homeruns this week. Is it the protein? The pushups? Or is it the positivity?

Jamie Libera

Jamie Libera Knows No Bounds

And when it comes to playoff time, Jamie REALLY knows no bounds or limits because she'll go to any length to ensure the victory. Her service was impeccable throughout the night beginning with a semifinal matchup vs. Premarital Sets. She easily had 8-9 consecutive service points in one of the sets and was stellar on the defensive end as well with a few intense volleys and crafty ups. Moving into the championship game vs. CC7D, Jamie led her team Shaggin Balls to victory continuing her fierce service and solid defense. Her energy is boundless and there's nobody more deserving from Tuesday night Midcore Championship than Jamie Libera for POTW!

Josh George

NetGains X, Still Winners

Josh showed up tonight ready to use his head. And not to think. But to defends spikes! Well played

Chris Blumthal

Lava Sharks

There always seems to be one of those "did that really just happen!" plays in an Underdog football season that leaves the players, refs and fans in awe of the flag football awesomeness that particular player displayed on the field. Chris Blumthal of Lava Sharks, a gentle giant whom most would assume by his stature made his home as an offensive lineman in high school, showcased his inner Odell Beckam Jr. stick 'em like hands and nifty footwork in their game against Cuddle Closet Redux. A pass that most thought would sail out of the endzone was snatched by Chris one-handed out of mid-air, secured to his body and held tight for a touchdown and he tumbled to the ground. Even though his team came up short on the scoreboard at the end of the game, both teams agreed this was one of those catches not seen too often on the hallowed ground of Griswold Stadium. Amazing catch Chris and congrats on being Player of the Week!

Martin Hulth

I'd Hit That!

Becoming the focus of the opposition, and bringing the his game every week!!!

Chris Whytock is the Unanimous Choice!

shaggin balls

When it comes to winning, Chris Whytock of Shaggin Balls knows all about it. He not only wins games with his amazing athletic ability, but he wins the admiration of all who witness what he can do. And he does it all with his teammates on Shaggin Balls especially when it's playoff time in Midcore Tuesdays at St. Charles. Coming in as the #2 seed, Shaggin Balls was ready for advancing in the bracket and Chris led the charge. With all out ferocious blocking and never missing a serve, he was solid as a rock at any position in the rotation. Winning in three sets, Chris was nominated by his teammates for POTW and his talent won't quit. Watch out next week - Chris'll be ready for the semis!