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Players of the Game

Sep 11 - Sep 22

Adam C

Sets on Fire - Indy #V37

Power serves

Mike I

All about that ace

Scoring points for a big comeback!

Camille S

Indy #V38

Good digs

Carl R

Joy of Sets

He hits it hard

Katelyn P

Indy #V47

Hitting and Serving

Matthew M

Ace Inhibitors

Continuous serves in a row!!

Morgan - helping us out

Angela F

Nice Aces

She rocks

Kyle A

Serves & Perves

Lefty hits

Teamwork makes the dream work

Players of the Week

Sep 11 - Sep 22

Sofie Hatch's One-Armed Attack

We Will Win Digly Gets a Great Assist by Flawless Serving

After missing Week 1 with a bye, We Will Win Digly came more than ready to start their fall season at St. Charlie's. And what a match they played behind Sophie Hatch's magical serving technique. Without any faults or errors, she had an incredible number of points with her nifty one-armed serves. She's so quick with the toss and punch and the ball barely skims over the net which makes it tricky for defensive returns. The Diglys came out with guns blazing by defeating Indy #38 three games to zero. Cheered on by Sophie's adorable baby son, Mama showed the little guy her stuff not only with service but great attacking moves. Her one-armed style was key in a deciding win for the Diglys and a great way to launch their season.

Natalie Galvan Delivers the Knockout Punch

Toto Isn't in Kansas Anymore and Takes Charge at St. Charles

Toto had a big night of double header play with a total of six games vs. both E True Volleywood Story and Take a Hit. They masterfully rose to the occasion behind Natalie Galvan's incredible performance. Just when their opponent seemed to gain momentum, POW!, Natalie pounded back with a fantastic and strong service delivery. She put the defense in a "duck and cover" mode because she serves with such a force. Her defense was on point as well with great blocking at net and perfection setting for her teammates. And to top it off, her effort to go all out over six games scores her POTW honors. Toto took 5 out of 6 sets with the help of Natalie's kickass night.

Shala Schultz

Setting Ducks

Shala Shultz is so great because she is always smiling and she does such an awesome job out on the court :) She has nice low deep serves and is a good team player! Keep up the amazing playing Shala!!

Caroline Smith

Too Legit

Caroline was a true X-factor serving in her game this week. Proving the old adage that some people just have “it,” Caroline was on another level during his/her game. In a stunning performance, Caroline outran, outjumped, and outperformed the competition, which paved the way for breakaway point score, serving a St. Charles record number of aces in a row. For gracing all in attendance with his/her natural athletic ability, Caroline is our Player of the Week. Congratulations!

narayan Siva

moovel team

Narayan Siva is this weeks player of the week! He is a great team leader as captain and always has a positive attitude :) Narayan also subbed for a third hour team in need! His net play was awesome and he had very nice passes! Good work Narayan!!

Kellen Klein

Jort Report

Kellen's Jort Report was locked in battle with Yur's Sunday in a rainy affair with the feeling of fall in the air. The persistent wind and rain didn't stop either team from pilling up runs, as both continuously traded crooked numbers on the scoreboard. Despite leading for the majority of the game, Jort Report momentarily fell behind as Yur's rallied from a large early deficit to take a one-run lead heading into the final frame. In their last at-bat, Meghan reached base on an off-the-end-of-the-bat squibber, before Kellen stepped up and crushed a game-winning home run to deep centerfield. Clutch hitting Kellen!

Alfredo Melendez - Holy Canoli!!

Michael and Friends

Obviously a friend of Mike's, Fredo could not be stopped this evening. His vacuum like glove impressed at short stop while he followed up great fielding with powerful hitting and a smooth stroke. keeeyaaahhh!

Krista Kahmann Knows No Bounds

Sets on Sets on Sets Opening Day on Fire

Sets on Sets on Sets (SOSOS) - the "so-sos"? blew the roof off of Opening Day at St. Charles on Thursday night. Led by this week's firecracker POTW, Krisa Kahmann, SOSOS battled a fiercely competitive crew in Sets on the Beach, with Krista brilliantly playing any position on court to perfection. She dove, she bumped, she assisted, she served, she BLOCKED so effectively that it was hard to keep track of all the amazing things she did to score victory for SOSOS by a 2-1 game margin. What we really admired and appreciated was her tenacity on defense as it didn't matter at all where the ball went, Krista followed and returned or set. Way to start off the fall indoor season with bringing your very best - congrats Krista!

Brooks Schaener

Brooks Please!

Brooks made some unreal plays this evening. His glove was a magnet for the ball as he sprung almost yards into the air to snag a line drive. Then he added a an unassisted double play. He could not be stopped!

Nikkey Cardema

eROIALs starting off with a bang!

Nikkey earns player of the week for his impressive fielding...but especially for his two HUGE homeruns. One laser shot got out in a hurry and the second which put his team on top was a towering drive. Winner winner chicken dinner!