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     Thursdays - February 25th

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Players of the Game

May 21 - May 28

Matt B

Sassy Sasquatches

Nice line drive catches and pitching!!

Joshua E


He hit it far!

George S

Ice Cold Pitchers

Amazing diving stop and great plays at shortstop!!

Robbi R


Cause she is awesome!

Ryan H


Base-clearing home run!!

Amanda N

Sets on the Beach

Stellar Serving!

Shane E

2 Boyds, 1 Shotz

High Jumping Kills!

Mike I. - Diving Defense!

Doug H

Let's talk about sets, baby

Sinister Sets!

Players of the Week

May 21 - May 28

Mike Chowdhury


Mike helped Leftovers grind out a 9-7 win over Dark Horse from the mound, before immediately returning to the pitching circle to lead his team to a 29-5 win over Ice Cold Pitchers and a spot in the championship game. Not only did Mike pitch the majority of the innings in back-to-back games, but he also came through at the plate, consistently finding ways to get on base and hit extra base hits. His enthusiasm and dedication make him a perfect choice for Player of the Week.

Shane Eschman

2 Boyds, 1 Shotz

This guy has got the highest jumping kills I've ever seen! Every time he was spiking he was like 5 feet above the net when he was spiking the ball and they very well could have been the hardest ones I've ever seen! He was also all over the court for defense, including one all out diving pancake to save the ball and win the point! Keep it up Shane and good luck in the Championships!

Jesse Wood

Sex, Politics & Kickball...Ok maybe just Sex!

Always ready to play and wicked in some form or fashion Jesse keeps it interesting on the field. Making plays from the mound and striking kickers out was what the team needed. Adding some big kicks and runs only furthered his game play. Nice games and way to have fun while doing it. Congrats on a big win.

Stephanie Lundin

The Strays

100% is a term which aptly describes The Strays's Stephanie Lundin, 'cause that's how much she gives week in and week out. But this week she earns USL's POTW because she gave 150% (or even 200%!). We had to use a calculator to keep track of how many times she hit the floor for incredible diving moves. Stephanie flat out killed it in effort vs. Sportland by sending hard serves to their defense and aggressively attacking whatever volleys came her way. Her passionate play was so effective in inspiring her teammates, that momentum swayed their way as they came back with a Game 3 victory after Sportland won the first two. We'll have whatever Stephanie is having, 'cause her energy and enthusiasm are undeniable - congrats!

Sarah Foster

Taste The Rainbow

Showing up a little after start time, Sarah was ready to play without a warm up, jumping right in. Getting the music going first, then volleyball. Making plays throughout both of their matches, serving tuff and having fun, she had a heck of a night. Adding her dance moves and positive attitude it was fun to watch. Nice matches! Keep having fun and playing well.

Aaria Tavazoie


This week Aaria stole the night with her awesome efforts and great saves. Aaria was ready for what ever came her way, even the tips that the other team thought they could sneak by her, she was there with the diving save to send it back to them for the point. The Volley-Brawlers are in their Sophomore season at Wok's and they are ready for a great season of sand. Aaria and the team will be tough to beat this season!

Rachel Frennea

Scared Hitless

Scared Hitless opening up the night with a do or die situation against Balls Deep. Rachel was making nice plays throughout talking, serving and passing it up. Her game continued after they won the first match as she aced a few and had a sweet one arm save. Great job. Nice matches and season Hitless!

Horton Beirne

Serves You Right

Player of the week got to Horton B of Serves you right, for a little bit of luck and but alot of hard work. All season Horton has been playing tough along side his teammates of Serves You Right but a little bit of luck with a power bump that missed all of the ceiling rafters from one corner for the court to the other. Both teams watched it land in and earn the point for Serves You Right. It was an all round great night for Horton and Serves you right, they had a tough opponent but they kept with it. Great work Horton and Team!

Patrick Meadows

Pitches Be Crazy

What a stand up guy! Patrick played the first game of the day then he ended up staying and being a sub for like the next 3 games after that to help some teams out! But that's not it... It was a fairly rainy day so Patrick brought a canopy to stay dry and ended up leaving it up for almost the next 4 games and he even left for about an hour and left it to the team that was there then later came back to pick it up. Every team was thanking him up and down, couldn't meet a better guy on or off the field! Keep up the Underdog spirit Patrick!

Andrew Lui


Player of the game this week goes to...Andrew Lui. Huge hits in both of his performances. His defense was also on point. Some amazing plays at third base. Throwing people out at first and catching line drives. It was an epic performance!