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Players of the Game

Feb 7 - Feb 22

Jenna B

Shady 2.0

For killing it!

Molly T

Spike Club

For laying out for the dig.

Jesus F

Torn Ligaments

For solid volleyball action, even though he was late ;)

Jen F


Phenomenal serves!!!

Whole team effort!!

Alexander L

Bump Up the Jam

Learned how to spike!!

Luke! for being awesome, and new to the team.

Sarah J

Inappropriate Touches

Big hustler!!

The entire team!!!

Dustin M

Dat Utter Team

1 INT, 1 TD, 15 flag pulls.

Players of the Week

Feb 7 - Feb 22

Mark Goerke Brings a Party of Blocks

Block Party Joins St. Charles' Thursday Midcore Lineup

With only four players available on opening night at St. Charles Midcore League, Block Party knew they needed to have everyone on board and in sync. Enter Mark Goerke, who took that message seriously and performed magnificently throughout the game. Fierce and forceful, Mark navigated his way to grab digs and saves to keep the volleys going. HIs enthusiasm and spirit were more than enough to keep his teammates energized and his service was exact and powerful. Way to bring it with a small crew, Mark - you more than made up for lack of a full squad!

Michael Meza


With a team of 4 Michael made the most of it serving the lights out and strong at the net!

Tony Frey

Tony Frey Has A Night!

Cathy was missing from her Jugheads along with several other teammates on Tuesday night at St. Charles, but Tony Frey more than made up for lack of bodies on the court. Along with Kevin, Vanessa and Jess, the Jugheads were four players and Tony more than made up for the remaining people who weren't able to be there. He has an uncanny way of knowing where to cut and dig. This results into a lot of defensive saves that look next to impossible! Tony is all about dependability and consistency, and even though the Jugheads lost their match in three sets to CC7D, Tony is credited for keeping their energy up with his great attitude. He had plenty of game left in him and volunteered to sub for the Indy #5 team in the next match. Go Tony!

Melissa McKernan

Block and Awe

On occasion, sports offer a platform for an athlete to transcend the competition and the game played. Such was the case when Melissa of Block and Awe transcended volleyball with her perfect pancake! In a fierce round of volley, Block and Awe turned to Melissa when they were nearing the end of a play. Time and time again, Melissa answered the call, recording numerous saving digs along the way. The key moment came in the third round, when Melissa dove to the ground with a perfectly flat outstretched hand that hit the ball just at the right second before it was too late. For her incredible performance, Melissa is our Player of the Week! Congratulations!

Heather Anderson

Its Hard Bump Life

Team effort, it was truly hard to pick just one from this team!!!! Champs

Lacey Blair

Tight winter muffs

During the one game with some sunshine, and some warmth, Lacey tore up the base paths, scoring multiple runs, and legging out some well placed bunts. Always smiling, Lacey kept her team smiling and was pivotal in helping Tight Winter Muffs stay on the right side of the scoreboard.

Sets on Sets on Skyler Whitley

Sets on Sets on Sets

Sklyer Whitley is the most enthusiastic captain we've seen at USL volleyball in a long time. Captain Skyler knows how to motivate his team Sets on Sets on Sets with energy galore but especially when it's playoff time. Thursday Midcore semifinals found Skyler and company battling it out with Bump Up the Jam for the honor of playing in the finals later in the evening. The Sets had their mojo working along with Skyler's coaching to come out on top of the Jam, three sets to zip to move them into the finals vs. How I Set Your Mother. Skyler was all over the court in that match, but his best asset is at net with the most gentle of tips perfectly placed where no man or woman could reach on defense. The end result was a victory in three sets and another championship for Captain Skyler and the Sets (on Sets on Sets)!

Meghan Sells

Bag o’ Digs

Meghan always brings the mad serves! Bag of dogs fun is a contagious!!!!

Bryce Hutchinson

Hella Cereal

Everyone likes playing with and against Bryce. Most players enjoy hitting him with their balls. Great sportsmanship and fun to be around.

Nathan Andress

Subtle and Awesome

Shout outs to Nathan from the Valley Lama! Nathan led his team as they played a double header, and came out as division champions. Nathan has great bumps, and has an uncanny ability to place the ball just where the opponent is least suspecting. He crushes teams with his serves and was a huge contributor to the success of his team in the playoffs. Way to go Nathan!