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Players of the Game

Jun 19 - Jun 26

Aaron G

Free Ballers

Great hustle and outfield catches!

Jessie N

Oh, You Stupid Pitch!

Killer at bat dance moves!

Brian B

Pitches Be Crazy

Great catcher skills and awesome home run!


Butts and Gutts

Great pitching all day!

Brooke A

We Got the Runs

Big kicks

Jenny B

Hot Mess

Great catching

Kieran M

La Kickaracha

Rocket arm

Parker H

L7 Weenies

Big boot

Katie B

Faces Loaded

Great lawyering

Matt T

Gang Green

Nice kicks

Players of the Week

Jun 19 - Jun 26

Brian Bell

Pitches Be Crazy

Excellent plays at home plate. Super fast and extreme displays of athleticism. Also some huge hits. Farther then I've ever seen a ball go before at Gabriel Park. Top Notch!

Emily Rask

Tips and Pass

Player of the week couldn't go to anyone other that Emily R from Tips and Pass. Emily was an all-star this week and played all 3 games in the pouring down rain. Nothing was going to stop her from getting back on the court after missing 3 weeks. Emily was making saves and killing the serve. It was a cool, wet night of volleyball, but Emily was on fire! Great work!

Art Knepper

GrassAssasins Hiya!

Welcome GrassAssassins Hiya! to Eastmoreland Sand VB on Thursdays! The GAs had to miss Opening Day last week, but came more than ready to play on Week 2. No one seemed more ready on GA than Arthur Knepper, who immediately started the jokes and cracking up all in earshot. Art was our immediate choice for POTW the minute he opened his mouth. Despite the downpour on the sand courts, his infectious humor got his teammates rockin' and energized while he went into game mode with dives into the sand that defied gravity. Art's height was the advantage at net, where he deftly deflected tips and kills. While GA lost all three sets to the Green Bombers, they stayed within winning range and were pumped to come back next week to gain ground. Win or lose, Art Knepper and GA provide the laughs and great tunes to entertain us all!

Nicole Patterson


Nicole had a thrilling game! She got on base at every at bat and rallied on defense with a do or die mentality. She had a wicked double play at third to end the inning that managed to hold the away team from scoring. This play gave Oddballs momentum and ultimately gave them the W!

Tim Swettlen

Long Kicks,Tight Bunts

Tim earns Player of the Week honors for his impressive determination and drive in the outfield. Sadly, Tim was a little too determined on a fly ball this week and dove and tweaked himself but his tenacity and love for kickball stands out. Thanks Tim!

Lizzy Safranski


The 6:00pm game at Irving Park on Wednesday showcased the dazzling defensive prowess of Lizzy Safranski, a player whose leather skills and nimbleness at first base made the entire infield look good all game long. Close was close enough for Lizzy on many of the throws that came her direction, helping her team secure a 19-13 hard-fought victory against always competitive Therminators. Congrats Lizzy...all of us at the park (especially your son) were in awe of you owning first base on a fine evening for Underdog softball.

Benjamin Goff

Phase Two

Benjamin came in as a relief pitcher when Phase Two was still trailing Sassy Sasquatch and immediately changed the game. Benjamin's stellar pitching shut down Sassy Sasquatch's offensive efforts late in the game, giving Phase Two a chance to mount a comeback and take the 16-11 win. For his great performance and positive attitude throughout the game, Benjamin is certainly deserving of Player of the Week.

Mike Betzel

Spike It or Not - Indy #V26

USL welcomes Spike It Or Not to Wednesday Sand VB at Eastmoreland and also is excited to bestow POTW honors to Spike player Mike Betzel! He came armed with a great attitude, skills, effort and rocked the bright green bandana so those attributes could easily stand out. While Spike lost all three sets to Let's Talk About Sets, Mike inspired his teammates to give it all they had by crashing the net for blocks and a lot of serious dig power. Mike plays for the love of the game and his tenaciousness is his best asset!

Stephanie Zub

Make Kickball Drunk Again

Steph's first game of kickball and it was a good one. Pitching a complete game while making throws and plays, her defense was on. Adding some big kicks and always hustling her offense was great too. Nice game, keep playing and having fun!

Justin Nichols

Pitch, Please!

Style and Class... Hustle from the catchers position. Always helpful With other teams. Great humor and general team spirit. When he's running with the ball, base runners think twice