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Players of the Game

Apr 10 - Apr 21

Brittany Gillespie- Brittany made some great defensive plays to help her team stay in the game. She

Joshua H

Bats Hit Crazy!!

Sliding, hustling and solid in the field!

Brittany D


Brittany held it down out in center field and made a few stellar defensive catches to help her team

Hayden,little man did his best to keep his team in order while being the best fan!

Sarah A


Sarah had an outstanding catch in center field where she ran all of about 100 feet to fully extend a

Team effort!

Christine R

All About That Ace

Monster hits!

Justin - Super sub

Natalie K

Bump Set Brews

Finally making it on time

Karin T


Straight fire!

Players of the Week

Apr 10 - Apr 21

Jumping John MacLeod

Kid Makes Plays

John MacLeod brings great effort every week! He hasn’t missed a game all season. Tonight he took a hard shot and bounced right back with a huge catch and throw to help his team to victory! He told me after the game that it was nothing compared to his dodgeball days with the old red rubber balls wizzing around! John is a great player and loves to compete, he’s also always honest and having a good time. His patented jump split is something to behold! See ya next week for playoffs!

John Kusluch

2 Legit 2 Kick

John helped carry him team to victory in a close fought game that went into OT! He had several clutch in the park home runs that put his team on top during the regular and OT innings. John also put on a solid defensive effort in the outfield. This game came down to the wire, but John made all the difference in this one! Well done.

Jocelyn Pineda

Blue Ballz

Great game Jocelyn! Jocelyn cheers her team on while on the court and off of it. When on the court she is ready for anything. She a versatile team player sticker her in any positions and she’ll shine. Jocelyn goes after any ball, hitting be floor to reach it. Keep it up!

Zach Schroeder the Speedster

Focused and in the zone!

Zach came into the night extremely focused and ready to play. His dedication on the night was outstanding. Wherever the ball was, he was there too. He made many plays possible for his team by being quick on the court and making the impossible, possible!

Gary Cardwell

G Unit

Gary was outstanding both on and off the court tonight! Not only did he encourage team communication and add to the fun atmosphere, but Gary was a solid force with his consistency serving, digging, and spiking. Off the court, Gary proved to be a real star. He stuck around for the entire game following his own in order to help advise on the rules of volleyball to some new players and keep score. He cheered on players from teams that weren't even on his court or during his hour of play. Gary helped make the night enjoyable for not just his team, but Kiss My Ace and Spiked Punch. Great job Gary!

Mariah Leeson

The Hated

The Hated proved why every player matters in Underdog. The Hated and Blood, Sweat and Beers faced off in the closest flag football game this week. When the dust--or rain this week--settled, The Hated won, 61-60. It took every team member doing his or her job on every play to win such a tight contest. Mariah Leeson was integral to this success, and her great work in a great game earns this week's honor.

Zach Baggio

Sharp Cheddar Setters

Tonight at the Friendly House, Zach Baggio from Sharp Cheddar Setters really showcased his volleyball talents! Playing against two very skilled teams tonight, Zach gave it his all. All night he proved to be an essential part of the team as he shagged balls from left and right. Not to mention, he had killer blocks! Zach and The Sharp Cheddars ended their season with a couple of close matches and they really fought their way up to second place! Nice job team, way to end the season!

Daniel Sloan

Volley Llamas

Daniel Sloan from Volley Llamas is Player of the Week! He blocked his opponents, strategically pushed the ball to the corners and had great tips to the open donut hole. Congratulations to Daniel!

4 game legend!

Mac Daddy

Makaela O’Malley is one of the greats at Friendly House. War paint under the eyes she was ready for battle. Always plays her best and has a blast doing it! Thanks for joining AARP for 2 extra games this week. If she’s not the last one standing, Makaela is always cheering on her team!

Ali Davis

Set It and Forget It

What a save! Ali is POTW for her killer court knowledge. In this play The ball was passed by a team member in between the two courts. Ali hustled to save the ball just before it pasted the point of no return. All night Ali sacrifices her body for the ball diving to keep the game alive. Great game tonight, way to start off the season!