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Players of the Game

Nov 21 - Dec 6

Kyle F

Scared Hitless

Great serves!

Ashley V

Too Legit

Awesome plays!

Amber D

Torn Ligaments

Good serves!

Ashley T

The Soft Serves

The impossible shot

Ben K



Lexington B

Setsy Beasts

Amazing saves

Hayley K

Notorious D.I.G.

Pro serves

Chen L

Volley Partons

Great sets

Hayden T

Puff, Puff, Pass, Set, Spike

Awesome hustle

Jordan F


Gave 100%

Players of the Week

Nov 21 - Dec 6

Dylan Garza

Dylan Kilmore and Blocks Too!

The blocking by Dylan Garda of Scrappy Kilmore vs. Block Party made his opponent want to change their team name 'cause Dylan was having a block party of his own. This guy isn't the tallest on the floor, but he sure can get up! And when he wasn't making magic at the net with fantastic blocks and kills, he was serving it up big time from the back row either in points or unbelievable defense. Dylan goes all out on every play - must be attributed to his intense pre-game warmup on the.....hoops??! Whatever, it's working for him and victories with Scrappy Kilmore!

Kyle Peters

Perfect Strangers - Indy #V42

Every week team Perfect Strangers plays great games. Kyle Peters played especially well last night :) His passes were well placed. Kyle had awesome serves and spikes! His good plays were very controlled and smooth. He had excellent blocks and quick reactions. Amazing job Kyle!!

Stacy Skinner

Maple Wood Balls

Stacy stood out on the court last night as her team battled it out with Ridigulous in the championships. Stacy is an amazing player who has more hustle than most. Every time I looked over I would see Stacy diving for a ball stretching all the way out to try and make the saves for her team. She gave perfect sets to her teammates and was an all around asset. Stacy has a very admirable hustle and play style when it comes to helping her team on the court.

Nothing Sloppy About Erica's Game!

Sloppy Sets

Erica Nukaya of the Sloppy Sets approaches the game of volleyball with precision and a plan. Always in the right place at the right time. Her service on Wednesday Softcore at Tubman never missed the mark (at one point at least five in a row) and she was ready at net or with an assist for her fellow Sloppys. Erica's role as playmaker was definitely key for the Sloppys' three-game sweep over Air Bud Strikes Back. Her infectious energy, spirit and constant smile kept the game at a high level and inspired her teammates to achieve victory in every set!

Drew Edwards

The E! True Volleyball Story

What a night for Drew it was! There were some great plays, some not so great plays, and then there were some funny plays! Drew at one point during a game had a Spike battle against himself and the net! It was pretty funny to watch and then net one the first few times but in the end Drew ended up having some spectacular kills! Not only that, Drew is the most energetic happy guy I've ever seen out there, keep it up man and bring it every week!

Chae Bliss

Indy #V45

Player of the week this week went to Chae Bliss. Chae comes every week ready to play great volleyball. This week was just the same! Her passing was amazing and her serves were right one! Great work Chae!

Brianna Goul

(Indy)structable - Indy #V47

The team name says it all! Brianna Goul is Indystructable :) She had a lot of sweet serves, great hits, and nice sets! Brianna had some awesome plays. Good job Brianna!!

Ashley Van Brunt

Too Legit

Ashley Van Brunt is an all around astounding volleyball player! She executes impressive spikes and nice serves :) With her remarkable reactions she never let's the ball drop! Awesome playing Ashley!!

Stewart Wilson

That’s What She Set - Indy #V49

Stewart played great on Monday night with his new Indy team. The team looked as if they had been playing together for months now. Stewart played a big role in this as he continuously put out perfect sets and capitalized on amazing opportunities to execute his awesome spikes. Stewart is a great team player and a lot of fun to watch as he dominates the court with his team.

Collier Ellis

Spike Club

Collier Ellis from Spike Club is an all around great volleyball player! I saw him have some really nice passes and good sets. The first two games were really close and his team won the third. On top of that Collier subbed for the game before on team Torn Ligaments to help them win the last two games! He's good at coaching his team :) and his serving was pretty amazing! Good job Collier!!