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     Thursdays - February 25th

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Players of the Game

Feb 3 - Feb 11

Amy J

High on Spikes

Huge kills all night!

Chris O

Net Ninjas! Hiya!

Birthday Boy!

Audra B

Bob Shots


Jared M

Spike Club South

Red hot serves

Leniece L

Green Bombers

For her serves

Dawn B

Net Assets

Because she is awesome

Bo W

Just the Tip

Bo knows volleyball

Alyssa A

Awkward Sets

Being a rock star

Andrew L

All Day I Dream About Spikes

Overall play invest setting

Cathy K

Double Digits

Great sets!

Players of the Week

Feb 3 - Feb 11

Travis Gintz

Nice Pair

Of moobs on this man.... Valentine's Day is a sexy holiday and no one way sexier on this night than mr. Travis Gintz. Strolling in flaunting his stuff like a true playboy, Trav did more flirting than bowling, but who can blame the man... Love was in the air. It wasn't long before things got so hot that mr. Gintz' shirt was coming off. Ladies fainted, guys grunted in jealousy, and big Al's became the best topless bowling alley in all of the lands. Thanks for the entertainment Travis. The way you handled that tube will always have a place in our hearts.

Ryan Dey

Cascade Kingpins

Tickets are now available to view Ryan's skilled creativity in the 10th frame!! There're going fast as he's a hot commodity each game. Between the legs, behind his back and 95% of the time he rolls a strike. Show stopping phenomenon, Ryan especially crushed his match and left a lasting impression on his peers, teammates and opponents. His dynamic bowling spins and technique have earned him POTW!

Natalie Brown

saved by the ball

Natalie was the epitome of dynamite in her match versus Shaggin Balls! If skills could kill, she'd be at the top of Underdog's Most Wanted. It didn't matter that the odds were stacked against her as a blocker and attacker, she was resilient. Natalie stayed composed all game with clutch defense and kills to keep her team in the running against two tower like males at the net.

Nathan Andress

Nothing Wrong with a Little Bump and Set

This weeks player of the week goes to Nathan A of Nothing Wrong with a Little Bump and Set". Nathan is a great team leader on and off of the court. This week he had some great plays on the net, he is always in the right place and it isn't just luck. His serves were consistent and he has great talk on the court to make sure their team is getting the job done! Great work Nathan and all of Nothing Wrong with a Little Bump and Set"

Allyn Thomas

Volley LLamas

Drum Roll Please........ In the final night of the League, the Championships night, the one and only Allyn Thomas is our player of the week! What great enthusiasm he brings to the court each and every week, but this week was special and fun! He was all over the place, last night might as well play till you drop seemed to be his motto! It was great having Allyn and the rest of the Volley Llamas out there this season and the team did great reaching the championship game in style with Allyn out there running around everywhere! He made me tired just watching him, great job Allyn and team, bring back the fun next season!!

Heather Hayden

Spike Club

Heather was a force to be reckoned with in her first game of the new season! On court she was aggressive and quick. Never a hesitation, she laid out full wingspan to rescue any ball in no man's land. She acted as a utility with a dynamic skill set and aided her team to victory against Torn Ligaments. Hooray Heather you are Player of the Week!

Aaron Janssen

Deliberately Sandbagging

Aaron is the man. A strike machine and a volunteer to a team in need. He brought his A game and giving spirit! His efforts and good sportsmanship were outstanding! They put the cherry on top of a solid outing! I forgot to mention, the power of his bowling roll. His arm was scorching hot and badah boom, strike here, strike there! Thanks Aaron for being a great peer! Cheers to you on POTW!

Art Knepper

Net Ninjas! Hiya!

This week's player of the game was an obvious choice in Art K from the Net Nija's, Hiya! This was Art's first week but he caught on really quickly. By the end of the game he was hitting spike to the back line, right past his opponents. Best of the night was his, Avoid the Net Dance. It was well done! Watch out Tubman Thursday Teams, by the end of the season Art will be spiking balls and taking names, Hiya!

Erik Stone

Push up machine!

If you wear a Duck's jersey to bowling night, you better be ready to represent. Erik was certainly ready to represent. Push-ups are a Duck tradition and it translates perfect to bowling. After issuing a push-up challenge to all Duck fans, Erik rose to the challenge. After each strike, Erik assumed the position and pumped up his pectorals for the fans at Big Al's. There were some sets that were harder than others, but the man, the myth, the legend left swoll! Erik, hope you're not too sore today. (That's what she said).

buck janasak

Gutter Fingers

Buck, lo and behold, was a one man show this week. Literally, he carried his team on his back. Luckily, it wasn't a large weight because he was the sole Gutter Fingers representative. YET, that didn't hold him back! He jumped on his opponents roster and played two full games decked fully out in a nerd ensemble. Buck truly embodied the film definition of a nerd. He dressed it up with shave cuts, pencils tucked in his designated pencil pocket, toilet paper stuck to his pants and high socks. He had a fabulous round of bowling, head to toe, start to end. Congrats sir, you are POTW!!