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Players of the Game

Mar 16 - Mar 27

Johanna D

Madden Glitch

3 td

Jason S


stellar game tying drive in final minutes

Chris B

Lava Sharks

2td 1 pick

entire offense clicking on all cylinders

Samuel C

Kansas City Queefs

TDs on cutback screen

Candice O

Balls and Dolls

For being awesome as usual!

Elizabeth H

Indy #FF2

2 td

Christi L

Alcoholics Anonymous

1st TD

Jessica C

Swear to drunk I'm not god

Volleyball spike on pass defense

Players of the Week

Mar 16 - Mar 27

Dylan Garza Takes Charge!

Scrappy Killmore

With his team struggling in the first game and losing, halfway through the second game, Dylan Garza took matters into his own hands and called a timeout. With the instruction like a Marine sergeant, Dylan told his squad to "focus, focus, focus", and mapped out a plan for court positioning, defensive and offensive strategies. He emphasized the importance of constant communication and calling out assists and who's got what. The timeout seemed to do the trick and while Scrappy Kilmore dropped the final two games, they had some fantastic rallies, consistent service and were in the attack mode more than not. With Dylan's leadership, the Scrappys will prevail positively in the playoffs. Way to go Coach!

Stephanie Zub

Setsy and We Know It

The biggest reason Stephanie Zub is player of the week is because of an awesome head butt she did! It was perfect and kept the ball in play :) Stephanie was also always ready for the ball, had nice passes, and had a cool backwards tip set! She had fun on the court and is a great dancer ;) Fantasic job Stephanie!!

Allan Rudwick

Allan's the Baddest Cat at Softcore

Cat of the Night (er,, POTW) at Tubman Wednesday Softcore is Allan Rudwick. He pulled out all claws and decided to scratch out two out of three sets over the always tough Straight Shots. Allan took advantage of his strength at net by launching bombs of kills at exact points of attack. This strategy worked very well as his accuracy showed especially in Game One. Allan's no slouch in the defense department either, with a few incredible ups to keep volleys going to rack up the tally for the 'Cats. March Madness is in full swing on the volleyball court and leading the charge is Allan - congrats!

Ashley Lopez

Indy-ana Jones - Indy #V13

Ashley Lopez was spectacular this match! She just was an all around great player from her beautiful sets to her great spikes! Ashley had good tips, serves, and serve receive :) Nice job Ashley!!

andrew mannex

Jesse and Friends

Andrew played great in last nights match ups especially in the his second session. He was consistently having bags on the board and was able to sink many down the hole. One specific play, Andrew and his opponent had littered the board with their bags, surrounding the hole entirely making it almost impossible to get one through. However, Andrew very impressively managed to sink his last bag through the tiny crack that remained relieving the hole.

Marcus Mohr

Pop & Block

WOW! That word is, effectively, the only way to describe Marcus' big moment. Marcus of Pop & Block exhibited unparalleled athleticism when he spiked the point winning ball. During the longest rally of the night, E! True Volleyball Story kept coming up with the ball, and Pop & Block always answered. And this was no ordinary rally, each team had kill shots that surely ended the point -- but no, defense matched the offense here and the point went on. Until Marcus landed the cross court kill shot to end it all, seemingly defying the laws of physics in the process. The spike was powerful enough to drop the jaws of all witnesses to the scene. For stunning everyone with his endurance and power, Marcus is our player of the week. Congratulations!

Amy Czupryn

Alternative Facts - Indy #V4

Amy Czupryn was amazing this week! Her team won both matches in a double header. She had great hustle and talk :) Amy had a good punch tip and a punch save! She had nice sets, great serves, and was enjoying the game! Good work Amy!!

Wendy Skinner

Indy #V7

This weeks POTW week goes to Wendy Skinner for her all around great play! Her serves were fast, her passes on point, and she did well on her serve receive :) I saw her do a perfect pass set and a nice fist pop up! Awesome job Wendy!!

Amanda Newton

Amanda Newton's Wearin' O' the Green

Sets on the Beach player Amanda Newton gets our POTW for Thursday Midcore at Tubman because she knows how to rock a holiday. In particular, St. Paddy's Day! While some of our Midcore players wore green in honor of the national drinking day of Ireland, Amanda took it a step further by showing up in some wild and fancy shamrock leggings, which were AWESOME. Sometimes the attire inspires, and this was certainly the case because she played an outstanding game for her squad. Amanda is always rock solid from the service line and really brought some great effort to lengthy rallies vs. Scrappy Kilmore. Her defense and setting were outstanding despite a tough match loss. No matter - she got us celebrating the green early with her enthusiasm for the game and the holiday!

Rob Powers

Salvador Volley

After a rough second set loss to Scared Hitless, Rob got the team going with 5 straight points from his patented sidearm serve. It was smooth sailing from there as Rob lead his team to victory with some great sets and solid work at the net.