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Players of the Game

Jun 12 - Jun 20

Audrey S

The Sinamonsters

Pitched a shut out

Megan F

Can I Kick It - Indy #K5

Megan kicked in the tying run to get the momentum going in the final inning!

Keenan was dominating at the plate and in the field tonight. Sky high kicks and tracking down fly ba

David F

Winners, Losers + Boozers

Two home runs

Kayleigh T

The OneFlewOver

Sacrificed it all for the team

Aly M

Apple Juice

Making plays and having fun!

Diane B


Playing and supervising

Eric L

Mud Slingers

Peg out at 3rd

Alanna L

Indy #S5

Alanna’s smile and positive attitude inspired her team to victory!

Adam S

Upper Deckers

Adam led his team with timely hits and an ESPN highlight reel” of defensive plays.

Players of the Week

Jun 12 - Jun 20

Ted Esparza

Charlie's Angel all over the field

We would have been lost without Ted this week. Hi attention to detail and ability to coordinate his team; baseball players can be called five tool, but Ted’s gotta have 6 or 7. His encouraging words rang loudly across the field towards his team. And let us not forget the correction of the umpire when necessary.

Caryn Martin

Mud Slingers

First kickball game of the season but also the first game ever for the Mud Slingers. Having worked together before, they know and support one another with positivity. Caryn was playing SS and making several catches while looking into the sun! Adding a couple nice kicks/bunts she was getting on base too. Nice hustle, teamwork and fan support! Keep it up Mud Slingers.

Sarah Foster

Cajoon Ballers

Sarah is one of a kind! Her dynamic agility and energy sparked the team’s 3 set win. Kudos to her raw instincts! They were on high displayed as she tackled any ball hit her way.

Christine Sharuga

The Catch !

It’s was a beautiful day out at Gabriel Park where we got to witness greatness and a tone setter for the start of the season!! There she was at Third base when a dart came straight at her face.Instead of dodging it, she took one for the team and caught the ball with her face!! That’s what you call a team player!

Chris Smith

We Will Block You PoTW

We Will Block You May have won by forfeit this week. But the practice game they played certainly got them noticed by the rest of the league. Jaws dropped as they saw Chris, Ryan, Lena, Colin and Rachel streak around the court spiking and setting, bumping and digging. Beware Oregon Park Volleyball...they might just block you.

Nick Ferate, steps up

Best Team EVER!!! PoTW

Nick was out of his mind this evening at yoga. No one knew he could stretch like that

Jeremiah Wray


Opening night and Crane-iacs were already building and working together. As a team they were warming up and setting positions. Loose from the start they all were ready to play. Jeremiah was on it early too. Holding down first in defense even if he lost some traction. Nice to see the Cranes back in action! Nice game and great team collaboration, communication, support and jerseys!

James Beck

We got the Runs ridiculousness

In the 7th inning, with 2 outs the pitcher was able to tip a line drive with his glove and with full extension the SS James made a bare handed catch from his back to end the game!!!! Amazing

Julie Lesseg


Julie did a fantastic job during championship match! She was hustling and passing it up like a pro :) Her spike approach was perfectly awesome and it gave her spikes a kick, helping push the team closer to victory with every one! Great playing Julie!!

Eric Lawson

Watts Up Stearns

Watts Up is Eric and when he was it was pretty choice. Leading off the 3rd inning by getting loose with karate kicks and leg lifts, it only seems right he got his first base knock. Aside from the offense Eric was bringing the defense, making catches, he was bringing the positive attitude. Great game and keep up the mojo!