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   Big Al's Beaverton

     Wednesdays - November 18th




     Thursdays - January 7th

     Tuesdays - January 26th

     Thursdays - February 25th


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Players of the Game

Nov 18 - Nov 25

Nora W

The E! True Volleyball Story

Fantastic at net - scored every time

Carolyn K


Hustle and rhythm!

Gary R

NET-Tile Dysfunction - Indy #V55

Great hits in the first night!

Wendi C

Take That!

Great serves!

Elisa C

Safe Sets

Amazing "sky bomb" serves!

Ashley O

Take A Hit

Awesome serves!

Cindy B

Notorious DIG - Indy #V54

playing tough!

Jamie M

Back that pASS up

Great passing!

Lindsay H

All Day I Dream About Spikes

Great serving!

Players of the Week

Nov 18 - Nov 25

Keith May

Ready, Set....

Talk about Ready, Set....! Keith May was exactly that on Tuesday night at Tubman during the Midcore matchup with RiDIGulous. After doing a strenuous pre-game stretch out, Keith got busy by flying around the court and especially at net for some crazy good slams and blocking. While the outcome may not reflect it, Keith got his Ready Set teammates motivated by his determination and court savvy to keep the games interesting and competitive. With his encouragement and energy, Ready Set made adjustments and improved each game to close out the 3rd set oh so close to a victory. Your spark is contagious Keith - keep it coming!

Claire Swainson

Fresh Hops

Fresh Hops meant business tonight. They stayed lively and competitive versus Spike Club. Claire was especially outstanding. She was an everyday gymnast on the volleyball court. Her tuck an rolls, bump splits and casual foot saves earn her POTW. Looking forward to seeing her 360 spin real soon!

Corrina Perez


Offense was the name of the game for the 5:00pm matchup between Roustabouts and Danger Zone at Lewis & Clark on Sunday. Back and forth the entire game, 129 total points scored...Baylor, TCU, Oregon type of OFFENSE was on display in the game of the day. With time running out and deep in Danger Zone territory, Corrina dialed in a perfect button hook route just past the goal line, catching the go ahead touchdown and securing an amazing 65-64 victory in a game where defense took a back seat to two offensive juggernauts.

Triple-H does it again

Heather Hardie-Hill

Now normally we don't hand out POTW to the same player more than once in a season, but Heather's aptitude for clutch bowling and general awesomeness is just too hard to ignore. Showing up in her signature jorts with husband and daughter in tow, Heather wasted no time in getting the never nudes into the groove with some amazing rolling. Her performance was capped off with a turkey in the tenth frame, and a celebration that can't be mentioned in this blurb because there might be children reading it... Somewhere Heather, Tobias F√ľnke is smiling upon you. Well done.

Team Effort Tonight!

Spiking with Precision

It was a team effort tonight in their first game with Underdog Volleyball. There wasn't a player of their team that wasn't having a good time, even in their Purple Tiny T's . They took on a very tough Net Assets and did it with a smile on their face. This team is going to go up, up the charts. After a week of rest and Turkey, they will be climbing the standings this season, so watch out Eastmorland Thursdays!

Jeff Markovics

Sets on the Beach

Jeff showed up early with his game face on. He was pumped and ready to dominate the late fall season. Really feeling the Tubman music, he incorporated his groovy sway into his competitive play. His spikes didn't lie, but neither did his hips! His team, Sets on the Beach, went on to sweep their 3 sets!!

Katrina Hedberg

Katrina puts in a stunner

Katrina had a rough night last week, but this week was an entirely different story. She shook of all of the rust and came through for her team in a big way. Katrina's single spare was a huge emotional boost for the whole team, bolstering them to a game two win and snagging a crucial point for E-Bowl-A!

Erik Stone

Bowling With My Homies

Although he spells his name incorrectly, Erik sure knows how to be a nerd! For the first theme night of the season, Erik brought out the propeller hat, suspenders and tape on the glasses for Nerd Night! Voted as "best costume of the night" by his peers he'd make Lewis, Gilbert, Poindexter, Lamar and Booger proud!

Heather Cornell

Wrecking Balls

With Alex back from the IR list and Mark finally recovered from his trip to Amsterdam, the men and women of team Wrecking Balls were ready to make a serious mark on the season at the Friendly House on Wednesday. The team in Red was dialed in from the first whistle in their match 6:30 match against Jingle Balls, showing some serious teamwork and pinpoint accuracy usually seen right before a deep playoff run. Heather's legendary full circle windmill windup was spot on all match long, frustrating and punishing those on the receiving end. A convincing 9-1 victory sent a message to the rest of the league that the Wrecking Balls will be a force to be reckoned with all season long.

Jill Solazzo


Championship night ended up to be a great night for Jill. After a tough semifinal game that went down to the wire Jill did want all Champions know how to do and she shook for a few bad hits in the first game and came back swinging in the championship. It was just the boost her team needed to power through and hold onto their number one seed for the season. Great work Jill and all of Sportland. Congrats on the win!