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Players of the Game

Jul 22 - Jul 29

Tim D

Ruby Death Squad

Making catches

Megan C

The Rhythm Methods

Destroyed LF + Hat of Shame

Angelique B

Pitches Be Crazy

Crushin' it on her Birthday

Kevin B

Ace of Second Base

All 3 Outs in One Inning + Great Overall Pitching

Joe d

Bats Hit Crazy!

3 Triples & "Mad" pitching

Sean C

Ice Cold Pitchers

Hit every time up, Pitching & Defense

josh r

Just The Tip

Great serves!

Mackenzie H

Dat Ace Doe

Great digs!

Players of the Week

Jul 22 - Jul 29

Shane Eschman


His team described him as a Spider Monkey this week because he was fast to react for the block or the dive. Shane lead the league tonight and was all over it. He was ready for a new season and was making the other team work overtime to pick up the big hits was putting down. Great work Shane, the E-Jects are primed for a playoff run already!

Nicole Patterson


Nicole played an awesome game, she was an all around asset to the team winning the game. Nicole made many perfect pitches when pitching. Her bunts and kicks were spectacular. She also had an outstanding slide to second that maintained no outs and allowed for her team to score and make their comeback. Selecting Nicole as player of the week was a no brainer.

Mark Schmidt


Mark is this week's POTW for leading the Holsters to a quarterfinal birth in the playoffs. He did it all in the first game of their doubleheader, recording a clutch double play in the top of 7th to keep the game tied and then kicking the walk off home run in the bottom of the 7th to send his team to the quarterfinals. Mark shined again in the quarterfinals, kicking another home run before falling short to the #1 overall seed. Thanks for a great season Mark and the Holsters!

Scott Seevers

Don’t Stop Ballieving

Oh what a day what a day! Scott came through for Don't Stop Ballieving more than ever tonight and it couldn't have come at a better time! Don't Stop Ballieving was the Underdog in this game and was looking for the upset and that is exactly what Scott delivered. It was only a two run game about halfway through and Scott did the unimaginable, he hit a GRAND SLAM! He was flying around the bases trying to get home and he did! Later it would come to realize that kick put them up for good. Keep it up Scott and good luck in the next round!

Amy Rose

Northside Prima Donnas

Amy comes to play with high energy! She truly enjoys herself on the field, as well as cheering for her teammates. Amy makes the game fun for everybody!!

Michael Stringfield

Ball Me Maybe

There's no "maybe" anything about Michael Stringfield of Ball Me Maybe. He's always YES and FULL ON when he's on the volleyball courts. We watch Michael week after week dazzle the world with his energy and fantastic play and Wednesday's heat didn't stop him from battling to his full potential. While BMM lost a close first set to RiDIGulous, Michael and squad hunkered down and got to work with brilliant play in another close second set to win 21-18. Of note was his outstanding blocking at net and some really killer digs for saves at crucial times. BMM will be advancing to the semi finals next week in Midcore and we're pretty sure that Michael will be in YES/FULL ON mode to ensure an epic match!

Anna Capacci

Ace Ace Baby

Anna was all over the court this week! She had some great sets and even more spectacular passes. Definitely a great week for her!

Aaron Lease

Make Kickball Drunk Again

Aaron is a great player who gives it his all and leaves everything out on the field. He was a huge hustler in last nights game. Unfortunately he ran so hard through home that he fell after running through the base and gashed his forehead open. Aaron had to leave the game early to head to the hospital. But thanks to Aaron the team was able to lead at the end by one point. Heal up Aaron, you are a major asset to your team!

Doug Donahue

Freaks of Nature

Doug played exceptionally this week, both on defense and at the plate. He pitched a great game, and made a couple stellar defensive plays on comebackers, and he started the scoring for his team with a great hit in the early innings. He kept a great attitude and was having fun on the field even when the game was close and intense. He was a great leader and example setter to his team this week. Keep up the good work!

Amie Buttram


Captain of the Hoodrats and multi position player she was doing it all for the team. Playing hard defense making plays at first and third. Adding some big hits and cheers it was a nice game for Amie. Keep up the high fives and the mojo and