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Players of the Game

Aug 14 - Aug 27

Jess A


Sliding into home for the win!

Amanda V

Blue Ballers

Making plays and hustling

Annie B

Bumpin' Uglies

Killed it on her serves

Stephanie J

Bag O' Digs

Ball game was strong

Liz E

Turn Up the AC

She fights for every ball, she's our rock

Angela N

Gansta Pair A Dice

Awesome serves


Katie Saephanh- giving it all she got

Dallas T


For being on every inch of the court at all times

Kyle- awesome dives and serving our country

Players of the Week

Aug 14 - Aug 27

Jack Goodnight

Shucking Amazeing

Jack was a human trebuchet tonight! He lead his team to a couple stellar victories. He has been a tossing fiend week in and week out. Keep it up!

Adam Clardy-O'Neal - Player of the Week

Big Pink

Adam pitched back-to-back complete games Wednesday night, leading Big Pink to a decisive 17-13 victory over Leftovers and a comeback 19-16 victory over Commie Tsunami to help his team earn the championship title. Adam also hit a key home run against Commie Tsunami to help Big Pink mount its comeback. For his leadership and determination on the field, Adam is definitely deserving of Player of the Week.

Triffid Abel

Underhanded Compliments

On an opening day of softball it is always hardest to get back into the groove of pitching, but for Triffid it was like she had never left. From the very first pitch of the game she was looking solid and she never let anything phase her. The whole game she was out there throwing great pitches which helped lead her team to a victory on this opening day. Not only did Triffid have a great day on the mound, she also found ways to contribute on offense to help bring in some runs for her team. No matter what was going on Triffid stayed calm and got the job done. Way to keep your team going and help lead your team to victory. Keep it up!

Wade Slingerland

Blue Bags

Wade was on fire tonight! The guy could hardly miss. I attribute his success to his fancy head gear...and his bag skills I guess. What a night for Wade!

Adam Stone

Upper Deckers

Last game of the season and Upper Deckers were ready to play, even though some players were trickling in right before the first pitch. The weather was hot, that didn't stop either team from playing their game. Adam was holding down the defense at shortstop making several nice plays. Adding some big swings and hustle he was making things happen. I guess the pressure of his kid/s weren't riding him so he could play loose.? Nice game.

Juan Martinez

High Impact

This week player of the week goes to Juan Martinez! Not only does he run 50 miles at a time, he found a way to fit in 3 back to back games tonight! Thank you Juan for being a superstar marathon player.

Juan Chavez

Safe Sets - Indy #V22

Juan had an awesome night despite their loss in the semifinals! He was up for every block he could get near. He also had some excellent swings! Great job!

Anthony Patin


Wow, what a game, it had it all. Lead changes, big plays, sportsmanship and a walk off.!? Hoodrats started out a little slow down 4 runs thru the first 3 inning, but they stayed the course. Sticking together and playing each out one at a time, they were focused. Taking the lead in the bottom of the 6th, only to give up 6 runs at the top of the 7th, lead to the 2 runs and walk off score. All played well,but Tony was making extra plays and sharing the energy with his teammates. Nice game!

Sam Fama

Tipsy Beaches

Ace's...that's the reason that Sam is this week player of the week. He has mastered the jump serve and he was killing it this week against a tough team. All of Tipsy Beaches was ready for this week tough match up, but Sam was giving it his all. He did just stop after his awesome serves, he was ready for big his and some great digs. Good work Sam and all of Tipsy Beaches!

Randall Chang

Where My Pitches At?!

Randall is an awesome kickball player as well as team captain. Randall lead his team all season by supporting them and helping to make great plays on the field. Randall has impressive speed and is very smart on the field, making the best plays possible. Randall is a huge asset to his team.