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Players of the Game

Dec 12 - Jan 18

Dan H

Scrappy Killmore

Game winning serves in Game 3

Jack K

Block party

Amazing kills

Dave A

Double Fireball

Great backhand hit!

Darcy L

Spike the Punch

Net enforcer!

Boris B

Prickly Cacti

Underhand serves

Stephanie- Being a pervert

About to have a baby and played anyway

David B

Mission Unblockable

Brick wall waterfall

Janie- hustling

Team effort

Players of the Week

Dec 12 - Jan 18

Amy Scheckla-Cox

Best Spirit POTW!!

If you combine great skills and team spirit, you get Amy Scheckla-Cox. We think Amy's got some cheerleading in her past because she got Scrappy Kilmore rocking and ready with some nifty hand clap/stomping rhythms which actually was so infectious that their opponent, Net Ninjas, got into the act. But aside from the downbeats, Amy set out to get Scrappy Kilmore's game going with great net work and defensive moves which kept the volleys going. She's also very adept at coaching and keeping the Kilmores in position and ready for attack by calling shots and offering lots of encouragement. While the team dropped the first two sets, their persistence paid off against great competition by the Ninjas and pulled off an exciting win 26-24 win in the third. Amy's enthusiasm and love of the game is contagious and makes her the perfect choice for POTW this week!

Megan Peterkin

Double Fireball

Megan Peterkin is an awesome volleyball player :) She had beautiful passes, nice hits, and some great saves. What was most impressive was Megan's amazing serves! In one game she had 9 serves in a row and quite a number of her serves were aces! Great job Megan!!

Carrie Martin

"Carried" to Victories!

Carrie Martin of the Dinkheads certainly earns POTW at Wednesday Tubman Softcore for her flawless play which spurred her team to a three-game sweep of the Blundercats. A powerful force at all positions, Carrie was especially effective at net where she tipped and killed her way with an offensive attack that's been stifled over the last month's long absence on the court due to the holidays and winter weather. With incredible finesse, Carrie makes plays which appear so effortless. Game 2 saw a push by the Blundercats to gain ground, but behind Carrie's precise setting and massive service, the Dinks were able to pull out a 25-22 win. There was no denying a third set and the Dinks won handily, 25-14. Kudos to Carrie for bringing her best game and winning attitude!

kelly Pedro

Netflix and Kill - Indy #V46

Netflix and Kill was on fire this week. This team pulled together and was playing a man down when they soared into the second round of the playoffs. The whole team was outstanding but Kelly was instrumental in helping lead the team. She was talking it up the whole night. She was acing serves and making great passes. Great work Kelly and all of Netflix and Kill.

Amy Hamill

That’s What She Set

Amy Hamill deserves POTW for always giving 100%. Her team won a great first game and continued to play hard. Amy is an all around great player with her spot on sets, great tips, and constant blocking! She had some awesome digs and is always on the move and ready :) With a positive attitude she enjoys every minute of the game! Way to go Amy!!

Amanda Epp

School of Hard Blocks

Amanda was an easy choice for player of the week. Her and her team played very well together, Amanda stood out to me right away because of her dominating serves. Every time Amanda was up to serve she went on a several point run. Her serves are very powerful and perfectly placed almost every time. Amanda is a great asset to her team.

Tyler Tsang

Awesome Possum

Tyler always has some pretty great plays :) He continued to do awesome this match, even with a wrist injury. Tyler's hustling kept his team on top and he also had outstanding serves! Way to go Tyler!!!

Jen Brumley

We not drunk, just happy

Despite the freezing temp in the gym, Jen was fire. Each of her serving rotations prompted at least 3 uncontested rallies. She was a quality defense utility and took nothing for granted. She was cheery and quite the team communicator. NICE WORK JEN!

Jeremy Adams

(Indy)structable - Indy #V47

Jeremy Adams earned player of the week tonight with his determination! He had great spikes, good serves, and nice passes! Jeremy also has some trick moves :) He is proud of his team and he should be. Great job Jeremy!!

Burke Herseim

Torn Ligaments

The person who earned player of the week this week is Burke Herseim. He had an awesome run of 12 serves in a row! Burke is an all around great player :) He helped his team to win all 3 games! Good job Burke!!