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Players of the Game

Sep 20 - Sep 28

Jeff W

Big Pink

Great resilience after getting hit in head with ball

Katy D

The Bunt for Red October

Great hitting

Afaq M

Bat Attitudes

First time pitching only allowed one run, and kept up team moral with positive attitude.

Pete K

Ice Cold Pitchers

Outstanding pitching and great work at the plate to carry the team to a win.

Alex- for holding it down as the lone dude

Chris W

shaggin balls

For lots 'o kills

Jeff S

The E! True Volleyball Story

For being everything for every one-- great game Jeff!

Matthew H


Nailed it!

Kara P

Flying Monkey Heads

Awesome Tips

Players of the Week

Sep 20 - Sep 28

Dean Mingee

Late Comers

This week Dean brought both the noise AND his cheering squad. He is so pumped about Underdog Volleyball that he pumps his team up with cheers, high fives, and words of wisdom while also bringing the home field advantage for the Late Commers through BYOCheerleaders. Solid work Dean, this is the spirit we like to see at Underdog.

Jerimiah Medina


The 3:00pm game on field #2 at Lewis & Clark on Sunday featured Roustabouts and Once You caught it, You got it, two veteran teams who have experience some serious success over the years and who are sure to be at the top of the standings this season. Each team knows how to put points on the board...this was a game many believed would be decided by the last drive of the game. With the game within 7 points and Once you caught it, You got it marching down the field on offense, quarterback Josh flinged a pass down the left sideline to a wide open receiver. Wide open is a relative term, as Jerimiah came out of nowhere to pick off the pass and return it for a huge momentum changing touchdown. Roustabouts never looked back, cruising to an impressive 48-38 convincing win early in the season. Solid work Jerimiah...your cat quick closing speed on defense was admired by everyone at the field, including a USC scout in the stands looking for some defensive help this season. With your college eligibility still in tack, we would all understand if you finished up the fall football season fightin' for the Trojans.

H Barnes

Dolls and Balls

Hamilton is an awesome kickball player who is a major contributor to his team and makes some spectacular plays. Hamilton was able to peg 3+ players out during his games. But these were impressive peg outs from far away that most people wouldn't even dare to attempt. Hamilton is a great pitcher with an even better arm and accuracy.

Matthew Smith

Indy #S10

After winning via a forfeit, Matt's Indy squad stuck around to play against the Pineapples. What a game! Non-stop great plays in the field and timely hits from both sides made for a competitive, back-and-forth affair.The biggest difference at the end of the day was Matt's steady presence on the mound. He demonstrated excellent control, threw lots of strikes, and allowed his defense to stay alert and on their toes. In a complete-game pitching performance, Matt was able to lead his team to a closely contested victory. Great job Matt!

Molly Pyle

Poison Ivey

All game long Molly was robbing people of hits at the hot corner and firing the ball over to first for the outs. Nothing could get past her at third base and the other team knew it. They would instantly know if they hit it any where near her they were probably going to get out. Not only did she hold down the hot corner all night long she helped her team out by having a strong night at the play and getting on base frequently! Way to rob the team of some hits and hold down that hot corner.

Nic Levesque

Some Spike it Hot

Not only does Nic Levesque of Some Spike It Hot get POTW for Thursday Tubman Midcore, but he gets the Volunteer of the Month award (supervisor made award, not a standard award...)! Opponent Sets on the Beach only had 3 players in attendance and on the verge of a forfeit, when Nic stepped up and offered to be their 4th player and allowing for a legit match. With the blessing of his teammates, Nic crossed the net and delivered a fantastic performance for Sets with pounding kills, superlative assists and crazy good saves. Sets squeeked out a close win in the first set 25-23, lost their focus and lost the second 25-13, then roared back in the third to secure a 25-19 victory under Nic's leadership and inspiration. Not too sure that SSIH was too happy that their teammate assisted in the Sets' match win, but you gotta give credit to a guy who offers to help out and keep the game moving!

Thomas Gray

Marathon Man!

What a time to be Alive! That is the vibe that comes off Thomas when he's out on the court with his team. He is always having a good time runs probably more than anyone that ever comes to play dodgeball! Great guy with a great attitude with the true Underdog way. Keep it up Thomas and good luck the rest of the season!

Nicole Patterson

The Kickheads

Nicole played two great games on Wednesday night. She was an asset to her team on all parts of the field. Nicole started off playing short stop where she caught a few pop flies and got some force outs at 2nd base. She then moved to pitcher in the second game, where she pitched tremendously. Nicole brought in runs for her team and secured many outs. It was a great week for Nicole!

Ryan Geary

The Volley Lama

This week's POTW for Tubman Wednesday Softcore goes to Ryan Geary. This guy is a silent assassin. Ryan's not a man of many words, but he does his talking on the court by commanding the game with ferocious serves and some keen work at net. While his team Volley Lamas dropped the first two sets to Sportland, Ryan had a plan for the third set and that was to take matters into his own hands and proceed to fire away at the service line. The Lamas gained ground throughout the set with Ryan delivering some nifty ups and effective kills to come out with a 25-11 victory. Now, that's taking command of the game, Ryan - nice job!

Awais Ishaq

Bat Attitudes

Awais had only ever played cricket before Tuesday night... For those of you who don't know, cricket is a lot like softball. However, in cricket, after you hit the ball you apparently hold on to the bat while you run in the direction of the pitchers mound. Not only was this a little but of an adjustment for Awais, but it was also incredibly intimidating for the opposing pitcher. All joking aside, Awais proved to be a terrific softball player, who in addition to batting 1.00, also had some terrific defensive plays in left field.