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Players of the Game

Jul 15 - Jul 22

Asher S

Summer Hood

Sliding into 3rd!

Alex R

United Nations

Not sucking!

Jordan J

Northside Prima Donnas

Sacrificing his face for a catch in the outfield

Jeffree E

Follow Your Gut!

Carrying the entire team on his back with amazing kicks and plays in the field

Julia B

4th Base

Awesome pitching

Heyward the dog!

Lizzy, great game!

Kim W

Brokebat Mountain - Indy #S7

Running and hitting

Ryan D

Honey Nut Ichiros

Nice catch!

Players of the Week

Jul 15 - Jul 22

Sarah Jones

Honey Nut Ichiros

AKA Tonin, was having a great night. Starting it off as the interim coach, filling out the line up and ro-sham-bo. Playing solid defense and getting some hits while using her waist. Adding some hustle for a foul ball and petting dogs in the dugout, she had a nice game.

Cody's Covfefe Workin' Out!

Cody Newton Ahead of the Game in Leaps and Bounds

We have no idea what "Covfefe", the newest word to the urban dictionary means courtesy of our POTUS, but we're thinking it has something to do with outstanding volleyball playing. Cody Newton of Two Girls, One Covfefe, set the night on fire with a ferocious performance in a doubleheader. In the first game vs. Binge Dinkers, he had a number of really over the top saves that kept rallies going. Even though his squad dropped that match, Cody continued to inspire his teammates with a few key kills and consistent serving. But the reason he's being awarded POTW is that in an odd sequence of many balls flying over the fence, Cody had a ton of energy to leap over time and time again to gather the stray ball. He's a beast for competition and energy - so keep on "covfef-ing" Cody, whatever that means - it's workin' for you!

Marcus Myre


Marcus is this week's Player of the Week for his outstanding play and great Underdog attitude. He took part in a rare triple play where he caught a line drive, threw it to first to double up the runner and then the first baseman threw it to home to get the runner out trying to tag up! He also kicked a homerun for the cherry on top.

Blume Bros Dominate Another POTW

Nice Aces

Not to be outdone by lil' bro, Seiji Blume decided it was his turn to command the POTW honor from his younger sibling, Zac, a previous recipient. This amazing pool of power genes are really giving their best week in and week out for their team, Nice Aces. This week, Seiji took over the kingpin duties with some fancy footwork in both matches of a double header. In Game One vs. Spiketastic, Seiji was absolutely masterful in saves and at net in a convincing three set win. Keeping the momentum up in the second game of their doubleheader vs. A Bunch of Beaches, Seiji still had plenty of energy left by delivering accurate blocking against a barrage of kill attempts by the Beaches at the net and delivering a 2-1 game victory. Not only is Seiji a fantastic player, but according to Zac, a pretty awesome big brother. What more could you ask??? Congrats Seiji, on being YOU!

Kevin Thomas

Full Throttle: Charlie's Angels 2

Kevin tore it up on the kickball diamond this week to earn Player of the Week honors. In spectacular fashion, Kevin had multiple kicks that resulted in RBIs and extra base hits as well as making some fine plays on defense.

Teigh Bowen

Bases Wild

The whole reason people usually play sports is to have fun! If there is anyone who knows how to have fun it is Teigh. Not only does he make sure that he has tons of fun but he makes sure that his whole team has fun while playing. He does this in so many different ways. One way he does this is by making sure everyone has a great walk up song. Another way he does this is by encouraging his teammates and always making them laugh. No matter what the score Teigh is there to make sure his team is having a good time and is always there with some encouragement. Not only does he make sure to have fun but he also contributes by getting solid hits to help his team score runs. Way to go Teigh! Keep having tons of Fun!

Megan Funkhouser

Indy #V32

Megan Funkhouser earned the player of the week title with her awesome hustle! She powered through a double-header and Megan had a great positive attitude throughout both matches :) Her passes were solid and her serves were powerful! Nice work Megan!!

Ryan Stillwell


Ryan always bring his A game every week but this week he definitely had an A+. He was all over the field, from his normal spot at pitcher to second base he was recording outs on groundouts and on line drives. He wasn't too shabby on offense either, with a few solid kicks and RBIs.

Kenji Spielman

Therminators Keeping It Classy

What can be said about Kenji that he hasn't already said to everyone else? Kenji is a delight to be around, whether on your team or not. He's quick with a joke, or he'll light up the scoreboard with a base poke...and there's no place he'd rather be. His outfits never fail to surprise as you aren't sure if he just returned from the mountains or standing in for the Brian Setzer Orchestra. Zoot Suit Riot!!

Steph Scarbrough

Booty Bumps

Steph Scarbrough is this weeks player of the week! She had great serves and consistent hits! Steph also worked well with her team and had fun :) The best part was the booty bump dance at the end! ;) Way to go Steph!!