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     Thursdays - February 25th

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Players of the Game

Apr 20 - Apr 29

Kati F

Sassy Sasquatches

Great inning saving catch in LC.

Katie C

Milwaukie's Best - Indy #S2

Great catch in left. Even fooled ME!

Erin Miller: Took a licking at second & kept on ticking.

Players of the Week

Apr 20 - Apr 29

Sherri Draws the Big Walk

Milwaukie Lumber

Sherri Hinzmann came to play tonight. By her own admission, it had "been a while" since she played softball. That didn't deter her from giving her best effort and, come her last bat, the determination paid off in coaxing a walk vs the Viking pitcher. A big roar went up from her teammates. The Milwaukie Lumber Company feels like a family out there with the way they support each other and tonight was no exception. Congratulations Sherri and the Milwaukie Lumber Company... you are this week's Player of the Week!

Jen Krebsbach

All About that Ace

Jen was a vital piece of the team this week! She was key in motivating the team to keep going and come back and win games 2 and 3 and player of the game. Along with her great motivation Jen had some great swings and fantastic digs to round out the night. Great work Jen!

Lillian Klug

Lilly Fights Through Sickness to Play Like a Champ

Everybody gets sick. Not everybody get sick and then comes out to dodge ball and dominates. Lilly did it all in the Ballrats 4-0 win vs Blue Balls. She pegged out rivals, caught balls, was the last woman standing in one of the games... and did it all while nursing the flu. It was an amazing display of grit and determination that truly embodies the Underdog spirit. Great job, Lilly! You're this week's Player of the Week!

Julie Lesseg


Julie Lesseg of Sportland was all over the place on Wednesday night at Tubman - but in a GOOD way! Her consistency throughout the match vs. Double Digits was amazing and she can do it all. She got to business at net and drove ball after ball over the net with uncanny precision and kill skills. Let's not even talk about service accuracy - a near perfect night at the line which resulted in many runs of points delivered by Julie's power. With her all-around great games, Julie was able to lead her Sportland teammates in a 2-1 victory and sealed the deal on naming her POTW for April 27!

Sarah Breninger

Balls Deep!

Balls Deep embraced a balls to the wall, go big or go home mentality this week. They sacrificed their bodies and charged at the net to save rogue hits. Especially Sarah! Sarah powered her serves and sprinted to manage out of bounds plays. She was an all star and very spirited. She displayed genuine sportsmanship with a knack for humorous banter. Hopefully her toenail did not fall off!!

Erin Peterson

Notorious D.I.G

Erin helped lead her fearsome foursome this week to victory. She wasn't just always in the right place at the right time, but she made amazing plays while she was there. Her awesome passing from the back row kept many balls alive in this close match. She was ready for the tip when it came her way and then to top it off she had a couple GREAT back row attacks. She was the well deserved player of the week! Great work Erin.

Taylor Torgerson

Taylor has a flare for the dramatic.

In trying to field a ball on Thursday night at Westmoreland Park, Taylor had the unfortunate experience of being struck near the eye with the ball. The ball hit his glasses and left a pretty nasty gash under his eye, probably requiring stitches. I was really impressed with how calm he stayed as he left the field to head for the hospital saying "Hey. It's all part of the game." I think his calmness really put his team at ease and made the best of an unfortunate situation. It's this grace that has made Taylor Torgerson, Week 3's Player of the Week.

Linda Okereke

Sets on the Beach

This week Sets on the beach had a tough double header and they had to play with 5! Linda was great player this week helping make adjustments to their back row when playing defense and was a great server throughout the night. Throughout it all Linda was a great sport and had an awesome attitude. Great job Linda!

Abe Schram

I'd Hit That!

Wheeling up the baskets before play at the Friendly House is a pain... unless Abe Schram does it for you. Sensing that I was getting tired of turning the pole, Abe stepped up and offered to do the remaining turning for me. It was much appreciated and I was happy to give his team most of the close calls in the ensuing game. Just kidding! Congrats though, Abe. You are this week's Player of the Week!

Carli Bergey

Sloppie Sets

Carli Bergey is our first POTW of the Wednesday Spring Softcore Season at Tubman and she earned that honor from some definite hard work. Sloppie Sets only had 4 players, so Carli decided to cover the floor not only for herself, but for those missing 2 teammates. We counted at least 6 times that Carli flung herself across the floor for agile digs and saves - good thing she had knee pads, because they were put to good use. Her enthusiasm was contagious as the Sloppies gained momentum throughout the match and ended the third set with the closest margin of loss, 25-20. One of her dives even included a nifty tuck and roll, bouncing back up for the next hit. Amazing work Carli!