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Players of the Game

Oct 13 - Oct 20

Dominique V

For Hits and Giggles

Awesome enthusiasm!

Cassidy P

Lost Boys

Defensive wall at shortstop!

Seth B

Big Pink

Great brownies!

Chris K


Leadoff sparked the team to a 11 run first inning and they never looked back

Anna G


She's the bomb!

Sam W

Indy #K8 - Flatliners

Memorialized for the go ahead kick!

Anna N

Indy #K8 - Flatliners

For staying alive. Great pitching!

Angelo D

One Flew Over

Gettin older but still kicking!!

Pete J


2 run RBI double in 6th to win the game.

Players of the Week

Oct 13 - Oct 20

Nicole Marquez

Notorious D.I.G. - Indy #V45

Nicole from Notorious D.I.G. is Player of the Week! She was super scrappy and was hustling all over the court, reading every single hit and tip from the opposing team. She was calling the ball and communicating with her teammates when setting. Have you seen so many beautiful back sets? Congratulations to Nicole!!!

Erin Wallman

Block Party

The courts were alive this week as each player was fighting for every single point trying to help their team climb to the top in the Playoff games! Erin from Block Party was getting down and scrappy when it came to fighting for those points. She had an incredible dive from the back row to get that ball up and it didn't end there! it was the start of an awesome play that was quite the showdown at the net! This game was truly a make or break moment for these teams as they battled it out to see who would move to the top and Erin was making the most of that moment along with her entire team! Congrats Erin on being our Player of the Week!

Megan Foley

Flatliners PoTW

Megan lead the charge for the Flatliners this week with very impressive fielding and kicking. Never sure about where she would kick it, Megan kept the defense on their toes. And when those high, moon shot kicks were sent out towards her in left field, she wrangled them with ease and got the ball back in to the infield to the dismay of batters and base runners alike. Nice job Megan and good luck next week!

Aznegashe Yelma

Baby Got Pass - Indy #V46

Oh my goodness! Talk about putting in the work! Aznegashe is dedicated to her team and by that I mean that at game point with the score reading 23-24 she did not even take a second to hesitate diving right at the bleachers to get the ball up! She really kept her team fighting point for point because its never over until its over! Thats the kind of effort that changes an entire game around! Aznegashe is.truly a team player, she puts in the work for the points and is always talking her team up and keeping the communication going. Congrats on being player of the week Aznegashe! Keep up the awesome work!

Kelsyn Tsubaki

You've Been Served

Wow! I guess you could say Kelsyn really lives up to his team name, You've Been Served, because all you have to do is watch his serve and know that he came to play! Volleyball is a team sport but serving is the one part of volleyball that is really up to one player. In that moment you have all the control of where the ball goes and Kelsyn takes complete advantage of that with his jaw dropping serves! He has the power and control of a jump serve without even having to leave the ground! This along with their teams awesome effort and communication lead to them taking home the win in not one but both of their games this week! Awesome serves and congrats on being player of the week Kelsyn!

Jeffrey Bryan Secures First Win for Low Expectations

Low Expectations - Indy #S13

In a battle of a couple teams that were looking to get their first win of the season, Low Expectations had high expectations. And on Monday night they followed through on those high expectations. In a back and forth game, it came down to the bottom of the 6th inning. Homestead Sluggers only needed 1 run to tie the ball game. With 2 outs and a runner on 1st base, there was a deep, slicing ball to left. With the lights shining and wind gusts, this was not going to be an easy play. But Jeff prevailed by reaching his glove into the clear night sky and snagged the fly ball. Fittingly enough it was a snow cone catch. Great job Jeff and nice work getting that first win!

Brooks Schaener

Pitch Please PoTW

You want the truth? Brooks is tall. So tall in fact that when he jumps, he's even taller. Brooks made some fantastic plays in the field this week as Pitch Please put forth a valiant effort in the playoffs. An honorable mention to Wendi, who keeps it positive 100 percent of the time at catcher. Despite Josh's best and worst efforts from the pitching mound, this battery, and the whole team for that matter is a cohesive unit. Good job Pitch Please and hope to see you next season!

Josh Howard

Straight Shots

No matter how intense the competition, there should always be for collaborating on an epic playlist. Josh repeatedly gave the thumbs up on the song choice bumping from the blue tooth, even when concentrating on defense. Josh’s commitment to keeping the party going with the perfect soundtrack embodied the Underdog spirit with his attitude. For increasing the fun had by all, Josh is our Player of the Week. Congratulations!

Jaimee King

Getting Our Bump On - Indy #V50

Jaimee not only brought a team of exceptional score keepers. She was the life of the party!! Bantering with the other team, alert and full of playful energy. Her team lit up their opponents in game two and I’d credit it to her spunk!!

Courtney Severson

Roustabouts PoTW

Courtney caught absolutely everything coming her way this week. If someone had a cold, she might have picked that up too. We checked the gloves...there was no stickum. Nice going Courtney and keep it up!