Softball at Westmoreland is cancelled both Monday, April 24th and Tuesday, April 25th due to field conditions.
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Players of the Game

Apr 12 - Apr 24

Stanley R

99 Problems

Large human status achieved

Jessica k


D and TD pass

Kwame E


Catch in the back of the end zone.

Allyn T

Swear to drunk I'm not god

Offense + defense that's Y

Dominique J

Back That Pass Up

Long td

Nathaniel G


Excellent work on offense.

Brian S


Tha jukes

Carol K

Cuddle Closet

2. Interceptions

Gregger H

Madden Glitch

The handsome interception

Mark straight ball in on you foolz

Players of the Week

Apr 12 - Apr 24

Alex Brown

The Blue Ballers

Alex started the day off right by getting extra muddy! He had several impressive dives/slides/slips and was definitely not afraid to get dirty.

Mark Ottenberg


For not only being an outstanding player, but also the sportsmanship that accompanies it

Scott Hoback

Scott Leads the Ninjas with Inspirational Play

It was looking like the Net Ninjas weren't going to make it to the Midcore finals on Thursday at Tubman judging from their lackluster performance in the first set of the semifinals vs. Some Spike It Hot. In uncharacteristic fashion, communication and effort just weren't clicking for the team. That's when Captain Scott Hoback took stock of what was on the line and decided to inspire his teammates with some unbelievable athleticism. Scott spent a bulk of his time on the floor finding digs and arms stretched to crazy lengths to keep the ball in play during every volley. He made sure the team was calling out their sets and ups and made some beautiful kills at net on offense. All this added up to winning the last two sets in the semis over SSIH and entering the finals vs. Spiketastic. Scott continued the tactics that were working which resulted in a 3-0 match victory and the Midcore championship. Way to come back after your early season illness, Scott - you've rebounded in amazing fashion and that USL headband looks fabulous on you and your teammates!

Imani Muhammad

Boys and Girls Club

Imani Muhammad is player of the week :) Her new nickname is the volleyball ninja! ;) Karate chopping volleyballs right and left! Showing no mercy! Imani had an awesome serving streak and in between serves did some fancy serve prep with some great moves! She has shown amazing leadership throughout and led her team to victory in the championship game :) Nice work Imani!!

Caitlin Doughty

Caitlin Doughty Powers the Lamas to a Sweep

The Volley Lamas returned to the Wednesday Softcore league at Tubman ready to pick up where they left off last season (well, last week...), with Caitlin leading the charge like nobody's business. Her service is strong, relentless and never seems to miss the intended target. She has a clever service set up with her hitting hand and arm way behind her head. But it is ridiculously effective with the force that she gets from that motion. And ups? Caitlin is the BOSS in getting to those hard to reach and seemingly impossible saves. Behind her strong games, the Lamas were able to sweep We'd Hit That in three sets for a 3-0 match. Go Caitlin!

Daniel Sloan


This weeks player of the week is Daniel Sloan! He is an all around awesome player :) Daniel uses his height well with high jumps doing amazing tips, spikes, blocks! His serves tend to come in streaks because they are hard to pick up! Daniel was working hard on the court with great hustle, dives, and saves :) Incredible playing week after week Daniel!!

Molly Tinling

Spike Club

Molly had an incredible diving dig with her elbow to help her team squeeze out a point! Nice work!

Stewart Wilson

That's What She Set

Stewart Wilson gets player of the week for so many reasons :) He had nice high sets, tough serves, hard spikes, great blocks, and tricky tips! But the coolest play of the game was the perfect head bump and then two moves later the backwards tip! It was awesome! There was also this play where Stewart's teammate saved the ball and it was a low pass and he did a sweet quick spike! Great work Stewart!!

Brodie Bricker

Brodie's Ready to Get to Midcore Finals

Brodie Bricker of Some Spike It Hot must save his best play for the end of the season because he was practically flawless on Thursday at Tubman in the Midcore playoffs vs. Sets on the Beach. He is adaptive and effective at any position, but on Thursday's game, he played a terrific back row by keeping the ball in play no matter how deep back it fell. Rotate a few spots and now Brodie's up front at net where he launched an attack of kills on offense, so it appears that his defensive skills are perfectly aligned with the offense. Some Spike It Hot put the match in the win column with a 2-1 victory over Sets on the Beach and will return next week along with Brodie's energy and attention to detail on both offense and defense.

Alicia Starkey

Air Bud Spikes Back

This week's POTW goes to Alicia Starkey, captain of Air Bud Strikes Back not only because she's a terrific teammate, but because she has managed to bring Air Bud to a new level of play. When they first joined USL, Air Bud struggled to win games let alone make it to the semifinals of the playoffs. Well, that was then and this is now because Air Bud, behind Alicia's amazing leadership, has made themselves into a bona fide contender. Winning in the first round of the Softcore playoffs at Tubman last week, Air Bud found themselves in a match last night vs. Volley Lamas for a chance to play in the finals. Air Bud did all they could to up end the Volleys charge and they battled to a win in the first set, dropped the second, and ultimately were defeated in the match in the third set. But the games were close and Alicia was encouraging and directing her team to play at the best of their ability. So here's to a great season Air Bud Strikes Back and our hats are off to Alicia for her fabulous coaching!