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Players of the Game

Nov 13 - Nov 23

Colin S

Premarital Sets

Flying feats!

Chris W

shaggin balls

Net beast

Stephanie A

Serving it up Hot

No fault service

Sassha J

Notorious D.I.G

Crushing it!!!

Nicci F

Volley Partons

Tonight she was Nicci Serveson!!

Colin D

Dig This

All that consistency!!

Sara F

That’s What She Set

Best setter of all time! She's the greatest.

Alicia S

Air Bud Spikes Back

All those sets!!!

Carrie H

Too Legit

...but we all played amazing!!

Millie L

Setual Healing 2.0

For her serve streak!

Players of the Week

Nov 13 - Nov 23

Vitaliy Groz Is In Da House So Duck and Cover!

CC7D Rules Midcore Tuesday

The gloves were off on Tuesday night at St. Charles in Midcore competition as Vitaliy Groz and his crew on CC7D got to work and absolutely fought to the finish vs. Premarital Sets. In three extremely entertaining sets, these two teams squared off in fierce competition, but none so fierce as Vitaliy. He scored point after point from service line with the most incredibly powerful trajectory that's rarely seen in rec competition. The ball seemed like it launched from a cannon with precision targeting. So tough for the defense to manage! And if that wasn't enough, Vitaliy knows what he's doing in the kill area with a ferocious attacking style. This might have been the match of the season with plenty of wow factor from both teams. We can't wait to see how the season shapes up for CC7D with Vitaliy in command of the ball!

Rachel Kiken

The Empire Spikes Back!!!

Opening night was surely exciting, and especially for this indy team full of strangers that had never played together before. By the end of their match, they were a changed team, both in name and spirit. Emerging as the team leader was Rachel Kiken, who made this transition seamlessly! Ever positive, she encouraged her teammates throughout the game, and began laying the foundation needed for this team to be successful all season. The force is strong with this one, and when her serves are on point...not even a Jedi could stop them. Keep it up Rachel!!!

Kevin Tracy

He's Everywhere!!!

Kevin Tracy of Cathy and the Jugheads can really do it all! There were many times when a ball was thought to be lost and then Kevin came flying from out of nowhere to save the play. Sacrificing body, but never spirit, Kevin took his team to another level in the playoffs tonight. Along with all the saves, Kevin's hits and serves were just as spectacular. Forceful and sinking, they left the competition with their heads spinning. He backs up his team and keeps the competition on their toes. A great all around player to watch. Way to go Kevin!!!!

Kyle McNally

Killer Whales

8-0 run serving to close out the third game and give killer whales the set and game!!!!!!

Heather Cornell

Crazy Dave and the Cigarettes

On a night that her team was killing it and full of life, Heather in her awesomeness as a team captain and leader proudly declared her teammates as all player of the games! However, we all know Heather deserves player of the week for everything she does for her team!

Anna Hoffert

Those Words of Encouragement Though

It's a Hard Bump Life, but not so hard when you have Anna in your corner. Regardless of the player or the team, Anna is congratulatory and supportive. She embodies the true Underdog spirit of sportsmanship and most importantly FUN! Countless times, Anna could be heard sending words of encouragement to her teammates and across the net to the other team, what a sport. Way to go Anna!!

Caleb Unger

Warm Up Beer Down

Caleb was a force to be reckoned with during this championship match. He had countless saves and was earning point after point with his great hits! Though his team, Warm Up Beer Down, didn't end the match with a win, I think they would all agree that Caleb was Champ all on his own!

Alex Nielsen Steals the Show

Premarital Sets

Premarital Sets took on Serving It Up Hot on Opening Day in the Midcore division at St. Charles and Alex Nielsen assumed the commander role. Commanding describes his performance aptly - Alex absolutely shredded the net with an onslaught of mind boggling kills that had the defense on their heels. With some great setting by his teammates, Alex was able to get the perfect ups to feed his swing. While he has the hops and height to be so effective at net, he also has the heart and passion of a champion. Which all led to a 3-0 set victory for Premarital Sets. Alex's power is a serious asset and he knows what to do with it!

Matt Ellertson

Bump the Jams

Matt had an awesome night! They may have not come out with a W in the end, but that isn't what Underdog is about. Matt embodied the hustle, heart, and positivity that is Underdog!

Erica Nukaya

Sloppy Sets

Flannel shirt and all, kept coming through when needed!!! Let’s get him in an underdog shirt and see what else he can do!!!!