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Players of the Game

Aug 11 - Aug 18

Austin F

Uncle Juice

Continued dominance on the mound!

Daniel S

Chupacabra Tsunami

Superb play at shortstop!

Marlee G

Polite Alcoholics

Outstanding enthusiasm and toughness/hustle after a collision into the fence.

Erika O

Lost City of Advantis

Outstanding catch at second base!

Kristin R

Chupacabra Tsunami

Tough defense to go along with some timely base hits.

Jessica S

Big Pink

Tough attitude!

Susan H


BIG double splitting the left-center and right-center fielders

scotty s

Bag O’ Digs

Tall and handsome

Commanda Amanda FTW!

Traeger P

Good Vibes

For being a one man show!

Players of the Week

Aug 11 - Aug 18

Kenny May Helps Game-Changers Advance


In a must-win game on Thursday night, Kenny May provided an outstanding performance. It started in the mound where he was all over the strike zone. And, of course, at the plate, Kenny launched a 3 run home run over the center field fence. Those runs came in crucial later in the game because the final score was 20-19. Nice job, Kenny!

Daniel Slavik

Chupacabra Tsunami

“There are three types of baseball players: Those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and those who wonder what happens.” Tommy Lasorda Tonight Daniel “made it happen” covering the left side of the infield at shortstop.

Brock Baumgartner

Hump Day Cuddles Cuddle Party

Is it Brock or is it Brian? Brock shows up with a smile on his face each week. Thank you for your stellar attitude Brock.

The Walk-off At Westmoreland

Bottom of the Fifth Lives Up To Their Name

Both sides scoring early and often, Bottom of The Fifth scored early and big, putting up 10 in the bottom of the second to take the lead 11-8. The top of the third brought a massive inning for Just Send It putting up seven runs to reclaim the lead 15-11. As these long innings continued, it seemed as though 5 innings would be the maximum number of innings due to time; I guess you can say it was destined to happen with Bottom of The Fifth being the home team. As the bottom of the fitfth began, the score was 18-14 after Just Send It put up two to extend its lead going into the final inning; it seemed only fitting that Bottom of The Fifth came out reckless abandon in the part of the game they named themselves after, getting the first two runners on early followed up by two quick outs. With two away, runners at second and third, Kayla Cross stepped up to the plate. Cross had been attack mode all night at the dish and on the first pitch rolls one up the middle to bring in both runs for the win. It was an exciting night for all three games, but this final game was when heck of a way to wrap up the Wednesday night playoff match ups at Westmoreland; one for the ages if you ask me.

Jennie Feiss


Over-Ezz had a back to back game line up with one especially shining star. Setter!!! Setter!!! She heated up the hype, kept the team energy at 100 and was always one to chatter encouragement to her team and opponents during serve rallies. Jamming to her own song, the girl wouldn’t stop wiggling!! How funky is your chicken!!?! Congrats Jennie!! You’re player of the week!

Kylie Freeman Leads ChumbaWumba to an Undeafeated Record


Chumbawumba needed a victory on Monday night to keep pace with the league leaders. Kylie supplied a stellar performance at the plate, consistent play in the field, and great sportsmanship. She was contributed to the fun-spirited game on Monday and that is what Underdog is all about. Nice job, Kylie!

Bat on Fire

Leads team to next round

Jesse was a big time spark for his team! He started on the mound pitching with some mean curve and finished in the outfield with some nice throws. But it was his bat and energy which made for a special day. He was crushing the ball to left field and always hustling for the extra base. A spectacular, dusty slide to 3rd was one of the games many highlights! Good luck in the next round!

Jessie Doesn't Let a Boxer's Fracture Slow Her Down

Gym Class Heroes

As we've seen over and over in this league, it's hard enough to catch a flying kickball with two good hands. Not for Jessie Robert though. Jessie showed up to Peninsula Park on Sunday (and at Red Rubber for that matter) with one hand casted up in a boxer's fracture set (not sure who she punched but that's neither here nor there). And, like a boss, made catch after catch in RF. Most people wouldn't have even attempted to play in that cast, but Jessie isn't most people. Setting yourself apart from the rank and file... that's what makes a Player of the Week!

Crystal Culver-Vega

Sons of Pitches

Crystal balled out on Sunday. She made literally a half dozen impressive running catches to take hits away and keep runs off the board for Syndicate and Fireballz. In an afternoon full of talented players, she was far and away, the best on the field. Crystal was equally as steady at the plate, smacking the ball around the yard and making an impact when it counted. Ultimately, Sons of Pitches came up short in the championship game, but Crystal was the indisputable MVP on Sunday!

Julie Nelson

Scared Hitless

Her camelback fully loaded a knack for calling the right pitch at the right time behind the plate, Julie has been a mainstay for the defense of Scared Hitless all season long. Even though she has struggled at the plate at times this season, Julie's willingness to work on her swing and take advice from her teammates this season finally paid off with some serious solid contact all game long. With Julie finding her hitting groove and new found confidence at the plate, team Scared Hitless looks to be a force to be reckoned with the playoffs just around the corner.