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Players of the Game

Dec 6 - Dec 16

Great Comeback!!!

Jessica W


Had hands even in the ran!!

Charles C

Random Strangers: The Quattro

Game clinching interception

Mariko Y


Welcome back

Jon G

Gas Grass & Ass

Must be...had to be.

Players of the Week

Dec 6 - Dec 16

Ryan Malone

House of Paincakes

Ryan Malone from House of Paincakes is Player of the Week! He had a huge presence on the court as he was digging for balls, blocking at the net and attacking from the front and back row. He seriously could be the next Superman! He chased every ball and gave it his all. His supportive and positive attitude is inspiring. He acknowledged and praised each of his teammates' efforts. Congratulations to Ryan!

Amee Finigan

Saved By The Ball

Amee is an awesome teammate. During warm up she helped her other teammate by coaching with them on the best way to hold their hands when trying to bump a ball. While on the court Amee does a great job of keeping her eye on the ball. She was able to predict where it would go and had some great digs that assisted her team in getting it back over. She’s a well-rounded player in sets, bumps, and serves but more importantly she is an awesome team player. Amee truly supports her team in the best way, being herself.

adam holovics

All Star Subs

On occasion, sports offer a platform for an athlete to transcend the competition and the game played. Such was the case when Adam of All Star Subs transcended volleyball with his consistent performance.  Notably, All Star Subs turned to Adam when they needed serves to land. Time and time again, Adam answered answered the call, recording a perfect game of serves along the way. The big moment came in the last set when Adam served five in a row. For his perfect game of serves performance, Adam is our Player of the Week! Congratulations!

Cassidy Padilla-Gamonia and Zachery Watson are athletic powerhouses!

All Sets Are Off Went Out with an Incredible Effort by All

Zach is a freaking tank. He and Cassidy are both absolute rockstars both on the softball field and volleyball court. Their kid, Hayden, is an adorable lil guy too. Zach's got a killer back-row attack and great air time. Cassidy has incredible setting hands and is super quick at getting to the ball, full commitment, body to floor immediately. These two are great sports and always team players. With the whole family in on the fun, the three of them are definitely what Underdog is all about. Though All Sets Are Off's season may have come to an end, they fought the whole way and I hope they have a great holiday season!

Nathaniel Guard

All About That Block

Nathaniel is always ready and gives his all on each point. Great saves tonight and never let up! Fun to watch and all around good sportsmanship!!!

Tori Lopez

Gettin our Bump On

Tori did an awesome job playing tonight! They are a great example of team player. Tori was going after the plays and had some wonderful digs that got the ball up meeting the team play off of it. Tori was vocal on the court, communicating to the team, and off court by cheering their teammates. Tori’s sportsmanship showed when they joined the other team to even out the players on the court. They gave their all then as well, watch out because Tori has a killer serve.

Rachel Kiken

Area 51

Talk about some strength!!! What first caught my eye was Rachel's powerful serves. I mean she makes it look so effortless despite the power she packs behind that ball! If she doesn't reign in her power her serves can make it clear to the other side of the court and smack the wall, which trust me is no small feat! Not only that but she can rack up the power behind her hits too! No fancy shmancy foot work needed, you set Rachel up and she'll walk right up to that ball and next thing you know its slamming down to the floor on the other side of the net! Awesome job Rachel and congrats on being our player of the week!

Jason Severson

Roustabouts PoTG

Those Roustabouts are setting up shop at the top of the bracket with another offensively efficient offensive output this past week. Jason uses his high flag football IQ to slice and dice defenses. Rain or shine, the Roustabouts are ready to go and they were firing on all cylinders this Sunday. Great job Roustabouts and congrats to Jason for Player of the week! Thanks for the great attitude and a competitive nature that stays positive!

Preston Miller

Cromartie's Kids PoTG

Despite being denied a stat padding touchdown or two due to penalty, Preston showed flashes of brilliance on the field with both speed and decisiveness. Preston also has displayed great sportsmanship this season helping out other teams and keeping the mood positive. Thanks Preston, you are a true Underdog athlete

Steven Novak Breaks the Record for POTW

Bump Set Brews

Steven has been around USL for many years, played and subbed on many teams, in various venues, on sand and hardwood, in thick or thin. Steven is definitely reliable, but even better, he's definitely skilled and has been a frequent recipient of the POTW honor over the years. The Bump Set Brews took on Sets on Sets on Sets in a great Midcore matchup at St. Charles with the intensity cranked up. Steven took his energy up to high gear and was a beast with kill shots over net that resulted in numerous defensive breakdowns. Especially impressive was his sliding one-arm dig that spiraled over to land perfectly on the inside of the line and out of the reach of the defender. That ability comes with playing the hundreds of games Steven participates in year after year. Dedication pays off and once again, another POTW is bestowed on Steven Novak!