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Players of the Game

Feb 15 - Feb 25

Manish P


Manesh was da man - what a great effort!

Jared D

Some Spike it Hot

Beast mode

Caitlin W

Perfect Strangers

Game winning serve!

Julia D

2 Legit 2 Hit

Superb kicks!

Andrea L

Indy #V11

Great serves!

Chaudrey B

awkward high fives

Great saves

Desiree C

Let's talk about sets, baby!

No ball got by her

Vivian P

Nice Piece of Ace

Rocked it!

Michael S

We Always Get it Up

Great hustle

Andrew L


Awesome spikes

Players of the Week

Feb 15 - Feb 25

Natalie Brown

Block party

Natalie Brown of Block Party is a force to be reckoned with and has loads of energy! She showed her teammates and competitors on Dinkheads that she wasn't taking any part of her game lightly. Natalie had some really great one-handed saves which seems to be her specialty. And by sliding out of bounds to save every ball she could, she was able to help her teammates pull out a game 3 25-15 win after losing the first two sets. All due to the momentum and energy Natalie brings with her to the court each week - great performance!

Kirsten Vogel

Perfect Strangers

The player of the week is Kirsten Vogel for her outstanding plays! She is an all around great player :) Kirsten has excellent strong serves! And consistently has nice passes! Way to go Kirsten!!

Mackenzie Harrington

Notorius D.I.G

Mackenzie Harrington did an awesome job on the court this week! She was saving all kinds of balls and doing great passes on serve receive! MacKenzie had great hits and serves :) Nice job Mackenzie!!

Adrienne Tozier de la Poterie


If Adrienne Tozier de la Poterie is anything, she's DEPENDABLE! This woman is rock solid when it comes to volleyball. From flawless, hard and accurate serving to assists and settings that are spot on and terrific net play, Adri can be counted on to bring the goods every week. The Blundercats battled the Straight Shots volley for volley in the first set behind Adri's pounding and consistent service, but came up a bit short, 26-24 and also dropped the last two sets. The losses were offset by Adri's great sportswomanship, with jokes and fun in the midst of competition. I'm sure if you needed a teammate on any sort of project or endeavor, Adri would be the ultimate doer, because you can count on a job well done!

David Jones

Sets on the Beach - Indy #V3

David Jones played a great game! He gets player of the week for style! David had a pancake, a nice save hit, a dig out of the net, a nice set pass, lots of block touches, and some amazing spin serves! On top of all of that he was supporting his team by cheering them on :) Awesome job David!!

Maggie McKeel

Bump up the Jam

Bump up the Jam had their best match yet! Maggie McKeel earned player of the week by showing great teamwork! She had good passes and communicated well :) Maggie's serves were awesome! I saw her do a nice tip and some good spikes! Well done Maggie!!

Tricia Peebles

Team Buddy

Tricia played spectacular in her game yesterday against the Misfits. Both teams played very well and displayed very good effort. Tricia stood out because of her awesome fielding out in center field. The Misfits and I watched in amazement as she continued to catch sky scraper balls over and over. She was unstoppable in the field confidently catching every ball that came her way. Tricia was a huge factor in her teams win and is an amazing player overall!

Tony Frey

Double Fireball

Tony Frey has been a consistently all around great player all season! He has very nice sets :) Tony also has very good serves! He's a well rounded volleyball player. Awesome job Tony!!

Carrie Martin

Carrie Martin Rises to Midcore Challenge

Carrie Martin and her fellow Dinks were a little concerned over their advancement from Softcore to Midcore league, but judging from their 2-1 performance vs. Sets on the Beach on Thursday at Tubman, they have nothing to worry about. Led by Carrie's outstanding play, especially the unbelievable amount of saves she made, the Dinks shook off any nerves they may have had by about 5 minutes into the first set, winning 25-18. The second set was a barnburner, with Carrie's flawless service gaining points, with some great long volleys to watch. The Dinks lost a tough one in the second, 26-24, but roared back in the third to clinch the match. Carrie's attention to every play and savvy leadership on the floor will make for some great Midcore competition this season!

Chris Morales

wee-bit dodgy

Chris played great last night with his team. Wee-bit dodgy had a tough match up against Hella Serial however the matches were very close and exciting to watch. Chris stood out as an all around awesome player. I could tell that he was getting very into the matches and playing very well with his team, while also having a great time. Chris has amazing hustle and displays excellent athleticism on the court with his quick dodges and powerful throws. Chris is an asset to his team and always helps maintain a good time for his team.