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Players of the Game

Oct 1 - Oct 8

Allison M

Portland Webfoots

Game ending high pressure catch


chupacabra tsunami

He stopped the fire

Jenny S

Montavillage People

Great defense at 2nd

Eric S

Bumpin Buddies

He took it in the face like a pro

Leniece L

Green Bombers

Leniece is player of the game even though she was late she was really amazing birthday versatile imp

Andrea W

Joy of Sets

Because of that one hit

Joshua Z

Awkward High Fives

The word of the day is...power

And 1848 a.k.a. orange crush the entire team is the player of the match

Marissa H

Just the Tip

She has really good rice crispy treats

Players of the Week

Oct 1 - Oct 8

Webfoots have found a talisman

Ilana Maccia claims to have never played softball before... Everyone found that difficult to believe as the Webfoots' catcher dominated all over the field Thursday night. Even though Ilana muttered anxiously to herself before every at bat, she went 4-4 with 3 RBIs. Not to mention some great work behind the plate, recording a highlight-worthy diving catch for an out. With Ilana onboard, the Webfoots just might have what it takes to go the distance.

Maria Wendt

Spike Club South - Indy #V44

Maria is this week's player of the week for East Moreland. Every week Maria gets better and better. Her confidence is on the rise and this week she dominated with good serves, great sets, and an awesome underdog spirit. Great job improving week in and week out Maria, keep up the good work.

Kaycee Pershing


Injury didn't slow Kaycee down in her game versus Bumpin' Uglies. A minor collision sent her to the sideline where she adapted to become her team's ultimate cheerleader. Her sportsmanship never swayed and neither did her desire to play. She hopped into set 3 cracking jokes with a fun mentality. Down 2 sets, her team rallied to game point. Kaycee's final serve rocketed over the net to claim a set victory. Needless to say, POTW is awarded to this black eyed spectacular player.

Katie Humm


A highly active and fun showdown ended in a Sportland 2 to 1 victory against Can You Dig It. Katie's raw flair shined bright earning her POTW. Blocker, stopper, server, hitter, digger, she was unbeatable. Tuck and rolls, dive and goes, she took her flexibility and vertical movements to another level.

Maria Mitchell

Maria Lends a Helping Hand

During Milwaukie Lumber Company's victory over the Point West Players on Tuesday night at Westmoreland Park, I saw A LOT of great sportsmanship from a lot of people (not taking extra bases, allowing players of the opposing team to reach base, Harvey running for himself)... but none greater than Maria Mitchell's. Maria took the time, both during the game and afterwards, to help another Maria from Point West Players with tips on how to become a better hitter. It's sportsmanship like this that exemplifies the Underdog Sports spirit and is what our league is all about. Congratulations, Maria. You are Week 5's Player of the Week!

Christopher Creasing

Homeless Cougars

The monkey onesie dawned another Underdog game. A hooded ensemble with ears and a long tail, Chris has intimidating written all over him. King Kong, himself, would fear his rapid swings, wild serves and quick attacks. His mix of distraction and skill contributed to Homeless Cougars' three victories.

Emily Bartolme

Volleymaniacs aka Emily & Friends

Emily Bartolme is so well-loved on the Volleymaniacs, that her fellow teammates enthusiastically and unanimously nominated her for POTW. And if that wasn't enough, they are lobbying to change the team name to "EMILY & FRIENDS"! Well, why not? Emily has a wonderful way of encouraging her teammates to perform to their best ability each time out, not to mention her incredible play on Tuesday night. So infectious are Emily's skills on defense and setting, that Volleymaniacs/Emily & Friends easily cruised to a three-set win over You Can't Set With Us. Digging and service is her specialty and Tuesday was no exception as Emily gained point after point in her team's favor. Not only does Emily have game, but she has FRIENDS and that's the best attribute of all!

Kevin Raos

Purple Reign

Kevin pitched not one but two solid games of softball which helped lead his team to victory and to advance in the playoffs. He was solid on the mound both games and made some great defenses plays in the field even saving a run from being scored. Not only did he play great in the field and pitch a great game, he also had a solid night at the plate helping his team add runs to their score. Kevin had a solid night of softball which helped lead his team to a victory and to upset the number 1 seed in the playoffs.

Bryan Rott

Set-sy and We Know It - Indy #V40

Famously known as Bacon on the court, Bryan is a man of skill. He tailored his victory hits and signature serves to his team's sideline soundtrack. He murmured sound effects between transitions which rallied Set-sy in a grueling second set. Certainly, the highlight was Bacon and his team's themed dance. They are so Set-so and we know it.

Samuel Cheek

The REAL Teal Deal - Indy #V46

Sam the Man! This weeks player of the week goes to Samuel Cheek and that is for displaying great sportsmanship and the true definition of Underdog Volleyball. Within his game he had one of the best diving pancake hits I've ever seen! It even sent the ball flying over the net and The REAL Teal Deal ended up winning the point! Keep up the hard work Sam and good luck the rest of the way!