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Players of the Game

May 17 - May 25

Brian- making catches and hustling

Brian V

Going Hard With A Rubber

Amazing catches at first

Jennifer C

Going Hard With A Rubber

Great catch in last inning

Pete J


Wild thing!

Christina P


Great service!

Erica N

Sloppy Sets

Subbed for We'd Hit That

Carly improves every game!

Kayla R

Spikes Girls - Indy #V19

Tough spikes!

Parker K

School of Hard Blocks

Awesome serving!

Players of the Week

May 17 - May 25

Breanne Corral

Lost City of Advantis

Bre Plays with a great attitude all the time, she encourages her team after every play, and plays a mean 2nd base. Her positive attitude rubs off on her team and it makes for a fun evening! She turned a double play to the end the game and everyone had a blast!!

Megan Tatara

I am really bad at naming things

Megan had an amazing dig early in the game then had several awesome serves! Good job Megan!

Ben Hennes

Puff, Puff, Pass, Set, Spike

The player of the week title goes to Ben Hennes for his all around superstar plays! He helped push his team to victory with his quickness! Ben had a lot of awesome amazing spikes and his serves were equally impressive! His teammates can always count on him to have their backs :) Good work Ben!!

Aaron Kennedy

C+C Kickball Factory

There simply isn't anyone else on the planet like Aaron Kennedy. Completely embodying the spirit of Underdog Kickball, Aaron goes out of his way to bring some life to the game, whether it's via a pre-kick handshake, a solid booty shake, or hugs for the other team. Not just that, but Aaron also did a great job of swinging right over the ball, not once, but twice, leading to a good old fashioned strikeout (let it be known that Aaron thought this was one of the greatest accomplishments of his life). Thanks for making a hot day a lot cooler Aaron!

Wendi Schaener

Pitch Please

Wendi is our player of the week!!! She caught both games of the double header, played some awesome defense and scored 5 runs with her bat!! She tagged any runner trying to score on her behind the plate, Wendi was SOLID!!

John Paul

Jerry Jones Landscaping

With a current injury, still nothing stopped him from coming to watch and cheer on his team. A solid pitcher, defensive and offensive player who we look forward to having back in the game soon.

Zack Frey

Player of the Week: Zack Frey, Balls and Dolls

Zack Frey pitched back-to-back complete games Sunday afternoon and also came up big for his team at the plate. Zack legged out multiple home runs with his speed and hustle and consistently managed to get on base during the doubleheader. Zack brought a great attitude to the field and had a memorable day on both defense and at the plate. For his performance and positive attitude, Zack is definitely deserving of Player of the Week!

Lindsay Jenkins

Xavier's School For Gifted Hitters - Indy #S5

Lindsay made every play that came her way, every high pop up she caught I the outfield, to ripping a triple down the line!! Lindsay was all over the field with s good play, and encouraging words!!

Jamil Panni

Commie Tsunami

For being one to always cheer his team on, and always hustling to first base, he brings the game with him each time.

Dan Kellenberger

Gym Class Heroes - Indy #K2

Dan played great on Wednesday night. Despite the crummy field conditions, Dan still managed so cover a ton of ground out in left field making some pretty amazing catches. Dan also displayed a very fun attitude throughout the game making it enjoyable to ref. Dan is a great support for his team and has a lot of fun on the field!