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Players of the Game

Oct 12 - Oct 23

Andrea F

Sets on the Beach

Sets galore!

Kelly B

dOnT AsK

Made a lot of critical plays!

Kevin F

We're not Drunk. Just Happy

Service and kills win matches!

Emily G


Saves at the net

Reginald P

Blocky Seconds

He was everywhere

Hillary B

Haystack Hitters

Great swings

Jessie R

Serves You Right

For keepin it together

Emily M

Indy #V34

Tackling skills

Angie - first game back

Players of the Week

Oct 12 - Oct 23

Maddy Stolowitz

Rookie Has Game!

Maddy showed up tonight new to the cornhole scene at Brewstop, but that didn't stop her! Her first game was her time to warm up and dial in her game. The second round she caught fire! She had an unbelievable sinker late in the match-clenching victory to seal the deal. Way to go Maddy, keep it up!

Tara the Torrid Tipper


Sorry to say that if you're on the offense at net against Tara O'Connor of Calibrators, you've got quite a challenge on your hands. She uses her height to an incredible advantage as she is always ready for the block and defensive play. And she was certainly ready for the challenge at the Midcore quarterfinals vs. doNt Ask. With arms raised high, Tara performed some fantastic blocking defense against agressive offense from her opponent's front row. And she also delivered a few fancy tips that were soft as a feather and just out of reach. Tara and the rest of the Calibrators cruised to victory in two sets and launched them into the semifinals next week. And of course, Tara will be front and center at the net!

Rebecca Franceschi

Power Play!

This week's POTW at Tubman on Wednesday nights is a player who performs with nothing less than her all every week. Rebecca Franceschi brings the POWER week in and week out. You can almost see the defense cower when she delivers her rocket-speed service and crushing blows at net with her kill ability. Inspiring her Sportland teammates with her energy and force, Rebecca made sure that her team came out on top vs. Net Gains III in the tournament. Sportland won a nail-biter in the first set, 26-24, but lost a bit of focus in the second by losing 25-21. Rebecca shined the rest of the way and lead her team to a 25-22 victory in the third set to land them in the championship game next week. No doubt Rebecca will be bringing her tremendous skills for a great match up - can't wait to see it!

Abby DeUyl


Powerhouse Abby DeUyl's consistently great plays make her player of the week! She served tough and hit 'em hard! She was always on the move, ready, and up blocking. With nice passes, good tips, and some pretty amazing saves she helped her team of 4 win a tight match against a team of 6! I especially like that she had words of encouragement for the competing team :) You're awesome Abby!!

Margeret Lender

Indy #V38

Good things come in small packages... Margeret Lender showed that in a big way this week! Her nice hits, good passes, and great saves helped her team have 3 really close games. She was always ready to go with a smile :) and displayed good communication calling the ball. I liked when she popped a hard spike up straight to the setter with super quick reflexes! Great job Margeret!!

Matthew Steiner

Scared Hitless

This weeks player of the week is Matt Steiner! He is a great all around player, always hustling to keep the ball in play :) Matt plays great defense and had some great hits and tips too! All three games were intense and it was a very close match. Way to keep it fun and interesting Matt!!

Popcorn Tonight!

Kearnels were hot!

Catalina had a great night. Best night of her career. As Aric from 'Slidin it in' put it, "She was throwing the heeeat!" Can't wait to see how she starts next season!

Jeff Markovics

Sets on the Beach

All around good plays make Jeff from Sets on the Beach POTW! He had good serves and tips. Kept good communication flowing with his teammates, also being very encouraging. Had an awesome hit receive. Loved the enthusiasm and positive energy! And of course good sets to live up to the team name :) Jeff was always hustling and helped his team of 4 hold their own against a team of 6 with a very close first game. Very impressive match! Way to go Jeff!!

Jenna Moller

Blocky Seconds

This week our Player of the Week goes out to Jenna from the Blocky Seconds! Jenna is so much fun, and she likes to keep upbeat on the court at all times. Especially rocking those sweet dance moves as a middle blocker. Great job Jenna making friends everywhere you go and always offering to play in when teams are short, you rock :)

Josh George

NetGains III

Had a great time watching Josh from Netgains lll giving 100% on the court gaining him the title of POTW! He was always moving and ready to get the ball, even managing to make a basket in the process! Love it! Saw him do a couple smooth tips to gain points also :) Good job giving your all Josh!!