Support Our Stripes

Funding for out-of-work referees, umpires, and league supervisors.




This is an unprecedented time in our history and it is affecting people in many ways. As a small business without the ability to run our normal leagues, many of the near 100 beloved referees, umpires, and supervisors you see at the fields and courts every week are out of work.  These are the individuals that try their hardest each week to Create Fun for each and every player in our leagues across the city. Without them, Underdog wouldn’t exist as we know it. 


Our referees, umpires, and supervisors come from many walks of life and each are in a unique situation. Some rely on this work with Underdog to support themselves or their families while being a full-time parent, college student or various other life circumstances. Others have full-time day jobs that may or may not be available to them at this time. The Support Our Stripes fund is available to our staff that opt into needing extra help at this time and 100% of proceeds and donations go directly to those that need it


For those of you that have the ability to help out in a time of need, we have established a few ways to contribute directly to those that need the assistance right now:


1)     Sign yourself or a small team up (generally up to 4 players) for one of our new Web-based leagues! Not only does this help those that need it, it’s a great way for you to stay connected to friends and family – even if you can’t be with them in person at this time! Check out more information and see what's currently available HERE. More offerings will be available shortly so check back often!


2)     If you’d like to make a simple donation, we’ve also set up a GoFundMe campaign HERE.