It was looking like the Net Ninjas weren't going to make it to the Midcore finals on Thursday at Tubman judging from their lackluster performance in the first set of the semifinals vs. Some Spike It Hot. In uncharacteristic fashion, communication and effort just weren't clicking for the team. That's when Captain Scott Hoback took stock of what was on the line and decided to inspire his teammates with some unbelievable athleticism. Scott spent a bulk of his time on the floor finding digs and arms stretched to crazy lengths to keep the ball in play during every volley. He made sure the team was calling out their sets and ups and made some beautiful kills at net on offense. All this added up to winning the last two sets in the semis over SSIH and entering the finals vs. Spiketastic. Scott continued the tactics that were working which resulted in a 3-0 match victory and the Midcore championship. Way to come back after your early season illness, Scott - you've rebounded in amazing fashion and that USL headband looks fabulous on you and your teammates!