Whether our backs were turned to home plate or we just weren’t able to see who was walking up to bat, everyone at Erv Lind Stadium this past Sunday knew exactly who was up when the usual “Hey, how’s it going?” followed by the frequent “I’m doing well, I’m happy to be here,” flowed out of Cody Bottorff’s mouth as he walked to the batter’s box. Never missing the opportunity through both games he played, Cody kept reminding us about what Underdog really stands for. The joy of playing a game we love and interacting with the same people we might see in more formal settings or other strangers we may not cross paths with flowed out of Cody and none of us could help but enjoy ourselves just a little more when Cody was up. He is the embodiment of a league focused on creating a social and recreational environment where all players can have a good time, and he made sure that we are all welcome.