Underdog Bowling will be back in September at Interstate Lanes and Big Al's in Beaverton!


Complete with Prize Tickets that can win you swag, Big Turkey Bowling is headed to Spring!!


Theme Nights keep the party going with Spirit Tickets up for grabs, from which your team can be crowned Spirit Champion!










Powell AMF 300

   Lady Indy's Wanted! Week 2 Start!
     Wednesdays - May 6th


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Bowling Prizes

Tickets, Grub and more.

When you roll with Underdog you're in line to win prizes.  Each league we give away "Prize Tickets" to bowlers for modest feats of bowling.  With these prize tickets, you can purchase awesome stuff.  It's like skeeball for adults. 


- $10-$50 Gift Cards to area businesses

- Underdog Branded Apparel

- Underdog Glassware

- League Discounts

- And more



Theme Nights

Scary, Funny, Zaney and Creative

It's ok if you're not so good at bowling.  Heck, we'd call that a virtue.  Underdog Bowlers know that it's ok to aim low as long as you rock the theme nights.   Here's a sample of the upcoming theme nights.


- Zombie Night

- Nerd Night

- Prom Night

- Pirate Night

- 80's Night

- Mustache Night


Check out all the theme nights.

Spirit Prizes

It's all about how you roll.

All you really need to know is that no matter if you're more a Munson or Lebowski how you roll is way more important than what you roll.  Got a rad team cheer you're ready to display?  How about a High-5 secuence that would put the Bash Brothers to shame?  When we catch you doing awesome things, you'll be rewarded handsomly.   In fact, in most of our leagues the Spirit Champs get a prize that's better than whatever the Champs get.  Take that!