Interstate Lanes

     Wednesdays - October 21st

     Thursdays - October 29th


Big Al's Beaverton

     Wednesdays - October 28th


Complete with Prize Tickets that can win you swag, Big Turkey Bowling is headed to Spring!!


Theme Nights keep the party going with Spirit Tickets up for grabs, from which your team can be crowned Spirit Champion!

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Players of the Game

May 6 - Oct 4

Chad T

Stay in your lane

Chad was able to figure out the mystery lyric to the classic Neil Diamond song, "FOREVER in Blue Jea

Estel H

The Michael Bowlton

Estel rocked the lanes last night with a killer score of 205!

steven d

Britney Spares - Indy #B10

Steven reached a whopping total of 316 in both games!!

Darlene I

Jesus in Blue Jeans

Keeping it real, ma'am

Sarah K


Winning dance moves

Chad T

Stay in your lane

Nice score!

Brandon S


Sword fighting

Scott H

Jesus in Blue Jeans

Whoop max score!

Jordan J

Stay in your lane

Scores that count!

Benjamin G

SnuffleHustle - Indy #B11

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Players of the Week

May 6 - Oct 4

Emese schloegl


Not even halfway through the first game of the night, Emese got up close and personal with the freshly waxed floor...taking a tumble backwards on her way up to bowl! Ohh no, this was not your typical slip on the wood floor. Emese had the entire bowling alley applauding for that graceful moment. Indeed I believe it was her superhero costume that gave her the might to help her finish game 1 with a bang, scoring the highest on her team, 141!

Benjamin Goff

SnuffleHustle - Indy #B11

Ben! My fellow Redskins fan. Ben kept up the conviviality with his jovial spirit last night. Cheering and chanting and celebrating every strike or spare, Ben had enthusiasm and energy out the wazoo! If only it could've helped out our Skins, too.

steven dashley

Britney Spares - Indy #B10

yarrr! Avast ye mateys! This week's, player of the week is Steven Dashley. Dressed in his finest "life on the high seas" garb, Steven was a smooth operator and rolling strikes and spares galore! Getting the booty tonight...the Underdog prize booty that is!

Clare McFawn

Little Lebowski Urban Achievers

She was always cheering for members of the other teams and brings the fun spirit of Underdog Bowling! She has a positive personality and is constantly motivating the teams!

Maria Gargano

Little Lebowski Urban Achievers

She has so much energy and really helps the team get in the bowling spirit! She is always smiling and cheering on her team-mates. Lebowskis are lucky to have such a great team motivator!

Heidi Yungeberg


This week's POTW goes to Heidi from Balls! Heidi has been bowling with Underdog for a while, and I can always count on her positive attitude and good sportsmanship. She's not a bad bowler, either. Congrats, Heidi! Keep being you!

Carson Cooper

Jesus in Blue Jeans

Carson bowled a 267! The league hesitated and gasped, as he rolled his next strike!

Ken Neff

You Want A Beard?

I did a double take this week when Ken showed up to bowl without his chin whiskers! Fresh-faced Ken took the lanes, and it seems he still retained his bowling prowess despite being so bare-faced. A brave move here in Portland but word is, he is already growing it back. Either way, we're happy to have you bowling Underdog!

Alex Stolz

Swipe right, swipe right!

Michelle Gaynor

Indy #B9

This week's POTW goes to Michelle Gaynor for her all time high bowling score AND achieving her first turkey! Michelle had it going on this week--not sure if it was Deena's tasty treats or the maybe the lane location. Whatever it was, Michelle bowled her finest and best game and was handsomely rewarded with her first ever prize ticket! Now the big question is, what are you going to spend it on?


Late Fall Big Turkey Bowling at Interstate Lanes Wednesdays 7pm

Learn More
  • Sport: Bowling
  • Format: Co-ed 6's (3 men and 3 women)
  • Locations: Interstate Lanes
  • Days of the week: Wednesday
  • Starts on : Starts on Wednesday, October 21

Late Fall Big Turkey Bowling at Big Al's Beaverton Wednesdays 7pm

Learn More
  • Sport: Bowling
  • Format: Co-ed 6's (3 men and 3 women)
  • Locations: Big Al's Beaverton
  • Days of the week: Wednesday
  • Starts on : Starts on Wednesday, October 28

Late Fall Big Turkey Bowling at Interstate Lanes Thursdays 7pm

Learn More
  • Sport: Bowling
  • Format: Co-ed 6's (3 men and 3 women)
  • Locations: Interstate Lanes
  • Days of the week: Thursday
  • Starts on : Starts on Thursday, October 29
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Bowling Prizes

Tickets, Grub and more.

When you roll with Underdog you're in line to win prizes.  Each league we give away "Prize Tickets" to bowlers for modest feats of bowling.  With these prize tickets, you can purchase awesome stuff.  It's like skeeball for adults. 


- $10-$50 Gift Cards to area businesses

- Underdog Branded Apparel

- Underdog Glassware

- League Discounts

- And more



Theme Nights

Scary, Funny, Zaney and Creative

It's ok if you're not so good at bowling.  Heck, we'd call that a virtue.  Underdog Bowlers know that it's ok to aim low as long as you rock the theme nights.   Here's a sample of the upcoming theme nights.


- Zombie Night

- Nerd Night

- Prom Night

- Pirate Night

- 80's Night

- Mustache Night


Check out all the theme nights.

Spirit Prizes

It's all about how you roll.

All you really need to know is that no matter if you're more a Munson or Lebowski how you roll is way more important than what you roll.  Got a rad team cheer you're ready to display?  How about a High-5 secuence that would put the Bash Brothers to shame?  When we catch you doing awesome things, you'll be rewarded handsomly.   In fact, in most of our leagues the Spirit Champs get a prize that's better than whatever the Champs get.  Take that!