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Players of the Game

Apr 25 - Feb 18

Jennifer H

Accidental Awesomeness

Playing through the pain

Zach T


Got that first W!

Jeffrey W

Below Average Joe's

Because Jeff went to summer camp!

Megan D

Daj Mahbal

Dominating all 37 phases of dodgeball

Annie S

Duck Duck Chucks

The game sealing catch!

Edwin J

Snoop Dodgy Dodge - Indy #D1

Pretty sure he climbed the wall

Natalie M

Dodgey Style

Not mellow, but Mellor!!

Tyson B

Mediocre Athletes*

Some of the best dodges you will see this side of the Mississippi!

Kelsey C


Kelsey with the epic dual victory!

Nick T

Duck Duck Chucks

Incredible 4 vs 1 comeback!

Players of the Week

Apr 25 - Feb 18

Liz Froment is Unhittable Wednesday Night

Snoop Dodgy Dodge - Indy #D1

Liz Froment did everything humanly possible in Snoop Dodgy Dodge's big win. It was as though she was allergic to the ball. She always seemed to be one of the last players standing and helping her team earn the 6-2 victory. Liz was dodging, dipping, ducking, and diving the entire night. What an incredible effort!

Alex Bretthauer

Alex Helps Secure Win for Dodgey Style

Alex helps Dodgey Style seal the victory with an incredible diving catch. In a game where most would have thought Dodgey Style would win, Not In The Face put up an incredible fight. With the match tied up 2 games a-piece, Alex came in clutch with a diving catch. We all know that a catch is the ultimate momentum swing in dodgeball. Dodgey Style held on for the victory and keep pace in the league standings. Nice job, Alex!

Kelsey Lawrence Displays True Underdog Honesty

Cool Name Pending

During a vert intense match, Kelsey asked the official about a rule. The officials answer caused her to be out and she removed herself from the game. The official did not see the play, so The Call was all up to Kelsey. She could have easily stayed in the game, but she was honest and removed herself. This is what we strive for at Underdog. Especially in dodgeball! Nice job and thank you, Kelsey!

Eric Niemi

I'd Hit That!

All around good games, brings the entertainment every week!!!

Lauren Outlasts Rubber Chuckers

Beastie Balls

In a very competitive match up with Rubber Chuckers, Lauren came through with a critical game-winning play to help secure the match. The match was tied 2-2 and Lauren was 1-on-1 with another opposing player. After a few throws at each other with no success, there was a charge towards center court for a ball. Each player had a ball in there hand and in what seemed like a blink of an eye, Lauren threw her ball and blocked the opposing players ball. It was an epic win for the Beastie Balls and put them on track to win the Match 5-3. Great job, Lauren!

Ned Fairchild Does It All For The Ballrats


Playing against Ned Fairchild is not even fair. In their last match of the evening, Ned led Ballrats to a convincing win. Ned not only demonstrated great sportsmanship and teamwork, he also was a surgeon on the court. Several times he was the last player standing for his team, but that did not stop Ned from fighting back and getting the victory. His elusiveness and accuracy were on full display on Wednesday evening. Great job, Ned!

Curtis Shepherd

Get Off The Horse POTW

Do you know how you know when Curtis is gonna throw? It’s the face. It’s not aimed at your face, but his face looks like it’s aimed at his face. A rocket arm and a cheerful disposition. Don’t let the throw face fool you, he’s an overall nice guy.

David Peyree

A drop in the Votion POTG

Like the Matrix, David must have taken the blue pill. Or was it the red? It doesn’t matter he was flying all over the place putting the dodge in dodgeball. We’re pretty sure he jumped with his brain. Watch out for this guy! Well played David.

Regan Aguilar

Questionable Catch

Regan keeps this crew focused, even when standing in line for the next catch she took a shot to the head. Took her time conducting herself and lead the crew

Darcy Murphy


Sometimes sitting out and watching your teammates step it up makes you a better player!!!!


Spring Co-ed Dodgeball at the Friendly House Wednesdays

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  • Sport: Dodgeball
  • Format: Co-ed 6s (3M/3F)
  • Locations: Friendly House
  • Days of the week: Wednesday
  • Starts on : Starts on Wednesday, March 13
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