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Dodgeball Home Page

Players of the Game

Jan 2 - Apr 24

Sara W

Mediocre Athletes*

Dodging in a very fluid motion

Patrick L

Dodgey Style

Game changing comeback in game 2!

Ned F


Deadly nedly

Alyssia P

Accidental Awesomeness

Making ALL the plays

John M


The legend of John Macleod continues!

Suzanne H


Survival skills like Bear Grills

Jeanine P


Dancing her way to the last man standing!

Hailey S

Duck Duck Chucks

Caught a rocket to swing the tides!

Michelle P

Accidental Awesomeness

3 outs two catches but whose counting??

Sam A

Thigh Catchers - Indy #D2

Orange shorts and big catches all night long!

Players of the Week

Jan 2 - Apr 24

Jumping John MacLeod

Kid Makes Plays

John MacLeod brings great effort every week! He hasn’t missed a game all season. Tonight he took a hard shot and bounced right back with a huge catch and throw to help his team to victory! He told me after the game that it was nothing compared to his dodgeball days with the old red rubber balls wizzing around! John is a great player and loves to compete, he’s also always honest and having a good time. His patented jump split is something to behold! See ya next week for playoffs!

4 game legend!

Mac Daddy

Makaela O’Malley is one of the greats at Friendly House. War paint under the eyes she was ready for battle. Always plays her best and has a blast doing it! Thanks for joining AARP for 2 extra games this week. If she’s not the last one standing, Makaela is always cheering on her team!

Game 7 Hero

Comeback kid strikes again!

Andrew had ice in his veins tonight! Facing a 4 on 1 in the series deciding game 7, the kid stepped up. Dropping one Mediocre Athlete (team name) after another. He dodged, he ducked, and he showed off an arm that will put his jersey in the underdog hall of fame when all is said and done!

Hovers in the Air

Born to Dodge

Katy krenabach laced up the sneakers tonight and put on a show. Her patented jump, split dodge is something truly magical! She is often the last one standing and ready to make catches to bring her team back. POTG on courts 1 and 2 tonight! She would not be denied in her second game. Rallying her team in a close 4-3 win over Duck Duck Chucks victory. Great games tonight Katy - can’t wait to see you on the court next week!

Makaela O'Malley Shines In Debut

Team ZBO

In the inaugural game for Team ZBO, Makaela made sure her presence was known. Not only was she continually cheering on her team and keeping morale at a high level, but she had one of the most impressive comebacks you will ever see. Down to only herself and facing 3 of the top players from the other team, it was not looking good for her to pull of the win. With each team jockeying for a strategic advantage, Makaela went for the win. It started with an incredible catch in close quarters, 1 down. Then immediately after, a laser beam to the shin of the opposing team, 2 down. And just like that, a second catch in a matter for 10 seconds and the match was over. Makaela completed the epic comeback and shocked the crowd. Great start to the season, Makaela and Team ZBO!

Megan Foley

Gym Class Heroes

As this might have been her final season before heading overseas for a bit, Megan's calm demeanor and rock-solid leadership as Captain will certainly be missed. No better way to go out than on the top with yet another champs wristband for her trophy case! Thanks for everything you do and respect goes out to you.

Hanna Bolender Makes Catch of the Night!

Duck Duck Chucks

In the first match of the night, Duck Duck Chuck has their hands full. The match was close early in, but Hanna made the play of the night, at the exact time her team needed her to. In a 1 vs 1 battle, Hanna needed to come up big for her team, which she did. The opponent fired a throw right at her. With a ball in her right hand, the ball struck her chest and she secured the ball using only her left hand! Duck Duck Chuck erupted from the sidelines to mob Hanna. Great job, Hanna!

Liz Froment is Unhittable Wednesday Night

Snoop Dodgy Dodge - Indy #D1

Liz Froment did everything humanly possible in Snoop Dodgy Dodge's big win. It was as though she was allergic to the ball. She always seemed to be one of the last players standing and helping her team earn the 6-2 victory. Liz was dodging, dipping, ducking, and diving the entire night. What an incredible effort!

Alex Bretthauer

Alex Helps Secure Win for Dodgey Style

Alex helps Dodgey Style seal the victory with an incredible diving catch. In a game where most would have thought Dodgey Style would win, Not In The Face put up an incredible fight. With the match tied up 2 games a-piece, Alex came in clutch with a diving catch. We all know that a catch is the ultimate momentum swing in dodgeball. Dodgey Style held on for the victory and keep pace in the league standings. Nice job, Alex!

Kelsey Lawrence Displays True Underdog Honesty

Cool Name Pending

During a vert intense match, Kelsey asked the official about a rule. The officials answer caused her to be out and she removed herself from the game. The official did not see the play, so The Call was all up to Kelsey. She could have easily stayed in the game, but she was honest and removed herself. This is what we strive for at Underdog. Especially in dodgeball! Nice job and thank you, Kelsey!

Indy #D2
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