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Players of the Game

Nov 9 - Sep 22

Kelsey L

Crazy Dave and the Cigarettes

Great catches

Mariah D

Questionable Catch

Nice outs

Ned F


Great 1v1

Kerry C

Questionable Catch

Amazing catch

Casey K

Hella Cereal

Last out in final game

Janice J

Crazy Dave & the Cigarettes - Indy #D2

Catch to seal the championship!

Kerry C

Questionable Catch

Out to move on to the next round!

Andrea G

Questionable Catch

Ball Catcher!

Players of the Week

Nov 9 - Sep 22

Raissa Hang


What a great first night for Raissa! She was able to disract a few people were her underhand lob throws that people would attempt to catch and end up dropping! The best part was the smile on Raissa's face and the fact that this was all fun for her and her team! It's always great to see a team rally together like theres and just have fun, keep it up guys, it's always a blast having you on our courts!

Andy Dixon

I'd Hit That!

What a day for Handy Andy!! He seems to almost always be the last man standing for them and has some incredible combacks with some amazing no look throws! Oh did i mention his whole team calls him Handy Andy? Ya he's Handy Andy, a man of many talents! Have fun out there this season and Good Luck Handy Andy and the I'd Hit That team!

Heather White

2 Balls 1 Dodge - Indy #D1

Heather was by far the MVP of the night! In an effort to help take her team through the bracket and onto a championship she needed to get one last out to move on out of the first round. Heather would end up being the one to secure that win for them that would then swing the momentum onto their side for the rest of the night and propel them to a chapionship! Great got Heather and 2 Balls 1 Dodge!

Lee Ann Donaldson

I'd Hit That!

Lee Ann played great in last nights dodge ball matches. After taking some time off Lee Ann came back this week to help her team out tremendously. Lee Ann had several outs throughout the night and was often one of the last players remaining on the court. Lee Ann kicked butt while strongly representing International Womens Day!

Chelsea Keating

hella serial

Chelsea was a rock star out on the court last night. She had the most dodges I have ever seen in a single night. She would duck and slide between multiple incoming balls at a time giving her team the upper hand by being able to outlast the opponent. Chelsea has a great attitude and is fun to watch weave her way through the court. She has a large impact on her teams success!

Brad Bush

Awesome Hardest with a Vengeance

Brad played great on Wednesday night with his team. Brad is an awesome player with a fierce throw and quick reflexes. Brad made an impressive one handed catch up at the font line to bring one of his players back in to win. But to me brads most admirable dodge ball trait is his honestly and full willingness to call himself out. Brad plays strictly by the rules and helps to encourage fun/fair games

Chris Morales

wee-bit dodgy

Chris played great last night with his team. Wee-bit dodgy had a tough match up against Hella Serial however the matches were very close and exciting to watch. Chris stood out as an all around awesome player. I could tell that he was getting very into the matches and playing very well with his team, while also having a great time. Chris has amazing hustle and displays excellent athleticism on the court with his quick dodges and powerful throws. Chris is an asset to his team and always helps maintain a good time for his team.

Bryce Hutchinson

hella serial

Bryce and his team had two very competitive games tonight and Bryce had to make some big plays to keep his team in it! Although they didn't come out on top this time they sure made it interesting and fun to watch! With the way this team looked tonight you may have to watch out for them in the latter half of the season!

Bryce Hutchinson

Hella Catches!

What a night for Hella Cereal and Bryce it was! First things first, if it wasnt for Bryce im not sure that Hella Cereal would have made it all the way through the bracket for a championship! Bryce was the final man in multiple times and got some great catches and outs to win it all for them!

Marco Moonwalks to Player of the Week

road dogs of midtown

Marco "Patches" Mendoza put on his penny loafers and came to Friendly House Wednesday ready to dodge. Despite playing with a patch over one eye, he was able to dodge his way to Last Man Standing status in almost every game. Of course, in a 7-0 loss for his team, he DID eventually get put out but not before he dodged in every way imaginable... I'm pretty sure he even Moonwalked at one point. Marco clearly fired up his team with his dodging as his sideline was hooted up and chanting his name... which is really what the Underdog Spirit is all about. Congratulations Patches! You're Week 1's Player of the Week!


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