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Players of the Game

Mar 15 - Feb 22

Casey K

Hella Cereal

Always the focal point of the other team. Finds a way to make an impact!

Zach W

Too many chairs?

Caught his way to a WIN!

Ross D

I Love Pegging

Sticky Fingers!!

Kyla C


Got The Last ØUT!!!

Vanessa B


AKA The Glove

Bryan J

Scrappy Unicorns

Bryan showed up tonight and played well. Secured a victory with a 3 to 1 final game.

Mitch W

Brothers Milkovich

We have an up and coming force to be recognized

Jill S

Blue Balls

Couldn’t be touched!

Britt D


Britt made some very effective shots cross court at the most opportune times

Bryce H

Hella Cereal

Tremendous sportsmanship always

Players of the Week

Mar 15 - Feb 22

Bryce Hutchinson

Hella Cereal

Everyone likes playing with and against Bryce. Most players enjoy hitting him with their balls. Great sportsmanship and fun to be around.

Jill Schellberg with the Triple!

Blue Balls

Jill Schellberg was amazing in Blue Balls first game to defend their championship from the Late Fall season. All in one move, she caught a ball thrown at her at point blank rank, reloaded, and pegged out a member of the Scrappy Unicorns. The whole thing took about 4 seconds and resulted in a plus 3 in players on the floor for the Blue Balls. I've now deemed this play "The Triple" because 2 Unicorns were sent out of the game by Jill in addition to the one player from Blue Balls coming back in because of the catch. The rarely seen Triple was executed beautifully by Jill, thus earning her the Week 1 Player of the Week. Great job, Jill!

Mohammad Alshayeb

Dude Was a Maniac

No one will ever say Mohammad Alshayeb doesn't put forth effort. In 2 games on Wednesday night at Friendly House, Mohammad was everywhere... dodging, throwing, bumping into his own players, and most of all snatching balls out of the sky like it was his job. I had to check his hands for Stick Em after the game because he was fearlessly reaching up into the air and snagging balls that most people wouldn't even try to catch. Watching the vigor with which Mohammad played on Wednesday really showed me where the team name Scrappy Unicorns came from. Way to go Mohammad! You're Week 1's Player of the Week!

Bryce Hutchinson

Hella Cereal

Everyone like to play against Bryce and definitely like to hit him with balls. Great sportsmanship every week. This is friendly house dodgeball!!!!

Heather Cornell

Crazy Dave and the Cigarettes

On a night that her team was killing it and full of life, Heather in her awesomeness as a team captain and leader proudly declared her teammates as all player of the games! However, we all know Heather deserves player of the week for everything she does for her team!

Chris Escher

Fish Tacos

Watching Chris play was amazing. I could tell that he really wanted to take home the championship win. he was catching balls left and right and picking off players non stop. Chris was a major asset to his team during this championship!

Justin Berry


Justin played great in his two games. several catches and many awesome throws. However, in addition to being a great player Justin is also a fantastic teammate always encouraging his team with a smile on his face. Justin is always one to display his honesty as a player setting a good example of what dodge ball is all about!

Raissa Hang


What a great first night for Raissa! She was able to disract a few people were her underhand lob throws that people would attempt to catch and end up dropping! The best part was the smile on Raissa's face and the fact that this was all fun for her and her team! It's always great to see a team rally together like theres and just have fun, keep it up guys, it's always a blast having you on our courts!

Andy Dixon

I'd Hit That!

What a day for Handy Andy!! He seems to almost always be the last man standing for them and has some incredible combacks with some amazing no look throws! Oh did i mention his whole team calls him Handy Andy? Ya he's Handy Andy, a man of many talents! Have fun out there this season and Good Luck Handy Andy and the I'd Hit That team!

Heather White

2 Balls 1 Dodge - Indy #D1

Heather was by far the MVP of the night! In an effort to help take her team through the bracket and onto a championship she needed to get one last out to move on out of the first round. Heather would end up being the one to secure that win for them that would then swing the momentum onto their side for the rest of the night and propel them to a chapionship! Great got Heather and 2 Balls 1 Dodge!


Spring Co-ed Dodgeball at the Friendly House Wednesdays

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  • Sport: Dodgeball
  • Format: Co-ed 6s (3M/3F)
  • Locations: Friendly House
  • Days of the week: Wednesday
  • Starts on : Starts on Wednesday, March 21
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