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Players of the Game

May 13 - Nov 26

Gary C

Don't Stop, Ballieving!

sweet knee catch

Heather C

Wrecking Balls

full wind up in full effect

Renee S

I'd Hit That!

stealthy as usual

Lyle J

The Restraints


Meghan S

To the Window, To the Ball - Indy #D6

now that's how you lead a team to victory

Alyssia J


velcro on the mitts

Ashley P

Blue Balls

dodgin' every step of the way

Maurice D

Awesome Hardest

catching machine

Miguel B


never too late to try and get an out

Andrea B

Questionable Catch

leading the charge in final match

Players of the Week

May 13 - Nov 26

Heather Cornell

Wrecking Balls

With Alex back from the IR list and Mark finally recovered from his trip to Amsterdam, the men and women of team Wrecking Balls were ready to make a serious mark on the season at the Friendly House on Wednesday. The team in Red was dialed in from the first whistle in their match 6:30 match against Jingle Balls, showing some serious teamwork and pinpoint accuracy usually seen right before a deep playoff run. Heather's legendary full circle windmill windup was spot on all match long, frustrating and punishing those on the receiving end. A convincing 9-1 victory sent a message to the rest of the league that the Wrecking Balls will be a force to be reckoned with all season long.

Joel Kirkpatrick

The Restraints

Opening night at the Friendly House on Wednesday treated all in attendance to some amazing dodgeball dodgeballeness from the first whistle. It was apparent the off season workout programs were taken very seriously by veteran and new teams alike. The best was saved for last in the 8:50 match between The Restraints and Make it rain again!, two teams looking to make an early mark on this sure to be competitive league. Joel Kirkpatrick was on point all match long, with a cannon of an arm and sure to be nominated catch of the year. Yes, he did catch that ball with his ankles! Solid work Joel...the "catch" will be remembered by all of those on the court for this fine evening for Underdog dodgeball.

Thomas Gray

Dodging with Percision

Thomas doesn't just have amazing ninja throw techniques. He can also catch like no other. In 2 rounds as last man standing he caught 2 and 3 enemy throws to bring his team victorious in those rounds. In many other rounds he was caught in the same position falling just short of 1 catch to win.

Lydia Mautner

We Dont Even Go Here

Stunning performances in many bouts of her play. Lydia came in as a last stand champion several times. Most notably in her first match up of the night against Questionable Catch, her team was up 3 players to 1 but her teammates quickly fell to the last player on the opposing team. After several minutes of back and forth fire she was left with out a ball and seemingly doomed. As the last player on the other side threw their final throw, Lydia reached toward the ball for an amazing catch to become the victor!

Marcie Zahariuk

Indy #D5

A rising star in the Underdog dodgeball world made her mark and then some at the Friendly House on Wednesday evening. Her name is Marcie Zahariuk, a player whose stellar all around game is quickly gaining her a reputation among her teammates and opponents as someone not to be taken lightly. Down 3-1 to always tough I'd Hit That! with a just few precious minutes remaining, Marcie took her game to the next level, leading her team to two straight wins and an improbable 3-3 tie in the match of the evening. Fine work Marcie...your leadership and dodgeball skillz will keep Indy #D5 a force to reckoned with all season long.

Darcy Murphy

Solid Solider

If there were to be a feat that only the unimaginable could overcome, Darcy would be the man because he did just that! In the last game of the night and there last game of the series he was facing terrible odds. Just him versus 5 other opponents... No one thought he would come back but Darcy knew he could. Sure enough he fought all the way back and ended up winning the game by a catch! Truly incredible, keep it up Darcy and good luck this season.

Andrea Becken

Skittles Finally Finds the Treasure at the End of the Rainbow of Fruit Flavors.

A championship had long eluded Skittles and Questionable Catch... until tonight. Skittles, at times, seemed to will her team to victory in helping Questionable Catch collect their first ever championship wrist-band. Skittles has always been one of the more colorful personalities in the league but her perfect blend of humor, competitiveness, aggressiveness, and sportsmanship never shined brighter than it did tonight in leading her team to a title. It's her spirit in always giving her best competitive effort while still making it fun for all that really personifies the spirt of Underdog Sports. Way to go Skittles and Questionable Catch! You guys are finally the champs!

All The Ladies

Awesome Hardest

The three ladies on the team banded together in a 3 vs 3 match up after outs on both side knocking 2 other players out quickly to make it a 1 v 3. With all 6 balls on their side they set up a quick double firing squad, while the last player stand dodged both sets, it through him off enough to get hit by one last throw on a roll back ball.

Chloe Caldwell


Chloe Caldwell is this week's Player of the Week. In her team's first game vs I'd Hit That, it was if she was guarded by an angel. Really using no special tactics whatsoever beyond very modest movement, a large quantity of balls thrown at her (many at point blank range) kept miraculously missing her. I honestly have never seen anything like it. She was the last player standing for Bearfight almost every game. I'm pretty sure at one point I looked and saw a glowing aura coming from her general vicinity. It was pretty amazing. I thought "Is she that good or is this supernatural?" I think that question was answered in the next game when she was pretty much pummeled by Ballrats, so perhaps her Guardian Angel had moved on to other business after Game 1. Haha. Anyways, congratulations to Chloe Caldwell and her Game 1 Guardian Angel... the two of you are the Week 2 Co-Players of the Week!

Abe Schram

I'd Hit That!

Abe Schram is Week 1's Player of the Week. As his team's second game vs Ballrats was about to start, Abe noticed that Ballrats had 4 ladies on the court and only 2 men. He stopped me before I was about to blow the whistle for the game to start to let them know that that was the situation. They already knew and were doing this because they only had 2 men from their roster available tonight. But I like the sportsmanship Abe showed by notifying the opposing team of the discrepancy. He genuinely wanted the defending champ's best game and exemplified the true Underdog spirit of Safe, Fair, & Fun. He truly earned his nickname Honest Abe and will be referred to as such going forward. Way to go Honest Abe!


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