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Players of the Game

Nov 18 - May 6

Nick B


4 amazing catches in 1 round, on fire!

Maurice D

Awesome Hardest

and the 3-pointer...nothing but net!

Mark H

Wrecking Balls

sweet catch

Carlo M

snoop dodgy dodge - Indy #D2

incredible dodges to tire out their last player and help secure the last round win

Amy S

Awesome Hardest

Ain't nothing going to stop her!

Andrea B

Questionable Catch

taking anger out on the court

Alex C

Wrecking Balls

Soooooo tired after all those throws!

Jared S

Blue Balls

shifty like movement

Emilie S

All balls go to heaven

Long lasting machine!

Players of the Week

Nov 18 - May 6

Lillian Klug

Lilly Fights Through Sickness to Play Like a Champ

Everybody gets sick. Not everybody get sick and then comes out to dodge ball and dominates. Lilly did it all in the Ballrats 4-0 win vs Blue Balls. She pegged out rivals, caught balls, was the last woman standing in one of the games... and did it all while nursing the flu. It was an amazing display of grit and determination that truly embodies the Underdog spirit. Great job, Lilly! You're this week's Player of the Week!

Abe Schram

I'd Hit That!

Wheeling up the baskets before play at the Friendly House is a pain... unless Abe Schram does it for you. Sensing that I was getting tired of turning the pole, Abe stepped up and offered to do the remaining turning for me. It was much appreciated and I was happy to give his team most of the close calls in the ensuing game. Just kidding! Congrats though, Abe. You are this week's Player of the Week!

Brianna Nunez-Webb

Brianna's Humor Made the Game Fun for Everyone

Whether it was jokingly screaming in fear while running towards the center line at the start of a game, yelling "retreat!" or looking on in sheer wonderment and asking Brad from Awesome Hardest "how do you do that?" as his balls whizzed around the court, Brianna made the games fun for everybody. She created a mood where people were just happy to be there which is really what Underdog is all about. Congratulations Brianna and All Balls Go to Heaven. You're this week's player of the week!

Ashley Pelham

Blue Balls

Team Blue Balls came ready to play in their back-to- back matches at the muggy Friendly House on Wednesday night. Ashley found herself on many occasions as the last lady standing during quite of few of their games, keeping a firm grip on the ball as the opposing team's offensive onslaught came up short more often than not. Her superb hand-eye coordination skills and calmness under pressure were an inspiration to her teammates, leading the always entertaining Blue Balls to a convincing 6-1 victory in their first match and a battle of a draw against newcomers All Balls Go to Heaven.

fabian velez

Great Ballz of Fire

Word had been circulating around the Portland dodgeball community this past off season about a player practicing an offensive move that would revolutionize the game as we know it at the Friendly House on Wednesday nights. With rumors of this "game changer" reaching a fever pitch on social media Tuesday evening and opening day less than 24 hours away, veteran and new players alike waited with baited breath for the unveiling of this new secret weapon. The 7:10 match on court #2 between Great Balls of Fire & Snoop Dodgy Dodge was ground zero for the revolution. A simple move, yet extremely effective if executed with the right hands. Fabian borrowed from John Stockton and unleashed the two handed chest pass/out, frustrating the opposing players all match long who were accustomed to full wind up laser throws coming from the opposite side of the gym. Solid work Fabian...your creative new go-to move helped lead your team to a convincing 6-2 opening night victory and put the rest of the league on notice in this sure to be competitive season.

Mark Hertenstein

Wrecking balls

.A chess match broke out on Wednesday evening at the Friendly House. I'd Hit That! and Wrecking Balls...two powerhouse teams on the Underdog dodgeball circuit jockeying for position as the playoffs fast approach next week. This was a battle from the first whistle, with both teams sizing each other up, not wanting to give away their offensive strategy too early and reluctant to make the first throw. The match loosened up by the third game, with Alex, Mark & the gang of Wrecking Balls sensing momentum swinging in their favor. Mark put an explanation point on the night with an amazing "jump off the wall first - catch the ball in the air" out that left all in the building speechless. Did that really just happen? It absolutely did, inspiring Wrecking Balls for the rest of the match. They may have come up short against I'd Hit That! tonight, but Mark's passion for the game and weekly ability to make the seemingly impossible possible is pushing him to legend status in this ultracompetitive dodgeball season

Abe Schram

I'd Hit That!

The 8:10 match-up at the Friendly House between crowd favorite I'd Hit That! and scrappy newcomers Great Balls of Fire proved the point that you don't necessarily have to be on the court to have a big impact on the final score. Abe's 6'4" frame is hard to miss on the court, a fact Great Balls of Fire took advantage of early and often with a synchronized offensive onslaught that found him on the sidelines during many of the games. A team that takes pride in believing a game is not lost until their last player is out, Abe dug deep to unleash his inner Sporty Spice, chanting "girl power!" to his ladies still on the court. As spinach is to Popeye, the words of encouragement was music to the ears of Renee, Carly & the gang, leading to an impressive 8-0 victory and solid 3-1 start in this sure to be competitive season.

Carl Guinn Jr.

Questionable Catch

A good night's sleep, Wheaties for breakfast or perhaps one too many Red Bulls prior to the first match...whatever it was, Carl had a pep in his step from the first whistle vs. The Restraints on Wednesday night. His usual front line dominance was taken to the next level with his pogo stick like moves throughout the match, frustrating the member of the Restraints as sure to be outs turned into an amazing display of toe touching cheerleader splits usually reserved for the sidelines at college football games. Carl's freak of nature flexibility helped propel his team to a convincing 7-1 victory, keeping Questionable Catch at the top of the standings in this so far very competitive season at the Friendly House.

Brittany Daughtry


In the last game of their series vs Blue Balls the game stretched out long and difficult for Ballrats. Blue balls took a quick advantage and were up 2 vs 6 players early on. But Brit did not give up so easily as her partner was take out after back an forth volleys. after taking out 2 of the opponents she caught one to make it 2 vs 3 but the man she rescued fell soon after making his way on the court. She took out 2 more players and prevailed after a nail biting 1 vs 1.

Heather Cornell

Wrecking Balls

With Alex back from the IR list and Mark finally recovered from his trip to Amsterdam, the men and women of team Wrecking Balls were ready to make a serious mark on the season at the Friendly House on Wednesday. The team in Red was dialed in from the first whistle in their match 6:30 match against Jingle Balls, showing some serious teamwork and pinpoint accuracy usually seen right before a deep playoff run. Heather's legendary full circle windmill windup was spot on all match long, frustrating and punishing those on the receiving end. A convincing 9-1 victory sent a message to the rest of the league that the Wrecking Balls will be a force to be reckoned with all season long.


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