Uniforms & practice ball included with team registration!



     Sundays - June 26th


Red Rubber Showdown

   Normandale & Rose City

     Saturday August 13th


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Why Underdog Kickball?

Why Underdog Kickball?

Underdog offers 21+ Co-ed Recreational Kickball Leagues for 6-7 weeks plus playoffs for qualifying teams!  


Registration includes:

  • Team Uniforms
  • Practice ball
  • Trained Umpires
  • Team webpage with team photo, game by game record, and standings
  • Unique game schedule based on team's skill level
  • Season is 6-7 weeks of 60 minute/7 inning games (whichever comes first)
  • Premier fields throughout the great Seattle area to the Eastside and up to Everett
  • Sponsor Bars for post game celebrations


Play with 10 in the field (minimum 7 players) with at least 3 of each gender for a legal team. Don't stress about the Team Balance by assigning TeamPayer dues to your teammates.


Sign up solo or with a small group by registering as Individuals!


Players of the Game

Jul 13 - Jul 25

Cassie F

Hot Mess


Alicia L

2 Legit 2 Kick

Game ending catch

Oliver D

L7 Weenies

Big kicks

Kirby A

We Got the Runs

Great bunting

Andrew G

Faces Loaded

3 hrs!

Andrew E

The Lovable Losers

nothing but strikes on the mound

Jachin E

Long Hard Kicks

"The Catch"

Linnea P

Suck My Kick

Great catch!

Adam E

Pitches Be Crazy

He had an amazing double play to end the game!

Players of the Week

Jul 13 - Jul 25

Julia Bosso

We've got the runs

Julia is our POTW this week for her great defense at 3rd base (it's called the hot corner for a reason) and her ability to bounce back and make a play when her team needed it. She made a couple catches at 3rd base preventing what would have been sure base hits had they reached the outfield. Keep it up Julia!

Lauren Van Neste

B Ballers

Lauren played very well this week. Though it was a scrimmage game, that didn't stop her from trying her hardest to do her best. She came up to bat many times, and each time she kicked the ball really hard into the outfield, though many times it ended up being caught. She didn't let getting out the first couple times keep her down, however, and kept coming back up to the plate with a vigor and desire to get on base. By the end of the game this enthusiasm and effort had netted her a couple hits. Keep it up, Lauren!

Karissa Kaufenberg


Karissa earns the Player of the Week honors this week for her great play and attitude. She played hard and had some great kicks and defensive plays, but more than that her attitude brought joy to her team. Even when things didn't go as planned, she kept a big smile on her face and was encouraging her teammates to keep playing hard. Keep up the positive attitude and great play!

Ted Cerwonka


Ted turned on his jets and competitive edge. He played third base with spunk and determination. He knocked down every ball that shot his way. Ted achieved first base at each at bat and optimistically kept his team battling from start to finish. Congrats Ted, you're POTW. bay and continues to perform wit

Robert Broad

Ball Check

Bob played very well this week. He didn't only get Player of the Game for an awesome double play on a ricochet, he played excellently in the field and at the plate the whole game. You could tell he was having a good time because of the big smile on his face and his joking around with the catcher while batting. Keep it up!

Erika Pedersen

Tequila Mockingbird

Erika played her heart out this week. She played hard on offense and defense this week, showing her heart and effort especially while running to 1st base. She ran so hard to 1st base that she accidentally tripped over the base and caught a mouthful of dirt for the second time this season. Keep up the great effort!


Ballish on Mega Kick

Masa is this weeks POTW for demonstrating abilities to both play kickball and PokemonGo at the same time. And he also delivered the go ahead grand slam in the bottom of the 6th inning to put his team up by 2. Keep hitting dingers and catching them all!

Drew L.

The Rhythm Methods

Drew was a one-man, dancing force to be reckoned with on the field. He didn't only play well, he was one of the most positive and upbeat players on the field, proving it by joking with his team and the other team from behind the plate, dropping some sweet dance moves at catcher, and using some energy he somehow had left to climb over the fence after scoring a run.

Dennis Wright II


Dennis played very well this week, both at the plate and in the field. At the plate he got on base a couple times, but his best hit was a smoked ball over the outfielders for a Home Rin. In the field at 3rd base, he made a sensational diving catch that he secured between his feet after bobbling it, getting the out on the fly.

Ty Hilliker

You Wine Some, You Booze Some

Ty garners this weeks POTW honors by both demonstrating sportsmanship along with his teammate Jon and showing off a big leg. Ty had two home runs this week and almost another a third but had to settle with a triple.


Red Rubber Showdown 9 - Kickball Tournament

Learn More
  • Sport: Kickball
  • Format: Co-ed 10s (Max 6 Men, Min 4 Women on field)
  • Locations: Normandale Park, Rose City Park
  • Days of the week: Saturday
  • Starts on : Starts on Saturday, August 13

Fall Softcore Kickball at Sewallcrest Park Sundays

Learn More
  • Sport: Kickball
  • Format: Co-ed 10's (6M/4W)
  • Locations: Sewallcrest Park
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Starts on : Starts on Sunday, August 28

Fall Softcore Kickball at Westmoreland Wednesdays

Learn More
  • Sport: Kickball
  • Format: Co-ed 10's (6M/4W)
  • Locations: Westmoreland Park
  • Days of the week: Wednesday
  • Starts on : Starts on Wednesday, September 7

Fall Softcore Kickball at Gabriel Park #3 Sundays

Learn More
  • Sport: Kickball
  • Format: Co-ed 10's (6M/4W)
  • Locations: Gabriel Park field #3
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Starts on : Starts on Sunday, September 11

Fall Softcore Kickball at Peninsula Park Sundays

Learn More
  • Sport: Kickball
  • Format: Co-ed 10's (6M/4W)
  • Locations: Peninsula Park
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Starts on : Starts on Sunday, September 11
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