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Sunday, June 16

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Division 2 - Will be playing games at Rose City Park
Pitches Be Crazy forfeited to Mound Pounders.
Most improved
Most improved
Underhanded Compliments
Masa was chosen by his team captain to be the Most Improved Player of the Year. He had games in the field and at the plate, and played a crucial part in his teams championship run.

Congrats Masa on the awesome season!
Sons of Pitches turns back the clock
Sons of Pitches turns back the clock
When I was a pee wee flag football player, the league commissioner in which I played singled me out during the final huddle in front of the entire league to salute my tenacity. I was the smallest - and certainly not the fastest player in the league.

Sons of Pitches definitely wasn't the youngest team on the field Sunday, but they undoubtedly, to quote my league commissioner, wanted it more than anyone else. The effort and desire was palpable from the first pitch. While Doc and Rayce flew around the bases wreaking absolute havoc, Kip and Crystal locked it down at second base and left field. I'm still wondering why people tried to hit it in their direction...Add a few defensive gems at third by Chad, more reliable pitching from Sean, and Dan going Big Mac Mode, and it was clear - on the softball field - this Father's Day belonged to the Sons of Pitches!
  Field 2 Field 1
12:00 PM
  Pitches for Life [9]
  Pitch Please [20]
POTG: Josh G
1:30 PM
  Sons of Pitches [16]
  Pabst Smear [8]
POTG: Katie (Kip) A
3:00 PM
  Sons of Pitches [17]
  Puns Batted In [14]
POTG: Crystal C
  Underhanded Compliments [33]
  Balls In! [3]
POTG: cameron d
4:30 PM
  Pitch Please [10]
  Jerry Jones Landscaping [12]
POTG: Sarah P
  Underhanded Compliments [24]
  Mound Pounders [23]
POTG: Colin R
6:00 PM
  Sons of Pitches [26]
  Jerry Jones Landscaping [6]
POTG: Daniel W

Visitor (first team) vs Home (second team)

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