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Thursday, August 15

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Lisa Johnston-Smith
Lisa Johnston-Smith
Grand Jams
Lisa displayed exemplary sportsmanship and was a pleasure to play amongst. Great job Lisa!
Hygie Ordono
Hygie Ordono
United Nations
Fielding a strong shortstop, and booting some of the hardest kicks I've seen in awhile, Hygie propelled his team to a first place finish. Trailing early in the game, Hygie booted a ball towards right center that got in between the defenders. This cleared the bases and propelled United Nations to a scoring frenzy. I felt as though Hygies play was well deserving of POTW, great job!
  Field 1 Field 2
6:00 PM
  Portland Llamas [12]
  KitShickers [9]
POTG: Claire R
  Ro Sham Bo [4]
  AskNicely [14]
POTG: Katie M
7:00 PM
  Portland Llamas [6]
  United Nations [10]
POTG: Hygie O
  Grand Jams [6]
  AskNicely [8]
POTG: Erick R

Visitor (first team) vs Home (second team)

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