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Late Fall Softcore Volleyball at St Charles Mondays


Awkward Sets with Nathan photo First Place Trophy

Late Fall Softcore Volleyball at St Charles Mondays

  Awkward Sets with Nathan

Awkward Sets with Nathan Gets the Gold
The Underdogs Take it in 3 Sets

The underdogs took the championship volleyball match! Awkward Sets with Nathan as the lower seed battled it out in 3 sets against highest seed, Straight Shots. Their positivity, communication and perseverance resulted in the gold.

Straight Shots started off Set 1 with too many unforced errors, mainly missed serves. The low ceiling was not their friend tonight, allowing Awkward Sets with Nathan to maintain a 6 point difference. They took the game 25-20.

Set 2 began with exchanging points. Straight Shots was able to have the lead, but just for a little bit. Awkward Sets with Nathan managed to close the 5 point gap with their consistent communication supported by scrappy defense. However, it was no match for all the smart and sneaky tips Straight Shots doled out and they stole this game 25-20.

For the set 3 tiebreaker, there were more long and exciting rallies! Points were exchanged continuously. Straight Shots' ace serves and smart tips weren't enough to overcome Awkward Sets with Nathan's kills, great passes and digs which resulted in a really close game of 26-24.

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Straight Shots photo
Second Place Trophy

Late Fall Softcore Volleyball at St Charles Mondays
Second Place

Straight Shots

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Straight Shots
6 2 0 12 5
  Awkward Sets with Nathan
5 3 0 10 10
  The Barbarians of Chaos
4 3 (1)º 0 8 7
  Spike Club
3 5 0 6 12
  Volley Llamas
1 (1)º 6 0 2 17
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