Volleyball Standings

Late Fall Softcore Volleyball at Friendly House Thursdays


Indy #V64 photo First Place Trophy


  Indy #V64

Wins for Days!
What a Team

Congratulations Indy #64 on a beautiful win that put a close to the season. They hit it hard tonight, diving left and right while communication flawlessly to get the ball up and over. It can be hard to join a team as an individual, that didn't stop this team at all. From the first game they are comfortable with each others skills and became a solid team. Due to that awesomeness......they took the championship title no issue! They really rocked it this season with their sportsmanship
and communication, congratulations again Indy #64.

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Indy #V64
6 2 0 12 9
  Orville Ready-Blocker
4 3 0 8 8
  Bump Set Bolo - Indy #V65
4 3 0 8 9
  Bump, Set, Beer
3 4 0 6 12
  One Hit Wonders
2 7 0 4 18
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