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     Co-ed Sundays - April 8th

     Mens Sundays - April 8th


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Players of the Game

Oct 29 - Feb 23

Jack M

Below Me Two

3 INTs & multiple TD passes.

Holly S


Great catches.

Dan Andrews... safety!

Nathan B

Back that Pass Up

Sure hands on a cold Sunday afternoon

Branden L

Forest Dragons

Sweet punt return for TD.

Katie S

Prime Time

Great tip.

Kendra W

Below Me

Smiled a lot.

Allyn: Great sub at QB.

Dustin M

Dat Utter Team

1 INT, 1 TD, 15 flag pulls.

Lynne P

Safely Blitzed

GW QB sneak w 35 secs left.

Players of the Week

Oct 29 - Feb 23

Gregger Highberg Played Out of his Shoe

Dat Utter Team

Greggor Highberg played so hard, he played right out of his shoe. During Week 2's game on Sunday at Lewis & Clark, Dat Utter Team looked to be in trouble. Down 12-0 and with a heavy snow falling, things looked bleak for the Battling Bovines. That's when Gregger Highberg put his foot down... literally. He broke his shoe and his foot was coming out of it. With no tape to repair it the only choice was to play it out... with a foot hanging out of his shoe... in the snow. He had a crucial INT in the first half that started to turn things around for Dat Utter Team and his inspiration to his team for battling through the hardship spurred Dat Utter Team to 32 unanswered points and a 32-12 win. Triumph over adversity is what the Underdog spirit is all about and, for this reason, Gregger Highberg is our Week 2 Player of the Week.

Dante Ortiz was Unstoppable... Wherever He Lined Up

Cuddle Closet Redux

Dante Ortiz couldn't be stopped Sunday night at Lewis & Clark. He orchestrated 7 TD drives in 8 possessions with 6 TD passes with near pinpoint accuracy in Cuddle Closet's 50-38 upset victory over AA. But he didn't just do it at QB. He also had an acrobatic catch and subsequent TD run after a tipped ball drill thrown by Carol Kim wound up in his hands on 4th and long gender. The TD put Cuddle Closet up 3 scores late in the game and really sealed the outcome. Cuddle Closet will look to continue its improbable run next week vs Roustabouts. Congratulations Dante! You're this week's Player of the Week.

Carol Kim

Carol Does It All

Carol Kim was a maniac on Sunday at Griswold Stadium. In addition to playing on her own team, Cuddle Closet Redux, Carol also subbed in for No Fly Zone during their game vs Alcoholics Anonymous. AA probably wished she hadn't subbed for No Fly Zone. Carol made a ton of key receptions on third and fourth down including a TD to help No Fly Zone to a close 44-36 victory. Carol is always the consummate good sport on the field playing her best but always showing respect for the other team. She always seems to be having a great time out there. All of these qualities is what the Underdog Spirit is all about. Congratulations, Carol. You're this week's Player of the Week.

Melissa Savage Always a Gamer


Melissa Savage comes to play and play hard each and every Sunday. Always a key female contributor to her team's production Melissa is equally known for her production and her competitive spirit. This never say die attitude is what Underdog is all about and is why Melissa Savage is this week's Player of the Week.

Aaron Penn

Alcoholics Anonymous

The final game of the day featured Cuddle Closet and AA, two teams often near the top of the standings and who know each others tendencies very well from previous epic match-ups. Aaron Penn, a quiet by nature receiver who usually can be found running stealth like routes hugging the sideline, had the lights shining bright on him throughout this highly competitive game. Quarterback Tommy Moore made it a point to get Aaron involved early, finding him on a few crucial third down conversions and long TD pass. With his fine play today Aaron set the tone for AA's impressive 54-24 win and perfect 3-0 record to start this winter season at Lewis & Clark.

Chris Gonzales

The Real MVP

A man that is the MVP every time he takes the field... Chris has been a mainstay of our leagues for many years. Not only he is one of the most talented players in the league but is one that makes the league fun for everybody. Chris is very clearly a competitor but also keeps the attitude light whether it be through witty banter with his own team, the opposing teams, or even the referees. He is exteremely encouraging of his own team being his teammates' biggest cheerleader and he always tries to get all of his teammates involved in the action. He also quickly accepts fault and apologozes to his teammates when he hasn't lived up to his own expecations of himself. Chris truly exemplifies what the Underdog spirit is all about and, for that, he is the this week's Player of the Week.

Gunther Schultze

Portland Reign

Starting the season off a week after other teams with a number of new players to the league, Portland Reign had their work cut out for them! With the calm and cool leadership of their captain, Gunther, the Reign pulled off a solid win in their first effort of the season!

Robert Wu

The Dictator's Finest

Opening their Underdog Flag Football careers, The Dictator's Finest were some of the finest for sure on this day! Pulling out a decisive victory in their first game and having some of the best attitudes out there make this team a fun one to watch!

Ashleigh Hurd is Unstoppable

Swear to Drunk I'm Not God

Ashleigh Hurd wakes up in the morning and puts on her pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else... but then she goes out and kills the game in flag football. Ashleigh's tough as nails demeanor on the field set the tone for her team during a 46-28 playoff win over Any Given Sunday on Sunday at Lewis & Clark. Ashleigh had a lot of huge receptions and long runs after the catch in helping her team advance to the second round. Way to go Ashleigh! You're this week's Player of the Week.

Jason Herman

Mighty Oregon

A highly entertaining game between Any Given Sunday and Mighty Oregon showcased the defensive prowess of Jason Herman, a "lead by example" player who led the charge on the defensive side of the ball. A quiet player by nature, Jason let his knack for the ball and flag pulling skills do all of the talking in a competitive game up until the clock read zero. His stopper mentality helped the team in mighty neon green pull off a solid 48-30 victory and kept them in the hunt for a high seed come playoff time.


Spring Co-ed Flag Football at Lewis and Clark Sundays

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  • Format: Co-ed 8's (5 men and 3 women) - Rosters Up to 14 Players
  • Locations: Lewis and Clark College
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Starts on : Starts on Sunday, April 8

Spring Gentlemen's Flag Football at Lewis and Clark Sundays

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  • Format: 7 on 7 Non-Contact - Rosters Up to 12 Players
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  • Starts on : Starts on Sunday, April 8
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