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     Co-ed Sundays - February 11th

     Mens Sundays - February 11th


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Players of the Game

Apr 23 - Dec 15

Lindsay R

But a Blitz Ain’t One

2 crucial TDs

Kevin M

Prime Time - Indy #FF11

Int TD to cap off awesome defensive game

Brock B

Cuddle Closet Redux

QB pressure all game long with sweet safety

Brandon J

Alcoholics Anonymous

Deep balls

Erin - making it happen!

David M

Flaggy McFootball

4 INTs!

Michael I

Any Given Sunday

This Guy

Phil - difference maker

Gus R

Prime Time - Indy #FF11

now that's what we call fast on a football field

Keith R

Cromartie's Kids

4 INTs

Players of the Week

Apr 23 - Dec 15

Chris Gonzales

The Real MVP

A man that is the MVP every time he takes the field... Chris has been a mainstay of our leagues for many years. Not only he is one of the most talented players in the league but is one that makes the league fun for everybody. Chris is very clearly a competitor but also keeps the attitude light whether it be through witty banter with his own team, the opposing teams, or even the referees. He is exteremely encouraging of his own team being his teammates' biggest cheerleader and he always tries to get all of his teammates involved in the action. He also quickly accepts fault and apologozes to his teammates when he hasn't lived up to his own expecations of himself. Chris truly exemplifies what the Underdog spirit is all about and, for that, he is the this week's Player of the Week.

Gunther Schultze

Portland Reign

Starting the season off a week after other teams with a number of new players to the league, Portland Reign had their work cut out for them! With the calm and cool leadership of their captain, Gunther, the Reign pulled off a solid win in their first effort of the season!

Robert Wu

The Dictator's Finest

Opening their Underdog Flag Football careers, The Dictator's Finest were some of the finest for sure on this day! Pulling out a decisive victory in their first game and having some of the best attitudes out there make this team a fun one to watch!

Ashleigh Hurd is Unstoppable

Swear to Drunk I'm Not God

Ashleigh Hurd wakes up in the morning and puts on her pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else... but then she goes out and kills the game in flag football. Ashleigh's tough as nails demeanor on the field set the tone for her team during a 46-28 playoff win over Any Given Sunday on Sunday at Lewis & Clark. Ashleigh had a lot of huge receptions and long runs after the catch in helping her team advance to the second round. Way to go Ashleigh! You're this week's Player of the Week.

Jason Herman

Mighty Oregon

A highly entertaining game between Any Given Sunday and Mighty Oregon showcased the defensive prowess of Jason Herman, a "lead by example" player who led the charge on the defensive side of the ball. A quiet player by nature, Jason let his knack for the ball and flag pulling skills do all of the talking in a competitive game up until the clock read zero. His stopper mentality helped the team in mighty neon green pull off a solid 48-30 victory and kept them in the hunt for a high seed come playoff time.

Brandon Reynolds


The 4:00pm game between Any Given Sunday and Topgolf showcased the ever improving skills of Brandon Reynolds, a player whose passion for the game and team first attitude has been on display all season long. A deficit is never too big to overcome and an interception thrown by his quarterback is simply a chance for Top Golf's defense to shine once again...Brandon's leadership on the field is felt by his teammates throughout the game. With Top Golf's offense running like a fine tuned machine today, Brandon's precise route running was rewarded with a "did-that-really-just-happen" touchdown reception. In what appeared to be an out of the end zone errant pass turned into ladder climbing, highlight reel catch of the day. Awesome game today Brandon! Thanks for treating us all to "the catch" and taking it a little bit easier with your shut down strong safety defense.

Jen Hosana

Pick 6, None The Richer

The day started off in fine fashion at Lewis & Clark with a great game between Safety Blitzed and Pick 6, None the Richer. Two talented teams with a desire to wear the championship belt at the end of the season, Vegas oddsmakers had this as a "pick'em" game right up until kickoff. Both teams played focused and on point throughout the game, keeping within striking distance until the very end. Trailing by two with 1:30 remaining, Jen Hosana stepped up big time with an interception at left cornerback. She rumbled, stumbled and bumbled her way to an amazing pick six, ensuring her team of a hard fought 26-22 victory and well deserved Player of the Week honors.

Mark Rodriguez

Kiss My Endzone

The 5:00pm game at Lewis & Clark between AA & Kiss My Endzone on Sunday featured the "five tool" skills of Mark Rodriquez, gunslingin' quarterback and spirital leader of the team in purple. Well known throughout the league as a a scrambling QB with the ability to extend plays, Mark knew his best was needed against a solid opponent like AA. The highlight reel was full by the end of the game with his passing, running & sweet interception return for a touchdown. As the final whistle blew, Mark's impressive display on the field helped lead his team to a much needed 50-40 victory and multiple spots on the 10:00pm broadcast of Sportscenter Top 10 plays.

Allison Widney

Best Scorehouse in Portland

A much anticipated match-up between Roustabouts and Best Scorehouse in Portland lived up to the hype and then some at Lewis & Clark on Sunday. Two teams with legit title hopes battled it out until the final whistle, showcasing team chemistry on both sides of the ball not usually seen until the playoffs. Even though both teams were able to put up some serious points on the scoreboard, a certain Allison Widney showcased the skills needed to be a dominant pass rusher all game long. A stealth like approach to the opposing scrambling quarterback and uncanny knack for swiping a flag out of mid-air kept her team within striking distance throughout the game. Allison's team may have come up short on the final score, but her effort on defense was admired by all in attendance. NIce work Allison! Your constructive comments to the refs and homage to Lincoln Hawk in Over the Top made for an awesome day of Underdog flag football.

Carol Kim

Cuddle Closet

In a tight contest between Cuddle Closet and Alcoholics Anonymous, Carol came up big on Sunday to help her team get the win. Carol's sure hands had several first down gains and a touchdown. Stifiling defense landed Carol with TWO huge game changing interceptions that ensured the victory for Cuddle Closet.


Winter Co-ed Flag Football at Lewis and Clark Sundays

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  • Sport: Flag Football
  • Format: Co-ed 8's (5 men and 3 women) - Rosters Up to 14 Players
  • Locations: Lewis and Clark College
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Starts on : Starts on Sunday, February 11

Winter Gentlemen's Flag Football at Lewis and Clark Sundays

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  • Sport: Flag Football
  • Format: 7 on 7 Non-Contact - Rosters Up to 12 Players
  • Locations: Lewis and Clark College
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Starts on : Starts on Sunday, February 11
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