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Let's Talk About Sets, Baby - Indy #V13 photo First Place Trophy


  Let's Talk About Sets, Baby - Indy #V13

Lets Talk About Sets, Baby takes home the win!

The Lets Talk About Sets, Baby ended off the season with a bang! Even though they came into this season as an indy team, at the championship game really showed cohesiveness as a team. Together they played with such ease and intensity. Playing two games in one night is no easy feat, but that did not stop them from keeping competition high. They are a team that works really well with each other and they know how to communicate on the court. Their champ win was far from easy as their competition kept them on their toes. With two very close games that were neck and neck the entire time, Lets Talk About Set Baby gained a lead with their powerful three touch plays. Congrats Lets Talk About Sets you guys really earned it!

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Sharp Cheddar Setters photo
Second Place Trophy

Second Place

Sharp Cheddar Setters

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Block It Like It's Hot photo
Third Place Trophy

Third Place

Block It Like It's Hot

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Let's Talk About Sets, Baby - Indy #V13
6 2 0 12 6
  Sharp Cheddar Setters
5 3 0 10 9
  Block It Like It's Hot
4 3 0 8 9
  Blue Dragons - Indy #V14
0 7 0 0 18
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