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Volleyball Standings

Spring Softcore Volleyball at St Charles Mondays


NG16 photo First Place Trophy

Spring Softcore Volleyball at St Charles Mondays


Net Game 16 Sets it for The Win!

Volley after volley after volley, this game was one intense gasp of breathe after another! NG16 lead after the first set only to have tied up with Straight Shots after the second. They held their own in the second set, making a formidable effort by narrowing their opponents lead from thirteen to four points with the magic serves and sets from one rotation!

NG16 had their "bump, set, spike" routine down and each player knew just who to set to and when, like they had been playing together for years. And even at times when they didn't catch a point spectators wouldn't notice because smiles were as equally elated compared to when they would score! Laughs echoed on the court between each player too and their great attitudes emanated in the gym.

NG16 showed what can be accomplished when everyone has a great time and is willing to learn and make mistakes along the way. Great job team, keep up the great and fun work in the future! Congratulations!!!

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Straight Shots photo
Second Place Trophy

Spring Softcore Volleyball at St Charles Mondays
Second Place

Straight Shots

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
7 1 0 14 6
  Straight Shots
4 4 0 8 13
  The Volley Lama
3 4 0 6 10
  Sloppy Sets
4 4 0 8 10
  Spike Club
1 6 0 2 18
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