Woah, woah, woah. Somebody tell Matt the World Cup is over, he has years to master that foot work and if he keeps at it he'll be #1 in not just soccer but amazing foot saves on the court.

Did someone say he's like a Micheal Jordan golf to basketball crossover? No? Well I just did! Bag O' Digs showed up to the championship game and was prepared to leave everything out on the court and Matt did just that. There were slide saves with not just his feet but yes, also his hands. There were dives, and there were monumental efforts to run after a rogue all to keep it in play.

And the team work he and his fellow teammate Scotty had were great. Particularly when the ball bounced back at them twice from the net as they tried with fervor to get it over the net.

Some may try and sit down and cry, but Matt tried and tried and you know what happened after he tried a third time? His team one the championships. Way to go in showing us how it's done Matt and team! Have a great summer!