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Volleyball Standings

Fall Softcore Volleyball at St Charles Mondays


Straight Shots photo First Place Trophy

Fall Softcore Volleyball at St Charles Mondays

  Straight Shots

Straight Shots!

This championship game was one to watch! It had everything,long rallies, bodies flying, great saves and even a ball stuck in the rafters. Sloppy Sets made Straight Shots work for it. In game one, Sloppy Sets took the lead, but Straight Shots worked their way back. Renee used her consistent serve to start off the game. Joshes serves were powerful, bring Straight shots to a 10 point lead in game 2. Andy and Alivia played the net like pros with strong blocks and precise hits. Great game Straight Shots! See you next season!!

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Straight Shots
7 1 0 14 4
  Sloppy Sets
6 2 0 12 8
  Awkward Sets with Nathan
2 5 0 4 11
  Spike Club
0 7 0 0 20
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