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Volleyball Standings

Summer Co-ed Sand Volleyball at Gabriel Park Wednesdays


Block Busters photo First Place Trophy

Division 1

  Block Busters

Cheerful Champs
Friends, Fun, and a Win

Block Busters were a close knit group of comedic players that came ready to face any challenge. They always showed up with a beaming smile and an even better attitude. More impressive than that, their skills were off the chart! Each player brought a unique set of skills that earned them the title of champion. Congratulations Block Busters!

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Division 1 Standings

  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Block Busters 8 0 0 16 2
2   SpikeOpaths 7 2 0 14 6
3   Spike Jordan - Indy #V23 5 3 0 10 10
4   Bump Sand Beer 5 3 0 10 8
5   Blocka Blocka 4 2 0 8 8
Tipsy photo First Place Trophy

Division 2


You are the Champion!
Climbing to the Tipsy Top

Tipsy showed up to every game with an entourage, whether it be extra players, or the team mascot, their dog! This team came ready to win no matter what. This last game was no exception, every player was on their toes ready to dive at the smack of the ball. Their serves and attacks were just as impressive as their defense. What an amazing game, amazing season, and amazing team. Congratulations on winning the championships!

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Division 2 Standings

  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Sets, Nets, and No Regrets 4 5 0 8 14
2   Tipsy 4 4 0 8 9
3   Space Kittens - Indy #V24 2 6 0 4 17
4   Block Party 1 6 0 2 17
5   The Accidental Aces 2 6 0 4 17
6   Bagel Bites - Indy #V22 2 7 0 4 18
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