Volleyball Standings

Late Fall Co-ed Volleyball at Wattles Boys & Girls Club Tuesdays


We Showed Up - Indy #V45 photo First Place Trophy


  We Showed Up - Indy #V45

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Indy Champions

We Showed Up brought their game faces. Even when pressure was on, down two players with a alarm going off, they played in true indy team fashion. They adapted and supported their new teammates to make a lot of solid plays. Even in the tie breaker match they continued to set their fellow teammates up for great hits, leading them to a strong win! Really strong teamwork comes from great indy players and We Showed Up definitely showed how hardworking underdog players can come out on top.

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Softcore Standings

  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   We Showed Up - Indy #V45 7 (2)º 1 0 14 6
2   Goosebumps 6 2 0 12 8
3   Happylucky 3 4 (2)º 0 6 5
4   Slappy Cakes 3 4 0 6 9
5   Indy #V44 2 4 0 4 14
6   Softcore Performance - Indy #V46 0 6 0 0 15
Set Pistols - Indy #V48 photo First Place Trophy

Midcore 1

  Set Pistols - Indy #V48

Mid Core Royalty
Skills for days

Set Pistols has one of the top teams all season and they showed why tonight. Their opponents didn’t give up easily, making Set Pistols work to take the title. All three sets in tonight’s game were so close, both teams competing for the lead. In the end, fighting though their exhaustion from a double hitter, Set Pistols succeeded in defeating their opponents and won the championship. This was the Set Pistols first season together as an Indy team but that didn’t stop them from coming together and winning. Congratulations Set Pistols!!

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Midcore 1 Standings

  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Big Tippers 5 2 0 10 6
2   Set Pistols - Indy #V48 7 1 0 14 6
3   E! True Volleyball Story 5 2 0 10 7
NOTE: These rankings have been manually adjusted to reflect external criteria.
Diggy Tippys photo First Place Trophy

Midcore 2

  Diggy Tippys

True underdog moment
Double trouble

Is the heat on or is Diggy Tippys just on fire tonight! They brought their all and left it on the court tonight. Not only is playoffs stressful, but the exhaustion of playing a double and still winning, props to Diggy Tippys! They came out of the woods and defeated the top teams for the title. Diggy Tippys truly trusted each other and with that they claimed the mid core championship! Congratulations to Diggy Tippys!!

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Midcore 2 Standings

  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Diggy Tippys 5 4 0 10 14
2   so spandextra 3 5 0 6 12
3   G-Unit 2 5 0 4 11
4   Indy #V49 2 5 0 4 15
5   ATC - Indy #V47 1 6 0 2 14
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