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Winter Co-ed Volleyball at Wattles Boys & Girls Club Thursdays


That's What She Set photo First Place Trophy


  That's What She Set


What a fantastic end to the season! That’s What She Set and the Varsity were fabulous contenders for the softcore champs this week. The vibes on the court were nothing but positive as these two teams hashed it out for the title. Strong serves and some major kills got softcore to the finish line for this season’s champions slot. We can’t wait to see you next season!

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Varsity photo
Second Place Trophy

Second Place


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Softcore Standings

  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   That's What She Set 8 0 0 16 2
2   Varsity 5 2 0 10 6
3   Bump, Set, PSYCH 4 3 0 8 12
4   Frizball 3 5 0 6 14
5   These sets are making me thirsty 1 5 0 2 15
6   Spiked Punch 0 6 0 0 13
Bounce Back photo First Place Trophy


  Bounce Back


What a thrilling playoff night for the midcore championship! Bounce Back truly live up to their name during their semifinals match, falling behind early before rallying and winning all three sets. During the championship match, their chemistry really showed as they set each other up for point after point. Between monstrous serves, devastating spikes, and amazing teamwork, this was a well deserved win! We look forward to seeing you back next season!

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Midcore Standings

  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Bounce Back 7 1 0 14 3
2   Big digs little hands 7 2 0 14 9
3   Los Diablos 4 3 0 8 13
4   G-Unit 2 5 0 4 11
5   Hot Dig'gity 1 4 0 2 11
6   Big Dig Energy 0 6 0 0 14
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