Volleyball Standings

Spring Softcore Volleyball at Friendly House Thursdays


SpikOpaths photo First Place Trophy



Coming for the win!
On a warpath!

What an ending of the season. SpikOpaths was here to dominate and they did so. They had a double hitter and was still able to pull ahead in the second hour of games. During several sets tonight there were some great serve runs. Pulling ahead of the teams easily by 8 points just on serves alone. SpikOpaths truly showed up as a team and played their best. Congratulations SpikOpaths.

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   SpikOpaths 6 2 0 12 7
2   Dragon Screw 5 2 0 10 7
3   Getting Diggy with it 5 (1)º 2 0 10 7
4   Varsity 5 4 0 10 11
5   Ashan & friends 2 (1)º 5 0 4 13
6   Indy #V20 1 5 0 2 15
7   Timberlab 1 5 (2)º 0 2 8
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