Volleyball Standings

Fall Co-ed Volleyball at Wattles Boys & Girls Club Wednesdays


Girthquake photo First Place Trophy

Midcore 1


Girthquake creates an earthquake in the gym!
Midcore 1 championship

An exciting match between two dynamic teams! A lot of heavy swings and incredible defense from both teams resulted in an exciting championship! In the end Girthquake came out on top! In the quiet gym, the hits and swings broke the silence with a BOOM! Girthquake’s loud spikes, digs and serves QUAKED the gym!! Congratulations to the Midcore 1 champs!

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Midcore 1 Standings

  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Girthquake 7 (2)º 1 0 14 4
2   Set Me Off 5 3 (1)º 0 10 8
3   Kenny and Friends 4 3 0 8 10
4   The Watermelon Group 4 4 0 8 10
5   Mayhem 3 4 0 6 11
Tipsy photo First Place Trophy

Midcore 2


Tipsy takes down Sugar and spikes
Midcore 2 championship

The fans really showed up for this championship! The energy and the fight from both teams were exciting! In the end Tipsy came out on top with the win in 3 very close sets. Tipsy’s strong serves, great attacks, and hustle helped towards their win of the championship. Tipsy was sneaky and creative with their shots and maintained composure in this high pressure match as the points went back and forth and win-by-two. After being down in the first set, Tipsy didn’t give up and came back and fought hard in the second and third!

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Midcore 2 Standings

  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Sugar and Spikes 7 1 0 14 5
2   Tipsy 4 4 0 8 11
3   Indy #V39 2 5 (1)º 0 4 13
4   Spike Proteins 1 6 0 2 16
Pain in the Ace photo First Place Trophy


  Pain in the Ace

Pain in the Ace comes out on top
Softcore championships

The exciting rally’s and the constant hustle kept made this championship such a blast to watch. Each team fought for that ball to stay off the ground! In the end Pain in the Ace came out on top as the champions! They celebrated every point and never gave up even when they were down by points in the match. Being almost 10 points down in the second set, Pain in the Ace kept fight and gained momentum in the second set to then take victory in the third! Congratulations to the Softcore champs, what a great season!

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Softcore Standings

  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Pain in the Ace 5 2 0 10 6
2   Samdy Cheeks 3 5 0 6 16
3   NET WORTH - Indy #V38 0 7 0 0 17
How are Standings Calculated?
Standings shown do not automatically adjust for tiebreakers. Tiebreakers may be adjusted manually prior to playoffs with head-to-head followed by runs/points allowed (or sets lost for Volleyball leagues) as the top 2 criteria. Forfeits may be calculated differently as stated below.
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