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Kickball Standings

Spring Softcore Kickball at Westmoreland Wednesdays


Force Kin photo First Place Trophy

Spring Softcore 2015 Westmoreland Park

  Force Kin

My Beloved Force Kin
The second time's a charm!

It was a peculiar ending to the season, but Force Kin didn't get caught in the zipper of life. Instead, the crew came back with big smiles on their game faces to play (again) for the coveted Westmoreland kickball championship.
It was a gloriious game, with Pork Chop Express giving the Force all they could handle. But the Skins wouldn't bend, break, or tear, closing out a hairy final inning to take home the crown.
Congrats guys and gals! It was a blast watching Nora fly around the bases. Phil, you're the coolest, happiest catcher of all time. Matt, you need to trademark "3rd Base Asian Sensation." Brendan, quit fouling balls and kick it to the middle; at least the defense has to make a play. Ian, you're tall and good at Ro-Sham-Bo. Steve, I dare you to kick righty. And we can't forget Christina, Sam, Cori, Jon (easiest psych out ever), Eric, and Katlyn. Well we probably forgot someone, but at least we tried.
Cheers. See y'all at softball!

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Winners, Losers + Boozers
7 1 0 14 36
  Force Kin
7 3 0 14 75
  Pork Chop Express
6 (1)º 3 1 13 67
  Cook Security Group
5 4 (1)º 1 11 50
  Beer Me That Kickball
5 (1)º 2 0 10 23
  I like BIG Bunts!
4 4 0 8 50
  Hard Shockers
4 4 0 8 65
  One Kick To Rule Them All
3 4 1 7 59
2 4 (1)º 1 5 57
2 4 1 5 75
  Snatcher In the Rye
2 4 1 5 83
  Balls Deep
1 5 1 3 47
  Pitches Be Crazy - Indy #K5
0 6 1 1 87
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