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Spirit Champions and Theme Nights

Who's Got Spirit? YOU!

Your team may not be the best Bocce, Bowling or Cornhole players but as far as we’re concerned that doesn’t mean that your team aren't champions! In addition to the Winners, each of these sports has a Spirit Champion... which could be YOU! The team deemed Most Spirited is crowned the Spirit Champion!



You may not be the best bocce/bowling/cornhole player, but as far as we’re concerned, that doesn’t mean that your team shouldn’t be able to challenge for a championship or win prizes. On top of the league championship for the winners, each of these sports also incorporates a “Spirit Champion”, so the team that is deemed the most fun is also crowned a champion.


Each night, the Supervisor will award teams Spirit Coupons for a variety of reasons, listed below. These coupons must come naturally, pleading with the Supervisor won't get you anywhere... except maybe disqualified. The team with the most Spirit Coupons at the end of the season is named the Spirit Champions!

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Team Cheers
  • Cheering on Opponents
  • General Team Fun-ness
  • Participating in Theme Nights


The Spirit Champions are awarded a coupon to a kickass Underdog Sponsor Bar. (Warning: Ties may result in a dance off bewteen teams.)




Here is a sampling of theme nights that may pop up in your league:


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