Create a Company Team

All the information you need to sign up your Company Team!

What is a Company Team?


A company team is an Underdog team that is made up of mostly of employees from a certain company. There are three kinds of company teams:


  • Fully funded: The Company pays the entire team registration fee.
  • Partially funded: The Company pays for part of the team registration fee.
  • Not funded: The Company does not pay for any of the team registration fee.


It is up to the Company how much they would like to contribute towards a team; however, we recommend paying for at least part of the team fee, as it shows your employees that the company is prioritizing happiness, health, and FUN.


BONUS: If you partially or fully fund a Company Team, your company can be highlighted on the Company Kick In page of Underdog’s website. If you are funding a Company Team and would like to have your Company on this page, email


What are the benefits of creating a Company Team? 


So glad you asked...check out 8 Reasons You Should Create a Company Sports Team!


How does the Company Team sign-up process work? 


It actually works the exact same way as any other sign up, but if the Company is paying team fees, the payment process will be slightly different.


How do I pay for the Company Team?


When your Company Team Captain signs up the team, he or she must pay a deposit (usually $75-$100) using a credit card in order to secure a spot in the league. The day after the league starts, the remainder of the team balance is charged to that same credit card. The most convenient way to pay for your Company Team, whether fully or partially funded, is to use a company credit card.


1. TeamPayer

  • The Captain adds an HR representative to the roster, assigns the all or part of the team balance to the HR Representative, and the HR Representative can pay using a company card.


2. Company Credit Card 

  • Fully Funded: Have The Captain can sign up using a company credit card, and both the deposit and the rest of the team fee will be charged to this card.
  • Partially Funded: If you are funding a portion of the team balance, you can call the Underdog Office anytime between when the Captain signs up and the league begins to put that portion of the team balance on a company credit card.


3. ​Reimbursement

  • If you are reimbursing employees that played in an Underdog league, the Captain can view and print an itemized receipt via their player page.


4. Check (fully funded Company Teams ONLY)

  • The Captain pays the team deposit, the Company mails Underdog a check for the full amount of the team (including the deposit) before the league starts, and Underdog refunds the Captain for the original deposit.


Can we change Captains after paying? 


Yes, just call the Underdog Office, and we can make that change for you in our system.


Is there anything else we need to do before Opening Day? 


Just build your roster! We recommend using our invite link: just send the link to whoever you want on your team (via email, text, Facebook Messenger, etc), and they can add themselves to the roster! A few days before Opening Day, you will receive your schedule and other important league information.


Wow. We're having a ton of fun, and a lot of our coworkers want to play now. Can we sign up more than one Company Team? 


YES! We can help you sign up multiple Company Teams through Underdog. If you have a ton of interest at your company, we would also recommend checking into a corporate league through FunCorp, Underdog’s Corporate Events division.