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Players of the Week

Feb 4 - Oct 25

Arnold Benson

Huevos Grandes

Arnold was an incredible participant at Interstate's final Wednesday league! He dressed the part in his formal prom gown. It was purple with spectacular ruffles. He twirled, bowled and had a hell of a time. He demonstrated above average skills and a winning attitude! Arnold was a team player and incredible encourager to his opponents. He never hesitated in throwing out a compliment! Huevos Grandes is lucky to have him!

Kathleen Liermann

Huevos Grandes

All green everything was Kathleen's alter ego this game. She embraced her leprechaun spirit and flaunted her St.Patty's day green garments head to toe. She bowled with swag and had her best game yet. She involved the moon walk into her post roll celebration groove and claimed at least two spurkeys. There's no doubt she had the luck of the Irish in her favor!!

Jeff Dillon

3 Hole Patrol

It's easy to become a fan of 3 Hole Patrol. Their team is stacked with talent and a treat to watch. Strikes, spares, name it...they bowl it! Especially Mr. Jeff! He rolled two turkeys in his first game! He stayed hot and carried the fire into game two. He made bowling strikes look like a breeze.

Billy Wood


No one really knows how old Billy is, but we do know that Thursday was his birthday. He could have spent his birthday in many different ways, but he spent it helping the Pin-a-Traitors to victory. Getting older never looked so good, as Billy showed off some timeless skills to clinch the win for his team.

Mikey Stanciu

Spare Ribs

Sometimes it's just your night. And Thursday, the night belonged to Mikey. He started off by subbing for the Gutterball Turkeys, helping them win their 1st game with the Pineapples with a 168. He then came back to his own team for the second game, getting the high score in what was reportedley Deez Ballz's first loss ever. I think he also won a couple hands of poker; altogether a very successful night for Mikey.

Will Lucas

Bowling With My Homies

Will, also known as Quailman is a genuine bowling natural. He was a team player, wrapped a belt around his head and underpants over his pants. Both games, he stayed in character and embodied his superhero calling. Bravo to his acting. Aside from his commitment to the theme night, his bowling skills were on point!

Louis Burge

Indy #B3

Louie has one of the most unique techniques of any bowler I've ever seen. He walks straight up to the line, stops, places both feet adjacent to the left gutter, and carefully lines up the shot with his right arm. But what this technique lacks in orthodoxy, it makes up for in effectiveness; Louie had some great scores to ensure that the his team snagged a crucial point away from the formidable Gutterball Turkeys.

Travis Gintz

Nice Pair

Of moobs on this man.... Valentine's Day is a sexy holiday and no one way sexier on this night than mr. Travis Gintz. Strolling in flaunting his stuff like a true playboy, Trav did more flirting than bowling, but who can blame the man... Love was in the air. It wasn't long before things got so hot that mr. Gintz' shirt was coming off. Ladies fainted, guys grunted in jealousy, and big Al's became the best topless bowling alley in all of the lands. Thanks for the entertainment Travis. The way you handled that tube will always have a place in our hearts.

Ryan Dey

Cascade Kingpins

Tickets are now available to view Ryan's skilled creativity in the 10th frame!! There're going fast as he's a hot commodity each game. Between the legs, behind his back and 95% of the time he rolls a strike. Show stopping phenomenon, Ryan especially crushed his match and left a lasting impression on his peers, teammates and opponents. His dynamic bowling spins and technique have earned him POTW!

Aaron Janssen

Deliberately Sandbagging

Aaron is the man. A strike machine and a volunteer to a team in need. He brought his A game and giving spirit! His efforts and good sportsmanship were outstanding! They put the cherry on top of a solid outing! I forgot to mention, the power of his bowling roll. His arm was scorching hot and badah boom, strike here, strike there! Thanks Aaron for being a great peer! Cheers to you on POTW!

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Bowling Prizes

Tickets, Grub and more.

When you roll with Underdog you're in line to win prizes.  Each league we give away "Prize Tickets" to bowlers for modest feats of bowling.  With these prize tickets, you can purchase awesome stuff.  It's like skeeball for adults. 


- $10-$50 Gift Cards to area businesses

- Underdog Branded Apparel

- Underdog Glassware

- League Discounts

- And more



Theme Nights

Scary, Funny, Zaney and Creative

It's ok if you're not so good at bowling.  Heck, we'd call that a virtue.  Underdog Bowlers know that it's ok to aim low as long as you rock the theme nights.   Here's a sample of the upcoming theme nights.


- Zombie Night

- Nerd Night

- Prom Night

- Pirate Night

- 80's Night

- Mustache Night


Check out all the theme nights.

Spirit Prizes

It's all about how you roll.

All you really need to know is that no matter if you're more a Munson or Lebowski how you roll is way more important than what you roll.  Got a rad team cheer you're ready to display?  How about a High-5 secuence that would put the Bash Brothers to shame?  When we catch you doing awesome things, you'll be rewarded handsomly.   In fact, in most of our leagues the Spirit Champs get a prize that's better than whatever the Champs get.  Take that!