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Spring NE PDX Co-ed Kickball Sunday Afternoons at King School Park


The Kankles photo First Place Trophy

SPR[09] NE PDX Co-ed Kickball Sunday Afternoons at King School Park

  The Kankles

Kankles run amuck in the playoffs
An Impressive 37 runs in two games secure the title for the Kankles

The Kankles obviously had something to prove on this night. In their first game of the double-header they put up an impressive 21 runs, their highest run total of the season, on a team they lost to the final week of the regular season. Phill Ritmanis led the way with a solo home run to start the game...but he didn't stop there. An impressive feat of three home runs during the game Phill showed his team that he was there to win.
During the second game (Championship game) the team rallied around their captain, Jason Breaux, and showed him that although he'll be moving to Denmark shortly, he'll be missed as a leader and a grand championship farewell they offered.
The road to success wasn't easy for The Kankles though! In their first game they knew they'd have a challenge from The Orange considering they had lost to them just a few weeks ago. The Orange showed up to play and did well for the first half of the game even leading at a few points but towards the end they just weren't able to pull off a repeat in the soaring heat today.
The Blockheads and Drunk Again & Looking to Score faced off in other semi-final action with The Blockheads jumping out to a huge lead by as many as 14 runs at one point. Drunk Again & Looking to Score wasn't fazed though. They had a massive and impressive last 3 innings and after scoring in the bottom of the 7th they had the bases loaded with two outs down by just one run. The Blockheads were on their heals but a Sportscenter worthy highlight ended the game. A line drive went towards third base and just off the fingertips of the 3rd baseman. Fortunately for Drunk Again that deflection did just enough to direct the ball straight to the left fielder who made the catch to end the game.
All in all it was a wonderful season with some very entertaining and spirited teams. A season to remember.

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Blockheads photo
Second Place Trophy

SPR[09] NE PDX Co-ed Kickball Sunday Afternoons at King School Park
Second Place


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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  The Kankles
7 2 0 14 63
  The Orange
6 2 0 12 60
  The Make it Happen Captains
5 2 0 10 31
5 4 0 10 98
  Drunk Again & Looking To Score
4 (1)º 5 0 8 77
  The Ball's Deep
3 4 0 6 58
  B-Cubed- Indy #1
3 5 0 6 83
  Not The Face
3 4 0 6 86
  Hot Metal
0 8 (1)º 0 0 71
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