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Softball Standings

Summer Co-ed Softball at Montavilla Saturdays 6:30-11p


Hootie and the Ballfish photo First Place Trophy

SUM[10] Co-ed Softball at Montavilla Saturdays 6:30-11p

  Hootie and the Ballfish

Ballfish balls all the way to Title!

Championship Saturday turned out to be a good one. All four teams brought their A game with Hootie and the Ballfish bringing their A+ game, taking home a championship as the result. They scored 45 runs in two games. The Sauce who took home the runner-up "trophy" scored even more runs with a total of 49. Despite the scores both teams had tough first round match-ups as Chico's Bail Bonds and I'm Cool With Whatever played with high energy and really put the pressure on for a full seven innings.
As Hootie and The Sauce squared off both teams pounded hit after hit despite some very fine pitching on both sides. Despite all the offense the difference would be defense. Rusty Kjos, who crushed the ball all day also lead the way on defense. Playing a key position in Left-field he had more than one sweet diving/sliding catch and made strong throws all day holding runners to fewer bases and runs.
All in all it was a competitive, well played weekend. The best team won on a day when the best softball of the season was being played.

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The Sauce photo
Second Place Trophy

SUM[10] Co-ed Softball at Montavilla Saturdays 6:30-11p
Second Place

The Sauce

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   The Sauce 8 1 0 16 96
2   Hootie and the Ballfish 6 3 0 12 125
3   I'm Cool with Whatever-Indy #2 4 3 1 9 96
4   Chico's Bail Bonds-Indy #1 1 7 1 3 165
5   Wasted Faces 1 6 0 2 143
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