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Summer Co-ed Volleyball at Blazers Boys & Girls Club Wednesdays

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Wednesday, August 14

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Jane Zahniser
Jane Zahniser
Jane is this weeks player of the week! The entire night she was helpful and encouraging to her team. She brought her team back from behind in a serving streak in the championship game and had consistent hits all night. Way to stay positive and come tot have fun! Great games tonight Jane!
What a team!
An extra shot out to Becomes this week! They were seated at no 6 spot playing no 2 in the semi finals. They came with a positive attitude and ready to play. What a game they had! It truly was a team effort. Scott had 4 blocks 4 different plays in a row. Sarah and Jane were consistent passing to the setter and getting kills with their hard and strategically places hits. Dave did a great job of keeping the other team on their toes during the serves. They pulled out a win and moved on the the championship game. Great job Becomes!
  Court 1
7:00 PM
  Becomes [2]
  Dracarys [0]
POTG: Scott S
8:00 PM
  Becomes [0]
  Team Dynamics [2]
POTG: Troy J

Visitor (first team) vs Home (second team)

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