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Spring Co-ed Softball at Westmoreland Mondays


Hot off the Pandemic photo First Place Trophy

Co-ed Softball

  Hot off the Pandemic

Hot off the Pandemic Walks It Off!

Coming off a dominant win in game one, How YOU Doin'? had no easy match against the number 1 seeded Hot off the Pandemic. It was a back and forth game all 7 innings, no one ever leading by more than 5. Going into the top of the 7th, How YOU Doin'? trailed by 3. They weren't going to go down without a fight as they claw their way back to tie the game at 19 going into the bottom of the 7th. With a runner on first, Nick from Hot off the Pandemic knew he could win this game, right here right now. Going down in the count early, Nick found himself in a 1-2 situation. Nevertheless, Nick put the next pitch deep into right center splitting the outfielders for a clutch hit. Being aggressive on the bases, the runner from third was able to score as the relay home was not in time. Nick comes up big with a walk off triple to seal the championship for his team. Congratulations, Hot off the Pandemic!

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How YOU Doin'? photo
Second Place Trophy

Co-ed Softball
Second Place

How YOU Doin'?

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Hot off the Pandemic 7 0 0 14 70
2   How YOU Doin'? 6 2 0 12 133
3   Will Play For Beer 5 2 0 10 80
4   Super Friends 4 2 0 8 81
5   The Wizards 4 2 0 8 88
6   Ice Cold Pitchers 3 3 0 6 109
7   Randos - Indy #S2 2 4 0 4 137
8   One Hit Wonders 1 5 0 2 99
9   Bad Pitches 0 5 0 0 128
10   The Stop-Mo Sluggers 0 6 0 0 132
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