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Spring OPEN Softball at Westmoreland Tuesdays (No Gender Rules)


Dickbat photo First Place Trophy

Open Softball


Dickbat Takes Down 1 Seed In Walk-Off Fashion

After punching their card to the championship game earlier in the night with a dominant victory over Bombers, Dickbat knew the real challenge lied ahead. Coming off the bye as the number 1 seed, Big Stick Swingin' was looking to close out their remarkable season with a championship. Unfortunately for them, Dickbat had other plans for the night. In a truly back and forth match up all night, everyone at Westmoreland knew this game was going to be decided in the final inning. Such was the case when Dickbat found themselves down 21-19 going into the bottom of the 7th. Nonetheless, Dickbat kept their composure and knocked in two runs to tie the game and set themselves up for the win. With runners on second and third, Ben from Dickbat took his spot in the box and was ready to celebrate. He sent a line drive shot down the first base line which allowed the winning run to score with ease and give Dickbat their championship victory in walk-off fashion. Congratulations, Dickbat!

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Big Stick Swingin' photo
Second Place Trophy

Open Softball
Second Place

Big Stick Swingin'

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Dickbat 7 1 0 14 105
2   Big Stick Swingin' 5 2 0 10 59
3   Bombers 5 2 0 10 101
4   Bad News Beers 3 2 1 7 53
5   Louisville Chuggers 3 3 0 6 71
6   Mean Girls 2 3 1 5 138
7   Hits & Giggles 2 4 0 4 106
8   Brewery Branding 1 (1)º 5 0 2 151
9   The Tourists - Indy #S3 0 6 (1)º 0 0 135
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