Volleyball Standings

Late Fall Co-ed Volleyball at Wattles Boys & Girls Club Thursdays


Bumpkin Spike Latte photo First Place Trophy


  Bumpkin Spike Latte

Best team around
That Spike Latte tho

Bumpkin Spike Latte was here to win tonight! They left it all on the court, doing their best to not let the ball drop. Bumpkin Spike Latte had some beautiful plays. The whole night the team showed great communication. Encouraging each other after a loss point or celebrating an amazing volley. Their opponent matched them point for point but that didn’t stop Bumpkin Spike Latte from going that extra step to claim the championship. Congratulations Bumpkin Spike Latte on your win!

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Softcore Standings

  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Bumpkin Spike Latte 6 2 0 12 6
2   Block Busters 5 2 0 10 7
3   Portland Punjabis 3 4 0 6 11
4   Pink Brujas Pirujas 0 6 0 0 18
The Volleybrawlers  photo First Place Trophy

Midcore 1

  The Volleybrawlers

Crowning a Winner!

The Volleybrawlers have been a top tier team all season and tonight they defended that. The Volleybrawlers is not only great team but also a fun opponent to have. They showed off all their skills tonight, from serves, beautiful sets, and killer spikes. Even with those skills they are still able to get scrappy when needing to get a low dig or ball that off shot. The Volleybrawlers is a well rounded team and that truly shined tonight. Even with a player down they were able to cover the whole court and return the ball. Congratulations Volleybrawlers!

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Midcore 1 Standings

  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   The Volleybrawlers 7 0 0 14 0
2   We're Baaaack 5 3 0 10 10
3   Chewblocka 4 3 0 8 9
Bounce Back photo First Place Trophy

Midcore 2

  Bounce Back

Got to work for it
When in doubt bounce back

What a final night by Bounce Back! They had to dig deep and get the energy to play a double against some great opponents. That didn’t stop Bounce Back from executing some beautiful plays. After playing so long Bounce Back is a seamless engine. Tonight there was a strong service game which can make or break a game. Bounce Back crushed it and showed why they are this seasons winner. Congratulations Bounce Back!

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Midcore 2 Standings

  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Squatch Squad 4 4 0 8 14
2   Bounce Back 6 3 0 12 8
3   G-Unit 3 4 0 6 10
4   Itsy bitsy spikers 2 5 0 4 13
5   Sets on the Beach 3 5 0 6 13
6   Oops, I Dig It Again 3 5 0 6 18
7   Ace Holes 1 6 0 2 19
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